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For a while we've been plagued with only the most recently added similar games, locations, objects, concepts, photos, etc. to be shown on the right sidebar. I've been thinking about a way that would only show the best of those, and I think a thumbs up & thumbs down rating system might work.

While I don't think it'd be useful for some pages, for other pages that have a lot of items listed, it'd be nice to see the MOST similar game listed at the top, as rated by users. Perhaps users could also rate the most prevalent concept in the game, and that would be shown first, same thing could be done with objects, etc.

I'm not a designer, but I'd hate to see two little icons to the right of every item on the main game page... I think It'd just clutter things up. I was thinking perhaps the rating system could only be shown when you're in edit mode, but I'd also hate for that page to get too confusing for new users... So, even though I thought of it and I think it would be cool idea, I still think it has some other problems with it that would need to be carefully considered. :)

What do you guys think? Good Idea? Bad Idea?

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Oh, gods no. Those rating systems never work out.