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So, original Bayonetta is packed in with retail copies of Bayonetta 2 on WiiU.

Do we add Wii U releases on the Bayonetta 1 page or...?

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I would say so, since it appears to be the base game simply with a few additional costumes. Also worth adding the 'Compilation' genre to Bayonetta 2 I wonder? That is if I assume all copies come with the original Bayonetta and it isn't a limited thing or preorder bonus.

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@yummylee: It only comes with physical Bayonetta 2 copies. For all we know, it's a separate disc.

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I don't know if it was actually confirmed as such, but I heard it's not available in the download version. That means it's probably a separate disc and should be treated as a release of Bayonetta.

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Yes it is not part of the eShop version, retail only but comes with all copies.

Okay then.

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@def said:

Yes it is not part of the eShop version

Eventually it probably will be a separate eShop release. Point being the decision made today should not impede the decision tomorrow. Sounds like it will be pretty straightforward.