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Congrats to @whitegreyblack on winning this year's Ubisoft portion of the banner contest! This was the closest vote in recent memory as only 3 points separated the top 3. Dorkymohr's Shawshank banner took second while briarpack's spooky Transference banner took third.

The Official UBISOFT Thread

The Orpheum Theater is actually the French Embassy in Los Angeles.
The Orpheum Theater is actually the French Embassy in Los Angeles.

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Are you a bad enough dude to rescue a French company from another French company?
Are you a bad enough dude to rescue a French company from another French company?

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Thanks, mods! I was lucky enough to win Ubisoft's banner last year as well. It's a disturbing trend and I demand you put a stop to it.

All kidding aside, I can't wait to see everyone in chat for what tends to be one of the goofiest E3 conferences, and there will be ample amounts of kidding.

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I need help.

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From what I could make out of BGE2 it seems to be shaping up.

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I love the look of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and what they seem to be doing with it. It also feels like each year is just a small amount more than the last time so who knows when it'll actually be something concrete!

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That was an alright showing? Again, not many things I myself am interested in playing but it was varied and other people will like those games.

Starlink looked neat to me. Sort of like a No Mans Sky and what a Starfox game should be. I am curious.

For Honor continues to capture the look of how the way I want more combat in games.. like heavy, visceral, deliberate, and realistic? But I've never played For Honor because the whole.. PvP or 1v1 sorta structure isn't what I'm looking for. Give me an RPG where I play a medieval knight.. think Dark Souls but without the fantasy and demons and stuff.

Beyond Good & Evil 2.. I've heard the original referenced a ton and don't know anything about it or if I've even seen it played. This goes on the list of games I really wish the crew would actually go back and play so they can refresh themselves and enlighten the rest of us. The CG quality for that trailer was top notch though.

I also don't see what Jeff and Alex were so concerned about people being compensated for that Hit Record stuff. I interpreted this mostly as like.. "Hey, if you make some kind of generic, in-universe ad.. we might select it and it'll be randomly picked by the game engine to fill out the worlds!" or something small like that. Something where I'd be just happy to see my thing in the game. So many talented people out there are willing to make assets and mods for games they love for free. BattleTech being the freshest in my memory, people have made big mod packs already that essentially alter the whole way the game is paced and plays. No, it isn't a total conversion but its the next closest thing.

Skull & Bones.. Eh again, similar to For Honor, just give me a giant, open-world pirate RPG where I can sail around. The sailing and water was incredible in AC: Black Flag and I want more of that. I don't want PvP stuff. Why does everything have to be multiplayer? Ugh

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Still not really interested. Black Flag is the last one I played and I really liked it. Nothing since then has seemed interesting to me. I don't necessarily want a more action oriented sort of game which is what they seem to have moved towards.. I want something more akin to the original titles. Slower, more heft, stalking, stealth, assassin-y stuff.

Trials Rising. I liked trials prior to Fusion or whatever. I liked it when it was just a crusty bike in a dark warehouse doing very tricky, often slow and technical courses. Since then its just moved into like.. lets add MORE people and BIGGER jumps and FASTER bikes with BRIGHTER, MORE COLORFUL environments that are silly and goofy! Ehhh.. Gonna pass on this one as well probably unless its like $5. Fusion is on PS+ now and I literally hovered over it and didn't even put it in my library for free, something I do for most games on there.

The Crew 2. Didn't play the first one. My interest is slightly peaked for this. It really just depends on how it feels to play. If it feels like Forza Horizon but with dirt bikes, boats, and planes then I'd wanna play that. I think it said open beta now so I might try and give this a look.

Not really interested in Division 2. I don't dance.

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Having just played BG&E within the last month or two, what they're doing with BG&E2 makes sense both in terms of scope/gameplay and timeline. There's allusions all throughout that game to a much bigger universe and a lot of shit happening before the first game takes place. While they easily could have made a sequel and covered a lot of that stuff there, I think someone on a Bombcast or something made a good point a while back that it's been so long that a direct sequel doesn't really make sense anymore and it'd be better to just go back and essentially start from the beginning to shepherd everyone else into that franchise. That way you can satisfy everyone because old fans get a lot of questions answered too.

The timeline and potential events don't seem to make perfect sense because Jade was like in her early twenties in BG&E and in this game she looks to be in her early-mid teens. I'm 99.9% sure Pey'J mentions a lot of the shit going down in this new game happened when she was a baby or somewhere around that age. They could easily handle the fact she doesn't remember any of this in the original game by saying "oh...um...mind wipe!" at the end of BG&E2, but it still doesn't account for Pey'j or literally anything else in that game not even hinting at the fact she was, if we take this trailer at face value, brainwashed and turned against them. But I digress, point is, it's vaguely close enough that so far it seems to make sense in spite of the plotholes...if you don't think about it too much lol.

Anywho, that game looks fucking rad.

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Ubisoft just seems so damn likable. BG&E 2 looks like it could be really incredible. That world just looks fun as hell to be in. Also Odyssey looks like an easy game to sink 60 hours into.

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I've been a pretty big Ubisoft hater in the past, but they way they have been sticking to their guns and supporting games I could have sworn would die (Rainbow six, For honor) is definitely changing my mind.

I was hoping for another big surprise like Mario & rabbids but it was still a decent show. Guess it's up to Sony and Nintendo now to blow us away.

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Nothing at all that peeks my interest. A new Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell would be nice instead of releasing Ass Creed every year.

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So, ummm, that was Ubisoft. To be honest I kind of liked the opening. Couldn't care less about the game but at least Ubisoft knows how to put on a show. I was hoping the Panda was Michael Ironside personally.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 continues to perplex me. I never played the first but even I can tell this is a very different thing. My guess is it will come out slightly after Elder Scrolls 6. The player collaboration/content creation stuff was putting up big warning signs for me to start with but may actually end up being kind of cool.

Good to see they are still very much supporting and adding content to Rainbow 6 Siege, not personally interested in the game, but cool for those that are. The whole announcement of the documentary felt weird and, its hard to explain, reflective in a away that doesn't makes sense to me for a game that is still pretty new. I like Trials so am excited to play more, this one looks good.

A hard tonal shift to The Division 2. Don't think the trailer was particularly good but am ready to get back into that franchise. Announcement of raids is cool but is ultimately content I will never get to play, unless they do matchmaking. Free DLC is much appreciated. Fell off Mario & Rabbids pretty hard, not sure if I would go back to it for the Donkey Kong DLC but I love me some Grant Kirkhope so that was cool.

Skull and Bones should be right up my alley. I love the ship combat from Assassin's Creed but the existence of Sea Of Thieves makes this a little weird for me. Would be eager to check out a beta. That Elijah Wood game Transference is not for me at all. Seems like any number of other scary games, VR or otherwise, you find on Steam. Just with maybe better production values.

I really don't know about StarLink. Seems like it should have come out several years ago when people were more enthusiastic about toys to life stuff. Could be ok if the gameplay side holds up but from the little that was shown here I am not convinced. The Star Fox inclusion is both unexpected and totally makes sense. But at the same time feels like they may be trying distract people from appears to be shaping up as a bit of a fizzer. Miyamoto is an absolute treasure.

For Honor, another one of those games from Ubi that was rough at launch but seems like they turned it around. Not personal investment in this game either but cool that there is more content for those that like it. I was super excited for The Crew 1. I was hopeful even after being super disappointed by the beta. I still bought the full game but didn't ultimately play it much, you can't have a driving game where the cars have bad handling... that's all there is! Sucks to hear that the sequel appears to be following the same route. I will probably give this a miss.

Lastly Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Man it looks a whole hell of a lot like the last one, that not a bad thing necessarily as I loved Origins, so am looking forward to playing this one. Weird though that it is set before Origins. Seems like the modern day timeline will tie it in somehow.

And then it ended. Was expecting a "one more thing" from Yves, all signs pointed to Splinter Cell, but not this year. Agree with the guys though that if it was supposed to be AC: O then that wouldn't have done it anyway. Another ok press conference overall. Not much in terms of new announcements but I guess that Ubisoft's MO these days is to launch a game and support the hell out of it, which as a consumer that enjoys a lot of their games is pretty awesome. Just makes for a slightly disappointing E3 presentation.

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@marino said:

Specific Announcements

To help you get where you need to go to talk about anything announced or shown during this press conference, we have created a list of them right here:

Wow, without having seen their showcase, if you told me you made a mistake and copied and pasted their games from last year I would've believed it.

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Possible concerns with Hit Record notwithstanding (I don't know enough about the issue to have an informed opinion), Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks really interesting. Probably my second favorite trailer of E3 so far, after Cyberpunk 2077, and I have no connection to the original game at all; never played it, barely ever heard of it.

The rest of the conference didn't really do anything for me. Maybe I'll play The Division 2 when it's on sale, and I hope there's an FMVinny of Transference, but that's about it.

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Still can't believe there was no Splinter Cell. This was a boring show.

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I can't put that quote out of my mind when when of the Polygon dudes came to the GB late night show and he said all they do in Ubisoft Montpelier is eat Cheese and take naps for the rest of the day, no wonder there outsourcing 15% of there game and bought 3 new studios in order to make this game.

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No Splinter Cell makes Jack a dull boy.

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I tried to watch this and it just made me cringe, which is what all Ubisoft presentations feel like to me. The dancing panda and bizarre "Alice in Wonderland" characters I just found over long and incredibly annoying, especially with the "I'm Still Standing" playing in the background (a not so subtle message there).

I got maybe 30 minutes into it and turned it off, even with guys talking over it I couldn't take it.

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I really like Ubisoft's policy of sticking by/with their games. I might have to check back in on For Honor. AC:Odyssey looks good. Hopefully they'll get all the way there with the combat this time. Starlink is gonna be me chasing that elusive No Man's Sky dream. Ubisoft's sequels are almost always, significantly better than the original. Expecting great things from Division 2.

They need to show what differentiate's Skull & Bones from Black Flag. Not sure I'm down to repeat that song and dance.

Beyond Good & Evil seems...ambitious. Considering that Ubisoft's first runs at franchises are usually better in concept than execution, I'm a little worried.

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@qrowdyy: Yeah, people give the whole games-as-a-service trend a lot of shit, but Ubisoft has done a better job supporting For Honor than most fighting game developers have done supporting their own games. Same thing could be said for Siege too. These days, I feel like you get a lot of mileage for your money with most Ubisoft games which is an insane thing to think because it wasn't even a few years ago that Ubisoft was considered a joke.