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Another year another android box. Add it to the pile!

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I think this holds merit especially now that Razer Forge TV will be the new home to OUYA.

However there's like 3 or 4 consoles I'd requested a couple of years ago which still haven't been added, so I don't know what the chances of this happening are.

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Okay, after acquiring a Forge, I have to say, there may need to be a different way of doing this.

Unlike the OUYA, which outside of the occasional ability to "sideload", was its own thing, the Forge TV is just an Android TV settop box with its own "Cortex" store (powered by the tech they acquired from having bought OUYA). While the Cortex store does have its exclusives, plus ports from OUYA, it's a storefront and not a completely different thing on its own. I feel like that'd be like giving Steam or Itch.io their own platforms outside of PC/Mac/Linux. Or honestly, more accurately, the Amazon and Google Play stores their own platforms instead of rolling them all into "Android".

Speaking of which, since we don't have Android TV as a platform yet, and really all the Amazon Fire TV is, is an Android TV device that runs its own shop, just like the Fire/Kindle tablets, I think the Amazon Fire TV platform should just be changed to Android TV.

I still support the other consoles I've submitted for use over the last few years (Select-A-Game, Advance Pico Beena, GameStick, probably more), being included on their own, though.