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Recently there's been a fair amount of discussion on the site since at least GOTY discussions (Anno 2025 for example), but more recently with the AdVenture Capitalist QL, not to mention frequent discussions about other games(?) like Tap Tycoon, that one with the golden piggy bank egg (Egg Inc?) that Adam Boyes mentioned, and other mobile games where you tap a bunch and/or wait a bunch.

Whatever the name for this genre is - incremental? idle? tapper? clicker? just "mobile"? something else? - GB doesn't seem to have it in its genre list. Should such a thing be added?

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IMO, no. But hey, there are people who like this genre. So they might find it valuable.

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It would be 'clicker' for me if you just want things like Tap Tycoon and Time Clickers. If you mention that I know exactly what kind of game it is. That way you don't have to include stuff like Anno if you keep it something like 'strategy'.

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Incremental is the correct genre.

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There probably ought to be, these things have a distinct gameplay that is suitably different from other genres.

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'Incremental Games' is the name of the subreddit and seems to be the best term, because it encompasses both clicker and idle games (a fairly important distinction within the genre; I tend to not enjoy clickers but love idle games, for example).

I'd say there are enough out there and they're so different than any other genre that it warrants a page.