Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen On Its Way to PCs

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#51 Posted by Amotter (53 posts) -

Oh god yes. The one problem I had with the original was the frame rate and I just build a badass PC so that's been taken care of. Looks like I'm replaying this masterpiece for the 5th + time!

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#52 Posted by Bats (234 posts) -

Dabbled a bit with it on PS3, but didn't keep going since I rarely touch my PS3. Will definitely pick it up on Steam and give it another go, I liked what I played of it, tho I didn't quite understand half of what was going on.

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#53 Posted by doctordonkey (1843 posts) -

I'd be down to play this a third time, especially since the game ran at about 24 frames per fuckin' second the entire time, dropping down to the mid 10's even.

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#54 Posted by fisk0 (6935 posts) -

Finally! I remember Capcom EU's last CEO tried to make this happen a few years ago, but couldn't convince the Japan side to do it. But that was before Namco Bandai were incredibly successful with their Steam releases.

Dragon's Dogma had it's issues, but I still absolutely loved that thing.

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#55 Edited by Dezztroy (1084 posts) -

I've been playing Dragon's Dogma Online since launch (also played in CBT2) and it's a pretty fun game. It mostly plays like regular DD but with some stuff taken out/changed to make it suit an MMO. You can't sit on hundreds of Greenwarish to heal yourself with anymore, for example. Classes are more specialized now, such as Strider being split up into Hunter and Seeker for archery and dagger-y, respectively. Seeker also gets a dope grappling hook.

If you liked Dragon's Dogma you'd probably like Dragon's Dogma Online. There's an English patch that translates most of the UI and most of the quests are just straight forward "Go here, kill this, talk to this person".

It's also great playing a Dragon's Dogma game at 1080p 60fps.

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#56 Posted by Makayu (280 posts) -

It's cool that it's getting a rerelease, but I doubt it'll solve any of the larger issues I've had with this game as an RPG since release. Even still, if other people are excited then that's cool. I doubt I'll pick this up again though. It's also strange hearing this characterized as someone's 'favorite western RPG' I'd love to hear the reasoning behind this.

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#57 Posted by BatmanBatman (563 posts) -

Ohh I love this game! I might replay it on PC...

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#58 Edited by Eaxis (1138 posts) -

Hell yes Dragon's Dogma, still hoping for a true sequel.

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#59 Edited by Dimi3je (488 posts) -

Great! The game looks interesting, will give it a try. On the other hand I feel that The Witcher 3 kinda spoiled me when it comes to open world games, good thing that they announced the first big DLC today. But on the topic of ports, I'd love to give Vanquish a try on my PC.

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#60 Posted by Aistan (227 posts) -

Incredibly excited about this. Once it comes out it'll be up there with Dark Souls in the short list (2 total once I get it) of games I have purchased three times.

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#61 Posted by thenewpacman (35 posts) -
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#62 Posted by Mechanized (515 posts) -

YO. Dragon's Dogma DA on PS4, 1080p 60fps. Do it Capcom!

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#63 Edited by Bill_McNeal (839 posts) -

@ahgunsillyo: There was a time where I just let that loop for over an hour. Any time I turned the game on I let it play at least once and eventually just gave up and bought the song. Hopefully someone mods it back into the game.

As for the news, when I first read it I was friggin' stoked. Absolutely love the game. One of the few times I've bought a game day one, knowing very little about it, and was completely bowled over.

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#64 Posted by Rirse (328 posts) -

So pumped to replay this. It one of those games I wanted to play again, but just not in the mood to get the PS3 out to boot it up. And it definitely shows at being limited on the PS3 too.

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#65 Posted by violet_ (289 posts) -

finally i can play this not in a terrible framerate and resolution

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#66 Posted by nickhead (1261 posts) -

Oh wow! I loved the gameplay but absolutely hated how long it took to unlock fast travel.

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#67 Edited by Tennmuerti (9465 posts) -

Like I've mentioned in the forum thread earlier, I'll pick it up on PC again since I held off on the DLC on the PS3, so this is a perfect chance for me to both replay the game again and check that DLC out.

(also it will be fun to dick around with it using Cheat Engine)

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#68 Posted by Sepulturafanboy89 (62 posts) -

I love what a different game it becomes when you play at night best game last gen

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#70 Posted by m2cks (640 posts) -

I am cautiously optimistic right now. I'll buy it day one ONLY IF they do not lock the frame rate to 30. I really enjoyed my time with the original Dragon's Dogma, but the abysmal frame rate got in the way so often that it subtracted from the overall experience.

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#71 Posted by DeviTiffany (557 posts) -

Dragon's Dogma is one of my top 5 games of last generation. I loved it to death, and I'm totally going to pick this up when it comes out for PC. It will be nice to finally play this game on something above 15 FPS.

I feel like I'm one of the only people that DOESN'T want any multiplayer in it. Dragon's Dogma Online has no appeal to me because Co-Op isn't what I thought was missing from the game. I loved having a single player game with characters made and tweaked by the community that you can use. I don't want to deal with real people, but I love using other people's creations, seeing their designs, and how they crafted their stats. If there was ever a real Dragon's Dogma 2, I would really hope there was no multiplayer involved. I want them to add to the Pawn creation system with more customization stats and AI systems. That's what was the game's major appeal to me.

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#72 Posted by Gooni (73 posts) -

the best thing about Dragon's Dogma.

Yes, So much yes.

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#73 Posted by cikame (2859 posts) -

YES, finally i can close this chapter of my life!!
Ok some backstory, i played this game when it came out and really enjoyed it, and you know how it goes i just fell away from it, a half hearted attempt to return to it months later failed and i've thought about the game non stop ever since. A friend of mine picked up the game and played through it only very recently and that gave me the urge to try again, but should i start again or return to my many hours in save game? Also i play PC games primarily now so weeeh what should i do, a PC port would be great, BOOM!
So happy about this, the press release doesn't mention anything about other modifications such as removing the needless black bars, that might be one of the first mods for the game if it's possible, also hoping for 60fps, Capcom is pretty good about including that for PC and DD: Online supports it so hopefully it's here too.
Man i'm excited, i might try a different class this time around, i have to recreate my pawn Bob from Tekken, WAAAH.

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#74 Posted by Tennmuerti (9465 posts) -
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#75 Posted by tiffanytryhard (333 posts) -

Awesome! Despite the open world and story being a bit bland, DD was one excellent game. Never played Dark Arisen, so double the incentive.

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#76 Posted by LarryDavis (1698 posts) -

@zaapp1 said:

I remember thinking it was a great game that just ran terribly without being a graphical powerhouse on consoles. I'm excited to see this coming to PC.

Yup, I felt like it had a lot of really cool stuff in it but it looked like trash and ran even worse. Also the lack of fast travel was pretty terrible sometimes. But man, the story of that game is insane in a way that I can really appreciate.

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#77 Posted by Mayor_McCheese (256 posts) -

@mechanized said:

YO. Dragon's Dogma DA on PS4, 1080p 60fps. Do it Capcom!

This. I liked the PS3 version but it's definitely something I want to play on a couch and not deal with Big Picture mode. Regardless, happy to see this happen.

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#78 Posted by jacksukeru (6785 posts) -

I used to be all for this, but that was years ago, it might be too late for this to happen for me.

Also, my PC's been a bit busted so I haven't played a lot of games on it lately, that's definetly also a factor.

Either way, I like that game. Had a really good character creator.

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#79 Posted by Olivaw (1306 posts) -

I never played this game but I will totally play it on PC!

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#80 Posted by bombedyermom (439 posts) -

This is awesome news! Hopefully it's a good port

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#81 Posted by Gruff182 (1065 posts) -

Well this is great. I remember thinking this looked promising, but was way beyond buying new console games, at the time. Plus it looked awful on ps3. Better late than never, lets just hope it's at least 1080/60.

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#82 Posted by D_O_A (84 posts) -

If it's a good port, preferably not locked at 30fps, doesnt have the massive performance problems of the original then i'll be very happy. Maybe a new coat of paint, although i don't actually care about the visuals so much. I cant wait.

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#83 Posted by KenpachiRamaSama (232 posts) -


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#84 Edited by Enns (401 posts) -

Fuck yes.


For those of you concerned about performance I'm guessing it will be similar to Dragon's Dogma Online. I've been playing it a lot and I can say it has a solid 60 at 1080. The textures used are clearly from the console game so it's fairly muddy. The shadows leave something to be desired too. It has controller support and plays just like regular DD only with small differences. Judging by their PC release of that RE DS game the textures won't get much work done to 'em.

Also to add to the hype

Loading Video...
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#85 Edited by Markus1395 (75 posts) -

DD's Facebook page just confirmed 360 controller support, too! I honestly can't wait to buy this game for a third time, I've lost count on just how many times I've new-game-plus'd it. If it ends up having a solid modding community, I may end up playing it for a long, loooong time.

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#86 Posted by Gimbal_Lock (139 posts) -

I'm glad that the PC release will include all of the content of Dark Arisen, but I hope they keep the first title screen and menu.

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#87 Posted by Tredik (163 posts) -

Finally, I can put some real time into this without being put off by the litany of performance issues that show up on consoles.

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#88 Posted by Zeik (5205 posts) -

I loved Dark Arisen. It was my GOTY that year. (It was one of the most out of nowhere GOTY's ever for me.) I'm glad it's getting a PC port, even though I don't have a PC that could play it. Just the idea that someday I'll get to play a high resolution, high FPS version of the game is exciting.

Of course, if they were to release a PS4 version that ran smoothly I'd be way more into that and would probably get it day 1.

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#89 Posted by TehJedicake (965 posts) -

As someone who doesn't own any consoles, I am incredibly excited!!!!!!

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#90 Posted by Rejizzle (1124 posts) -

God I love this game. Well, time to sink another 80 hours into it. Thanks Austin.

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#91 Posted by OMGFather (1055 posts) -

I still have a PS3 copy sealed. Kinda glad I waited now.

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#92 Posted by Justin258 (15676 posts) -

I have thought about playing this game pretty often but the horror stories about the frame rate kept me from it. Will definitely buy this if it functions and is playable at a smooth framerate.

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#93 Posted by GraveyardPolka (340 posts) -

I am so excited to play Dragon's Dogma on PC. It took me a little while to get into but, once I did, it became one of my favourite games of the generation. The world is strange and deep enough to get lost in, with plenty of charming Japanese "touches."

The adventuring itself, is fantastic. Combining items, magic, and combat, there are so many fun ways to make your way through the game. Pawns roll with you, too, which livens up the combat as you can play to their set of skills.

All in all, Dragon's Dogma is a game worth diving into. I never imagined I would love it as much as I do.

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#94 Posted by konig_kei (1030 posts) -

It would be cool if you actually said January instead of "a few more months" so I don't have to click links to find out when it comes out.

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#95 Posted by Carlos1408 (1635 posts) -

Great new, and there's another reason to build a PC for me. :D

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#96 Edited by arx724 (259 posts) -

@ahgunsillyo: The first time I heard that, I initially thought it was a super standard track, THEN SUDDENLY JROCK. I hated it, but started to love it after playing the game for a while. Really gets you pumped to cling to a griffon, stabbing the shit out of it as it tries to get away. The DA theme just doesn't compare.

This is very much a flawed game, but the sheer fun of it makes up for all the rough/unfinished bits. Some of the early development stuff is interesting:

No Caption Provided

And man, maybe I can finally play MK without dropping to sub 5 FPS.

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#97 Posted by deactivated-5d000a93730da (916 posts) -


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#98 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5990 posts) -

This game is just unbelievably good. I think GB probably has a bigger community of DD fans but man is it underrated to hell and back. One of the high-water marks of last gens action-rpg bunch and atmospherically very memorable.

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#99 Edited by Please_Love_Me (136 posts) -

Their kind hates fire and ice both

Dragon's Dogma owns.

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#100 Posted by EngineNo9 (228 posts) -

Woohoo, glad to see this! I was also a really big fan of Dragon's Dogma.

I never got around to the Dark Arisen version since I had played the original so extensively, but now should be a pretty good time to revisit after a nice break.

Hopefully their PC port is actually decent, though.