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Was adding credits to a game, had put the roles in the textbox below the name/role, since most of them didn't match exactly with the dropdown. Hit save and got an error something like "role: field is required". I started filling in a few roles that more or less matched the game, hit save and it was accepted, even though I hadn't selected roles for everyone I'd added.

I know there are a number of old threads suggesting that more options are added to the roles dropdown, but I'm wondering if the role is always requried? Also (since I hadn't found it yet), what do you do if you find a person in a game's credits who doesn't have a wiki page yet?

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It's optional. I recall getting that error once, but the error shouldn't have happened. It's a bug.

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I remember that it used to be required, but I had recently heard Jeff talking about how he wanted to change that and that the new site would be much better about that. I didn't know they were going to change this site too, or maybe they fixed it a while ago and I never noticed.