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I hope this is the right fourm for this. While I was adding games to the "Whiskey Powered" Darkadia site, I found that my Star Wars Episode 1 Racer had two results. These are the folloing pages for each game.

http://www.giantbomb.com/star-wars-episode-i-racer/61-13526/ This is the N64/ PS1 page

http://www.giantbomb.com/star-wars-episode-i-racer/61-27289/ This is the Game Boy Color page

The problem is the GBC page has PC, Dreamcast, and N64 as platforms. This is wrong correct? It seems like whoever added this just copyed the console platfourms.

I was going to change this myself but over the years I have came accross wiki pages where it incudes the PS1 and GameBoy platforms in one page, even thought the PS1 and GBC games are different games. They did not separate them into two wiki pages like the Star Wars racing game. What is the right way to organize these games in the Wiki? Should the two pages at the top be combined OR left alone with the platform changes to the GBC page?

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@Mendelson9: Honestly, there should be only one page. Generally, we don't allow handheld versions of console games their own pages. It would make a mess of the database with so many games having the same names.

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Actually I think they can be different pages. When a major game got released it often had a gameboy/GBC/ DS version. In a lot of cases this handheld version of the game was a completely different game. They were made by a different developer and built from the ground up with no resemble to the console version. Different story, different gameplay. The only thing they shared was the name.

I think it would be ok for gameboy/ds games to have their own page, but your right it would be a mess. But technically I would be correct IMO. But there would be just a bunch of empty pages because nobody really played the handheld versions and nobody would fill them out.

For example, the DS version of Call of Duty 4 has its own Wikipedia page for this reason:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_of_Duty_4:_Modern_Warfare_%28Nintendo_DS%29This is actually really rare, but it was a big enough game where enough people cared to write a separate page specially for the DS version.

I actually think pretty much EVERY handheld game could have its own separate page.

In this case if someone took the time to fill out the Gameboy version of this Star Wars game, it should be allowed to stay since they are in fact different games. IMO

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@Video_Game_King: In some cases, yes. In this case, I've already deleted the GBC page and transferred the images to the main page.