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We wanted to give you all a heads up, we will be migrating the wiki points data to a more reliable data store tomorrow. While the migration is happening the top contributors and wiki rollup pages will temporarily display incorrect data. Once the migration is complete those pages should actually work much better and reflect much more accurate data.

When: Tomorrow Afternoon (July 13)

How long will it take? A few hours probably (There is a LOT of points data)

We are making backups of all the points data as a precautionary measure so don't worry :)

I'll post here again when everything is complete!

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Thanks for keeping us in the know!

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Regarding points, a more accurate and transparent system would be useful - as an example, I'll spend 20 minutes editing an article which is entirely in second person (grrrrr), move everything into the proper tense, maybe add a few screenshots... and get one point. Is it purely a function of how many bytes the text takes up before and after? I mean, you can rewrite an entire wiki article, and have roughly the same wordcount...

It's confusing.

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I'll second what @bhtav said. Points seem almost completely arbitrary the way they are given out now.

Sometimes I'll get 20 points for fixing a single character, while getting 5 or less for adding a sentence or adding an image.

Not a big issue for me at all, but it would be nice to have a more transparent system. Or remove it altogether since we no longer have Quests or any particular use of them