I miss the old form of Giant bomb E3 coverage from 2008-2010 era

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Every year when E3 starts I always go back to Giantbomb's archives and look at all the coverage that the guys used to pump out and I got to say i really miss it. They were on the floor interviewing each other about what they saw and we got to see some great interactions between the guys. I'll post a video to one of my favourites in case you haven't seen how they used to cover E3

I love this style of content and really miss it. Just wanted to ask if you guys felt the same.

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I definitely liked that content and do miss it but I just don’t think they need to do it anymore. If they went to the conference yesterday for Sony or Ubisoft they wouldn’t of gained anything from a work perspective that they can’t already get from watching the streams and broadcasting it live. Your getting there reactions as they experience it.

I think it’s more valuable and easier for them to do it they way they do e3 now. The e3 documentary that drew did back in 2013 was really great though but that was additional press conference recap and some behind the scenes stuff. I remember before drew left, jeff said they had basically shown what e3 was like with that feature.

Maybe with more staff members they will do some more long form features. I have been enjoying abby Russell’s vlog’s this e3. Nice change of pace for the normal e3 content.

I know it sucks but I just don’t think they will cover that stuff like that again. I still go back to the old stuff from time to time though!

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I miss the edited E3 content so much.

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Abby's vlog adds a small edited feature that has some of what you might be after; the comings and goings of the crew in and around E3.

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It was neat but Vinny would always talk how they would kill themselves putting those together in a timely manner. They were fun but probably not worth the effort on their end. Abby’s been bringing a bit of that vibe back with her vlogs.

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We get much more content this way. I don't think I could keep myself awake watching the conferences without GB anymore.

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I agree that it seems like we're missing out on something, but what I like the most we have at this point.

The guys talking over the E3 press conferences, a whole slew of trailers that I can rewatch if I want, and the night shows. That's pretty much Giant Bomb Z3 now, and it is fantastic.

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I like the current style, and I also enjoy the old style. With more producers and editors on board, maybe they can do both? Like, a small team goes out to the events and has reactions while they have the "back at the desk" group as well. Live coverage to cut to would probably be even more difficult, but even if the field stuff was released like a vlog later, that would be cool. Abby's vlog this year is fun to watch, and Drew's from a few years ago was also great.

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I really prefer watching them talk over the press conferences. What I miss from the early years is the rickety late night shows from some dude's weird house, but Waypoint's giving me that fix now.

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@boringk said:

I really prefer watching them talk over the press conferences. What I miss from the early years is the rickety late night shows from some dude's weird house, but Waypoint's giving me that fix now.

do you have a link?

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I'm in love with Abby's vlogs and the relaxed coverage that Waypoint is putting out.

They tend to start every evening of interviews with them interviewing each other about what happened that day anyway, so I feel like you're getting that content, albeit in a different package.

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I love GB's E3 content, and yet I can't think back to that earlier e3 content.

There was just something fun about the old stuff. Right now E3 feels like a bunch of segmented, semi-serious interviews whereas the older content seemed like the GB crew just set up a canera and partied for an evening while industryfriends stopped by and maybe spoke for a few minutes.I know Jeff has talked at length about how he doesn't drink at e3 anymore and i assume the unfortunate passing of Ryan contributed to the new direction of e3 coverage but the soul of old e3 coverage feels missing.

Also, two random thoughts:

* where are the podcast versions of the GB latenight streams? Are they not doing podcast versions anymore? Youtube doesn't allow background playback (yt red doesn't exist in my country) on my phone and having a non-video version used to be swell.

* Also, where did all the coverage go? These late night streams used to be 4 or 5 shows and now we are down to 3? Sure, GB never used to mystery science theatre those press conferences, but it's still a bummer that my favourite e3 content has been depriorized so much lately.

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I miss the opium den / porno sets they used, but that's largely because I didn't have to actually work/sleep there myself so I get why they quit those after having their entire studio setup stolen on top of the places being hellscapes.

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* where are the podcast versions of the GB latenight streams? Are they not doing podcast versions anymore? Youtube doesn't allow background playback (yt red doesn't exist in my country) on my phone and having a non-video version used to be swell.

The podcasts will appear.

Relax. There's only so much time in the day and people have to sleep and eat.

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@isomeri: I miss the edited site content so much.

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I loved those edited videos they would make throughout the day and I've missed them since they stopped going to the conferences. I don't think they can ever really go back to that with the way things have changed but I definitely preferred it to just talking over the conferences.

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Abby's E3 vlog definitely feels like some classic GB stuff. Ben's Lens as well.

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Old is always better than new. Always. It is known.

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The edited content was fine and all, but the E3 nightly shows have been some of the best gaming media content year in and out.

Jeff stone cold asking Microsoft big shots about broken games, Johnny/Adam/Dave's three headed drunken monster, Lorne Lanning going all Lorne Lanning, and so much more works because it was spontaneous.

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Edited stuff takes time to, y'know, edit? I'd much rather they get as many meetings in as possible and do evening shows than burn out editing walkabout videos.

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As others have mentioned, Abby's Vlog this year is kind of scratching that itch for me

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I liked the edited content and it provided some awesome moments over the year, but really the new format seems better for them. Also, I feel like having over 10 hours of Jeff interviewing people is so great it feels borderline illegal. He’s a top-tier interviewer and that’s the stuff I love the most from E3 coverage now.

Stuff change and I’m happy seeing GB change over the years. I expect them to have a different format in 5 years and there will be nostalgia about the old stuff, but it makes the site feels more alive and that’s for the better.

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I don't think they need to do it anymore but I also think the new format allows them to be more snarky and it seems like lower quality work now.

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I definitely miss the old coverage, Whiskey Media era was lit boy.

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I miss the days of them running around like a pirate crew, but as others have said not much is gained by having them go in person. It's far more interesting to get their live reaction to the press conference then to have them attend in person. It was fun and amusing in the past to hear about their travails and adventures in renting out, staying in whatever flop-house they found near E3. Having the money and resources to rent out a proper hotel conference room for their E3 night shows is I'm sure much easier and nicer for everyone producing and making the show. The E3 coverage is like a lot of things about CBS GB vs Whiskey GB better quality, but with a bit less charm.

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I miss that good, good Midnight Brown shit in the back of their videos

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I definitely miss the old coverage, Whiskey Media era was lit boy.

The OG content man. RIP

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The edited content was great, but it also condensed the gems-- content and comedy-- from entire days into a few minutes. Now we get more, but it's not necessarily all as sharp. The Giant Bomb at Nite may not be as off-the-cuff zany as in the beginning, but the guests are more connected to actual games and development.

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Different content for a very different show. It not they don't cover the show that same way, it is that they encounter a different show in a different world.

I think if Giant Bomb tried to cover the show they same way it would be like "Willy" Loman trying to apply for a job selling shoes for Amazon. Oh, there might be a certain comedic shtick to going out trying to show off 'the show floor' as it it were 2001, but that all it would be an "act".

I think on the first night of the show someone mentioned that in five years, when the ESA transformation e3 into a true "public show" w/ some media days, that show MIGHT have a purpose again. I think that is when Giant Bombs coverage will burst out yet again into something new. When e3 is a public facing shows with dozens of public facing events that is when there will be something to film, something to dissect, and something to react to because there will be something to see.

And, just about that time is when the business side of e3 will start occuring during "judges week", because that part of the show will be where the behind the scenes non-public show will occur more. So, yet again, the public will go to a show called e3, but they will once again never actually see what that media and executives see.

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The show is different and I also feel, GiantBomb's role in the industry has changed and evolved (in my opinion, to a much better place) than where they used to be.

Their more in depth interviews through their live show during E3 is what they are known for at this point. People are excited to come on the show. I feel they focus more on the industry and larger concepts now rather than coverage of every single game. Which I love and I think is equally if not more important. There are so many outlets that do individual game coverage that if that's what you want, there's so many options out there. What GB is offering is something different. I think with things such as Abby's Vlog (which has been AMAZING!) and the "My first E3" podcast, they have been getting some of that other content beside just the night shows but it still is the GB perspective of how they approach it. I really believe it just boils down to the fact that they produce different content than they did 8 years ago. I find it better, more interesting, more engaging, and see how it has evolved over the years and I think that's definitely for the best. They're doing things really well right now. I also realize that's just my opinion but I do think recognizing the industry and E3 show has changed so much from that time and GB has also evolved from that time as well is equally important.

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It's definitely not the same GB we all fell in love with. And I think the split between east and west was pretty bad, but I still like GB coverage and the people at GB more so than anything else out there. They are leagues ahead of places like Kotaku, Polygon, Gamespot, or IGN.

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@coryukin: I think it just comes back to people being resistant, skeptical and just not liking change. I don't mean you specifically but just in general. Yes it is a different GB from the beginning, way different. But companies have to grow and evolve and that means change.

Just because its not the one we fell in love with initially, doesn't mean we don't still love it. I don't agree with the West and East split being bad. The East has been pumping out absolutely awesome content for a long time now. I think it did hurt/affect the West GB office a bit more to begin with but I think that has sorted itself now. I think between the split and multiple people leave roughly around the same time period (within a year anyway between Patrick, Austin and Drew) it was just a growing pain part. I feel that GB still has the same essence and direction they had initially. The output, production and execution of those goals may look different but definitely don't feel they've ever lost sight of that.

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Watching Jeff with Adam, Lang, and Johnny V right now. Man, I feel like Giant Bomb has absolutely killed it at E3 this year. I will always love the Ryan Davis era, but wow, I really think GB is in a new golden era.

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@htr10: Don't forget Matt "Pusha Tryhard" Kessler.

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I’m sitting by myself drinking beer in the basement and I was literally chanting “Kessler, Kessler”! All-time great Giant Bomb moment tonight.