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When trying to add images to pages, I have to send it off to a moderator since I don't have the 1000 wiki points yet. However, these don't seem to appear in my wiki history, and I haven't noticed any of the images I have uploaded appearing on pages. I know for sure I have pressed the submit and send for moderation buttons, so...I'm not sure what I'm missing. Do images generally take a lot longer? Is there a specific tag I need to do? Thanks for the tips!

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I think image uploads in general are kinda busted right now, usually a red "oops, we did something wrong" message pops up for a few seconds when you hit submit, but everything breaks after that.

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Huh! Well alright then, at least it's not just me XD

I don't recall seeing a message like that, and I have been having this issue since about three or so issues ago. Is it known?

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Hi, I'm new here and started contributing to the Wiki yesterday, I made a few submissions but I'm having exactly the same problem as described above. I uploaded a bunch of images, I had no error messages at all but my image contributions aren't showing on the game pages, and they don't show in my wiki history. I know the pictures have been uploaded though because if I click on images under my profile, they're all there.

If this is the same problem that's been going on for at least 9 months and 24 days..that leaves me somewhat concerned..