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Is there a standard procedure for classes?  Races kind of fit this question as well.

For example, a Cleric from from one game may have quite a few differences from a Cleric in a different game.  Should there be just one Cleric page that houses any info on all the different uses of clerics in games?  Or should there be specific character pages for Clerics of each game.

Team Fortress 2 classes each have a character page.  I don't really have a problem with that I guess, but it seems like it could get real messy if we have 100 different wizard or paladin pages.  But at the same time, if I do a search for "The Nexus" as a location, there are dozens of games that use this as a name for a place.  I don't think there should be just one Nexus page that has info on all the different places called "The Nexus."  There should probably be individual pages for each one since they are different things (i.e. Gears of War, Mortal Kombat, EQ, etc.).  But would a druid from Dark Age of Camelot page and a druid from EverQuest page be treated the same way?  Someone has also made concept pages for seemingly every combination of class/race for Final Fantasy XI.  Is that how this should be handled for MMO's?

Particularly with MMO's, virtually every one has some type of Human race.  So should there be individual human character pages?  Then there's unique ones like EverQuest's frogloks or iksar.  I would imagine those would deserve a page, but should it be a character page or a concept?

I know this is a lot of questions, and a bit a rambling, but I'm just curious to see what people's thoughts are, and if there's a standard set for how to document this stuff, because it appears people are doing it different ways.

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I think that Team Fortress 2 differs in that those classes have their own personalities and Valve has released those "Meet the" videos, so they really count as an actual character. But if it's just a class, and not a specific character, then it should just be a concept (and in my opinion, there should only be one concept regardless of how many games use that class). Final Fantasy XI has all of those classes, so I assume creating a concept for each class combination is acceptable (and I would also assume the same applies with EverQuest). That's just my opinion on this.

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When Axersia was a mod, I asked him if I could make a class page as a concept page for a specific game. I was told that I could do so, so I proceded to make all the Etrian Odyssey classes, and a few for Ragnarok Online. (I keep them all in a list...) Both EOI and II only have 1 class page, because they are similar enough, I feel, to properly describe each in a single page.

There is a page just for the EO Medic, because the spells and the things it can do are not the same as other classes in other games. So, a single page describing all medics would be quite messy, I think, if it is detailed. (I even wrote an article for the page... but I'm still not happy with it, so I can't place it on the page... It describes every spell and every requirement for each, however, it isn't detailed enough to be a guide (no builds, strategies, etc.)) However, a general Medic page can also exist, describing things in general (I think Axersia told me this, too).

There was a problem, however. When people are attaching concepts, they often don't check the blurb of the page, so for example the Medic page became filled with characters that didn't belong (Yuna from FFX was added to EO's Gunner page ^_^), as only characters that are medics and appear in the EO games can belong. That page was even changed (twice) to be a general medic page, but I contacted Axersia and he fixed it. I proposed the idea of adding the game where the class comes from at the end to prevent this from happening, to both Axersia and Endogene, and they wanted to do so but they couldn't rename concept pages. That is why the Beast is called Beast (Etrian Odyssey) instead (I created that one last, so I was aware of the "problem"), meaning that it is a class in the Etrian Odyssey franchise. This mostly affects classes that have a commonly used name...

Ideally, I would prefer a new type of page, instead of using a concept (or some sort of "flag" on the concept page...), that would appear on the page's menu...
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The team fortress 2 classes should be concepts. I noticed they were characters a while ago, but decided against creating concept pages since the mods didn't have deletion abilities, I'd wait until they did. Now they have the ability to delete pages I'll do it soon, unless someone else does it before me.

With regards to classes from individual games, I suppose it should be handled on a case by case basis, deppending on how different the classes are from their generic counterparts.

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I just think there should be a standard way to go about it.  Saying that it should be handled on a case by case basis only leaves us where we are now because everyone has their own opinion on how important or unimportant a particular version of a class is.

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Well, the TF2 classes have been treated by Valve as characters, with the Meet the... videos fleshing out each one with more depth than your traditional character classes. Normally I'd say they should be concepts, but the TF2 classes seem to be a rare exception.

It's so damn rare, that a "case-by-case" basis wouldn't be so difficult here. Most of the time, a class will be a concept. Specific characters of that class would be, obviously, characters. But in rare cases, there are characters/classes that blur the line between characters and classes.

And in cases where you feel a class in one game is distinct enough to get its own page, then that should be okay based on previous information (you might want to check with a current wiki mod first just to be sure). But if you do that, you'll want to check up on it often to make sure it hasn't been transformed into a generic class page.