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It's very cool and it only takes 20 or so minutes of your time. It's free on steam!

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Why's it cool?

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What is this game?

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: An indie game made for a competition (I think.)

@theht: It's a simulation of old-style chatrooms that I found quite interesting

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I really enjoyed this "game" (quotation marks because as it is basically a choose-your-own text adventure)! As a high school senior entering college in 2002 and spending a good deal of my time on AOL Instant Messenger, this game really hit close to home for me and I enjoyed the clever little tricks used to emulate the early aughts through song lyrics, buddy icons, etc. and the all-too-familiar "typing how I really feel...deleting it not to sound lame" flow of young adult conversation via IM. It's free and quick to play, I recommend it!

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Maybe I am a wooby sensitive girl but my almost lesbian romance that never quite happened made me feel things. I mean, if you grew up using chat clients as a social hub — and tried to hold on to the same people through those channels — it's gonna make you feel, too, man.

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How does this compare to Cibele?

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@project343: They're pretty different outside of the basic framework of internet nostalgia. Emily is Away is basically a dialogue tree about maintaining old friendships and dealing with regret whereas Cibele is a linear narrative about navigating your way through intimate connections as an inexperienced introvert.