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Hi I'm looking to boost my wiki points, but every time I go looking for a wiki to edit I feel a bit overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. Are there any Wikis that should get more attention? And what specific information should I provide? Sometimes I feel like my own personal knowledge of anyone particular game isn't relevant enough to write down.

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"Valkyria Profile 2: Silmeria" could use a listing of all the different characters that you can recruit.
Allot of them also have a small back story for bonus points

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there used to be such a thing called wiki tasks but I think they got booted in the redesign?

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If you really want to help, I've sort of gotten behind on the stuff I've been meaning to work on. Pretty much any page attached to Muv-Luv, Muv-Luv Alternative, or CROSS†CHANNEL needs to be filled in more. A lot of specific knowledge is required to fully fill out those pages, but some of the basics can be gleaned by Google-searching.

If VNs aren't your thing, I'm pretty sure the Team Fortress 2 page needs to be updated with six month's worth of new items and stuff. Simply creating pages for the new items and linking them to the TF2 page would be a great help.

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I'll post a few tips about getting started on being a wiki editor, for the OP and anyone else looking to reach 1000 for all those tasty perks. Honestly, as long as your grasp of written English is good and you're not plagiarizing the hell out of Wikipedia or something, anything you do will probably help. It ain't rocket science. (Though we could really use having those Wiki Tasks back someday. The sense of purpose was the best part of those.)

  • Entering First Release Dates: Something added to the new wiki engine was a box to include a game's original release date regardless of region. Because they were all initially blank and are necessary for the search engine to function at an optimal level, they've been given inflated point rewards for filling them in. Like 15-20 a pop. You can use the wiki search engine (the fancy one, just click the "Wiki -> Games" tab up top) to sort by "Release Date" and head to the last page of results to find a bunch of games without a first release date. I'd recommend narrowing it down by choosing a platform you have an interest in and seeing how many you can fill in. Chances are a game will already have its release date(s) in the Releases section (it's what it's there for) so it's simply a matter of finding the earliest and sticking it in the empty "First release date" spot on the main wiki page. If there's no release info anywhere on the page, you can usually find it on GameFAQs or Wikipedia (it won't count as plagiarism if you're just using their release info).
  • Amending Kana Release Titles: Jeff recently stated that all Release titles ought to be in romaji (that is, Japanese text written out using the English alphabet). So it's simply a matter of going into a game's releases section, finding any Japanese releases written out in fancy symbols and replacing them with their romaji names. There's a hell of a lot of these things to fix. If the game in question was only released in Japan, the page itself will carry the romaji name (like Seiken Densetsu 3). Otherwise, you'd best check GameFAQs or Wikipedia again for their romaji name if there's no sign of it on their GB page.
  • Amending Common Wiki Errors: This is stuff like 2nd person ("you" and "your" - it ought to be 3rd person like "the player" or "the protagonist"), past tense (no describing a game like it all happened long ago, like "in this game the player could dance the Charleston" or "So-and-so was a game for the SNES" - all games should be discussed in the present tense, with the exception of future releases), double spacing (usually the wiki editor fixes this automatically, so just edit something else on the page as usual and click "submit" to see all that ugly disjointedness go away like magic), subjectivity (comments trying to be funny or including personal opinions) and just typos and bad formatting in general. [ETA: Make sure game titles aren't underlined (thanks bobafettjm), bolded or italicized either. If a game's been mentioned that isn't the one the wiki page is about, feel free to hyperlink it to its page. If you're talking about books, movies or any form of related media that isn't a video game, use the italics.]

All of those are helpful, mostly fool-proof ways of improving the wiki. From there you can move onto filling in empty character pages (often the most devoid of content) and the like. A good plan is taking a game with a strong cast (like an RPG) that you're very familiar with and ensuring that all of its major characters have their own pages, and follow it up by filling those pages with that character's background, personality and their role in the game's story (don't worry about spoilers). It's a fun path to a lot of wiki points. Hell, most of the Suikoden series's characters are unaccounted for at the moment, and the community Fire Emblem wiki team is always looking for help.

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Another common wiki error seems to be the underlining of video game titles.

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The other very obvious one is spelling. I've come across a lot of typos. I mean, all modern browsers have some kind of spell check, right?

Another one is verbosity; it know it seems counter intuitive, but there is such a thing as going into too much detail. I've seen a lot of story sections that delve into minute detail, trivia sections that are longer than the rest of the article, and just general extraneous info thrown into articles for the sake of adding more stuff.

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"all games should be discussed in the present tense, with the exception of future releases)"

On that note, there are a good number of pages in the wiki that are outdated and still using future tense. If you find any, be sure to fix that and maybe freshen up the article if you can.

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I always suggest putting more info into the nudity page, also pictures, seems like a fun project... for someone.

Also needs more male nudity. Not that anyone should upload pictures specifically for the nudity page, but if pages already have images with nudity on them, then link them.