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I may be overlooking the option, but in my profile, under Avatar & Backgrounds, can I remove the picture (right column, top) option? If I can't do it myself, is there anyway I can request it to be removed for me? Thanks!

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I see that no one is offering him an explanation so I'll bump this and follow it up with similar question of my own:

How do you set a profile image now? I can see the avatar & background image option in settings like @wtrswoopes.

I have asked two people with profile images clearly uploaded after site redesign, both have elected to ignore me. (Or users are no longer alerted when their images are commented on, OR it's just not working right now)

This guy and this guy have profile images on their user pages. How did they do it? None of my acquaintances on GB have profile images set otherwise I'd ask them how to do it.

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@galamoth: I can just change and select a new picture under the settings option. Brings up the regular impage upload/url prompts.