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Congrats to @ozone for winning this year's Square Enix portion of the banner contest! ozone also won last year with his Weed3 EA banner. Second place goes to lcom's Cup Noodle banner. Third place was tied between gentlemanlygentleman's "loading" banner and face15's collage.

The Official SQUARE ENIX Thread

For the first time since 2015!
For the first time since 2015!

E3 is the place for announcing never before seen games. It's exciting, fast-paced stuff and we're all enthusiastic to start talking about all the new toys. But, please keep in-depth discussions about specific games in their respective forums. For more information about how to help us keep things organized, go check out the E3 2018 and You! thread.

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Kingdom Hearts III would've been out in 2013, but this guy kept wrecking it.
Kingdom Hearts III would've been out in 2013, but this guy kept wrecking it.

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Monday, June 11 @ 10:00 AM PDT (Your Local Time)

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#2 Posted by ozone (157 posts) -

I hope they at least finish SOMETHING.

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#3 Posted by fullthrottle49 (31 posts) -

I'm morbidly curious on how the avengers game will look like and how it will play. Will it be like the ultimate alliance games? So far this E3 has been pretty fun.

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#4 Posted by Muerthoz (371 posts) -

Crossing my fingers for anything about The World Ends With You on Switch.

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#5 Posted by HereAllDay (510 posts) -

I just want to know more about that new dontnod game

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#6 Posted by Zirilius (1700 posts) -

Would love to see FF16 but know the only Final Fantasy game there will probably be FF7 Remastered.

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#7 Posted by SuperFusion (104 posts) -

Please revive Parasite Eve.

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#8 Posted by whitegreyblack (1965 posts) -

I thought dontnod might have two separate games to show off at this conference (Life is Strange 2 and Twin Mirror) but turns out Twin Mirror is published by Bandai Namco. Darn!

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#9 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8893 posts) -

Now announcing Final Fantasy Tactics... Obleevianus for your phone and tablets! Just what you've been clamoring for, another game that rakes your dreams of a return to good Square games over the hot coals and broken glass of the hopeless hell that is SE's bowels.

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#10 Posted by liquiddragon (3381 posts) -

DQ11 looks fucking rad!

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#11 Posted by TheHT (15859 posts) -

The Babylon thing and Tomb Raider look great.

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#12 Posted by Rahf (499 posts) -

- FFVII Remake will showcase at Sony and be exclusive. Calling it now.

- Kingdom Hearts is so far up its own ass it can tickle its own appendix. I mean, hooooly shit, and I actually liked the two previous games.

- Once again I feel like I've outgrown their development goals. It's just not enticing anymore, just silly or dumb.

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#13 Posted by Seikenfreak (1534 posts) -

Well that was kinda weak. I'm happy they actually put FF14 up there but it wasn't really showing anything.

I continue to be annoyed that Octopath Traveler is only on Switch.. Fuck that. Would've liked to see what Babylon was so that stinks. Never played a standard Dragon Quest game so I'm curious to try this one. No Dragon Quest Builders 2 here which is lame. Caring less and less for Tomb Raider each time they show it. Quiet Man looked stupid. No interest in Kingdom Hearts or even Just Cause I guess. Not even FF7 for me to point at and laugh about.

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I guess its kind of cool that they're showing so much support for FFXIV by showcasing it here, but theres also something real funny to me about them playing a trailer for a patch given how little else they really showed here.

The Quiet Man is already a meme so I guess they accomplished something.

If FFVII doesn't show at Sony's conference then hooo boy I feel bad for the people looking forward to it.

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I liked their format. They got in, they showed what they needed to, they didn't pat themselves on the back with "we've sold a bazillion copies and you guys love us and aren't video games great" like every other show. Square Enix's show was just "Here's some trailers, here's some gameplay, this stuff is coming out relatively soon for the most part, enjoy!"

Bethesda should take some notes. I like a lot of what Bethesda's been doing over the past few years, but their press conference was a bunch of awkward nonsense, then Todd Howard showed up and salvaged what he could but he still did a lot of pointless talking. Square Enix cut all the fat and showed me some stuff.

If I can take issue with any of these press conferences, it's that I'd like to see fewer trailers and more gameplay demonstrations. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, RAGE 2, and Fallout 76 all gave me a good idea of what I'm going to be doing in those games, but a lot of what we've seen in E3 is just trailers and not a ton of gameplay detail. That's par for the course, though, and I came into this whole thing expecting exactly that.

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#16 Edited by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1677 posts) -

Almost the whole thing was very boring. Just Cause 4 looked way better in a longer showing and I'm excited for that at least. As disappointing as 3 was, the formula can still work and I think the traversal in 3 was the most fun traversal in any open world game I have played, between the grapple, wingsuit, and parachute you have so much control and all of it is fun. When you got good with it all you feel like a super hero. It's the best a game has done that since Spiderman 2.

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#17 Posted by jeremyf (378 posts) -

Cautiously optimistic on JC4. 3 performed terribly but what they showed looks interesting. Everything else is what you would expect.

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#18 Edited by JigglePhysx (26 posts) -

This was an ok showing from Square. They have some good looking stuff coming and a couple of new announcements. Suprised that we didn't see the Avengers game, which makes me think that that thing is not close at all or is being saved for Sony, and nothing about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, not that I really care about it though.

I am looking forward to Tomb Raider, its seems like more Tomb Raider mixed with Batman. I wasn't as high on Rise Of The Tomb Raider as most people seem to be but loved that first one. Haven't played FF14 and don't plan on starting now. The crossover with Monster Hunter World was pretty unexpected though. Also haven't played Life is Strange so Captain Spirit isn't doing it for me. First time I have seen anything from Dragon Quest XI but remember the 8-4 guys loving it. Will definitely be picking this one up, last one I played was Starry Skies and loved it.

Babylon's Fall looks promising but we really don't know much about it. Seeing a PlatinumGames logo on it has me both excited and cautious (hopefully this is made by good Platinum). I keep forgetting about the existence of Octopath Traveller so every time I see the art style it blows me away. Just hope the game part of it holds up. Again Just Cause 4 looks cool, just hope I enjoy it more than 3. I have no idea what to expect from The Quiet Man. Never played a Kingdom Hearts game and man some of the dialogue in this trailer was bad. Probably give this one a miss, don't think I was to go back and play all the previous ones.

Overall it was fine, a lot of what they showed did not have an Xbox logo on it which I found interesting. They can get away with a shorter, more sparse showing with the Nintendo Direct style presentation which I thought was pretty well paced and produced. Happy to be up at 3am to hear some Keith David :) On to Ubisoft!

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#19 Posted by nicksmi56 (840 posts) -

This conference was a solid meh. They sabotaged themselves by having most of their show be games from other conferences. Dragon Quest 11's trailer was cool though.

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#20 Posted by ozone (157 posts) -

@ozone said:

I hope they at least finish SOMETHING.

Bad news, they didn't.

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#21 Posted by ThePanzini (731 posts) -

Every time they show Kingdom Hearts I have no idea what I'm looking at, and I can't shake the feeling I've already played Shadow of the Tomb Raider it looks kinda stiff too and a downgrade visually over the last game. Still pumped for Dragon Quest XI though.

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#22 Posted by CupOfDoom (95 posts) -

The quiet man has to be developed by Remedy, right? Unless they already have another announced project, it has to be their game.

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#23 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1677 posts) -

The quiet man has to be developed by Remedy, right? Unless they already have another announced project, it has to be their game.

that's an insult to the great work of remedy. so corny.

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#24 Posted by liquiddragon (3381 posts) -

The Quiet Man seems like a brawler. God, I really thought it was gonna be The Bouncer 2. I would've actually been into that. I'm hoping it's a bit like God Hand, God Hand lite even.

I hope DQ11 is the next Japanese game that catches fire in the West.

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#25 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1026 posts) -

It was basically a Nintendo Direct, which was fine by me.

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#26 Posted by MocBucket62 (2489 posts) -

I hope we get an FMVinny playthrough of The Quiet Man. Even it its not entirely in FMV, it has a weird combo of that and Batman combat(?) that I think Vinny could enjoy on a stream.

Of all the games they showed, I'm most interested in playing Octopath Traveler and can't wait for it, but also I have a Switch only. Just Cause 4 looked really good, but hopefully it performs better on consoles than 3 did.