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In 2014, XSEED began localizing entries in the Bokujō Monogatari series rebranded under the Story of Seasons name. Until this point, the games in the series had been named Harvest Moon in the west, but that name belonged to the original localizer: Natsume Inc. Natsume, having one of their biggest money-makers taken from them, began making new games under the Harvest Moon name with developers like Tabot.

Since then, the Story of Season and Harvest Moon series have, essentially, been competitors for the same "cutesy farming game" market, but are considered in the same franchise on the wiki. Understandably it's a confusing topic, as you have 90% of the games named "Harvest Moon" in the west not actually be within the "Harvest Moon Franchise" as it exists now (as they were originally Bokujō Monogatari games just like Story of Seasons games are), but I don't think the current solution is correct.

Personally I feel the Wiki, as a place to both catalogue and provide information on video games and their histories, should show the reality of the situation instead of erring on an easier solution. I propose we split the two franchises into what they are called currently: A "Story of Seasons" franchise page containing every "Bokujō Monogatari" game and a "Harvest Moon" page containing all the western developed games under that name by Natsume, each with their own retelling of this weird history. I would do this myself, but I feel like I should ask the mods and greater giant bomb community before upending the entire work of the current Harvest Moon (Franchise) wiki page.

So: should the Harvest Moon (Franchise) page be split in two franchise pages.

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I don't think it would be unreasonable.

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I don't have very much knowledge on this situation but I would say if they became entirely separate games then they should be separate franchises, if it is all just naming then it should stay.