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I have recently submitting several screenshots / concept art to a couple of game pages (Serpent in the Staglands & Unrest) on GB. Looking at my user profile, I see all of the images listed in my gallery but none of them have actually been added to the game's wiki page yet. I've successfully added images to games a few times before but it's been awhile... Did I possibly do something wrong or might it be the case they just haven't been fully approved yet? All the other changes I made to the game wikis have already gone through.

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I'm assuming it's because you don't have 1000 points yet, so the image submissions are probably going up for approval.

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Is there any way to see the moderation state for uploaded images? They don't appear on the usual wiki-submissions page, neither is there any info on the images page, where they are all listed.

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I have this issue too. I uploaded a bunch of shots for No Man's Sky from a press kit, they're on my profile, but a couple of weeks later no approval for them on the game page?

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I have tried to upload some screenshots to the page for "The Walk" a couple of times now. They did not seem to go anywhere, or if they did there isn't any clear feedback. I'm not sure if I'm spamming someone but trying again? Or if they are "in the tubes" somewhere? How can I find out?

I realize there needs to be an approval process, but I need some feedback to understand what is happening.

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I was trying to add images recently too and i have the same bug. It is annoying for both me and moderators i guess, because if it went for approval (even though i don't see it in my wiki history) someone is going to have to deal with my same submission 2-3 times. I thought i was doing something wrong.