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I won't post a list or anything as I don't want to sound like I'm advertising the bundle I got. However, I was curious on why this game Waddle Home and Storm of Spears RPG are not on the site. Is it because nobody added them? or is because they are some weird ass indie game and there are rules for that?

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@eightbitshik: It is really hard to keep with with the glut of releases on Steam now days. However, if you would like to help you can always submit them to be added.

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It's because no one has added them yet.

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It's because so many games are released on Steam on a weekly basis that a lot are likely to slip through and not be added to the wiki.

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@bobafettjm: Thanks, I might do that since I don't like seeing a game not listed here. To me it makes it feel "fake" and I wouldn't play it. I know that is stupid. So it's good to know that I can add it without people saying "Wtf is that".