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In the poster signing stream, Jeff mentioned that one of his hopes for future wiki tweaks was to clarify the relevance of certain pages linked to main concept pages, hopefully reducing the number of arbitrary connections and making the info in general more meaningful. Of course, the problem with this is that there's currently no easy way for a wiki editor to show whether a link is important or not, but that reminded me of a simple solution from Whiskey past.

Screened has (had, I guess) a great feature in the lists of pages linked to a concept where you can enter info as to why that attached film/show is relevant, or to just provide a bit of useful info for each individual link. For example, the page for Book Adaptation has all those little "i" icons where you can mouse over and see the info about the specific book that has been adapted.

Web 3.0
Web 3.0

If the concept pages here had that same functionality, whoever creates a link could offer a quick explanation as to why that connection is important. Of course Hover Bovver should be on the Grass page, but if I could write a little blurb next to it on that page explaining why it set the standard for all future mowing simulators, its relevance wouldn't have to be questioned.

I do understand though that this "simple functionality" is probably impossible or just way too time consuming to implement at this point, but if it's at all easily done, it could really help.

What do you folks think? @jeff?

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Concepts already have a "list of games" section, and you can write in whatever you want for each game. Most people unfortunately don't take the time to do that, so it just shows the game's default description.

I have an additional suggestion to make regarding the relevancy of concept pages. Why not just delete all concepts that have too many pages? If something has too many pages then it's probably too broad or mundane to be listed as a concept. (e.g. "enemies" "health bar" "realistic graphics" etc)