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Hi. I was going to create an article that lists PC games that natively support the Dualshock 4 controller. That is, games that don't require the use of a third party driver (like DS4Windows) and show the appropriate PlayStation button prompts in-game.

I think it would be a valuable article - it's currently quite difficult to find this information online - but I wanted to check here first to make sure it's not against any guidelines. The help article says "not every list is off-limits" but I wasn't sure what this applies to.


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The Swapper comes to mind

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Last one I played was Trackmania Turbo. I was having a hell of a time trying to get it to work with DS4Windows until someone said to kill the DS4W process - Hey presto, full functionality and DS4 icons.

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Think FarCry 4 had it as well, i distinctly remember it having the DS4 controller icons in game.

Edit: Just thought that maybe those icons maybe only showed up because i used InputMapper. It did have the correct button promts though.

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Turns out the new Hitman has PS4 prompts and native support on PC (no external app required). I was pleasantly surprised.

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Axiom Verge. Blew my mind. Forgot to run InputMapper and BOOM, all my button prompts were suddenly accurate. Wish this was more common.

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The Witness does this as well.

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Not that most English-speaking people would play it but Phantasy Star Online 2 does have support for DS4, with the option to change to any set of icons you want (keyboard, Xbox, PS).

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Far Cry 4 is the only AAA game that I can think of, although for some reason that game feels weird to play with a PS4 controller for me. Seems fine with an Xbox One controller.

Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge also have native PS4 controller support.

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PCGamingWiki has a decent list. I added a couple items, and none of the ones I've tried that were already on the list were inaccurate.