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The Giant Bomb community is pretty great; so let’s play Evolve together! Bring a mic and we can set up a time to play with each other. Just post your Gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID and find a group to play with.

Giant Bomb UserGamertagPSN IDSteam ID
mutantgeniusReg Nullify
BloodfartsMiles DeepAirwolph
LarryDavisLarry Davis
FloopeReck Harvey
Puffin_SaladPuffin Salad
KoGLaxusKoG Laxus
LordDopeyLord Dopey
IroN1cfLx IroN1c
SkullcrusherMountainRon Swanson Jr
l4dplaya19103Slapshot Face

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#2 Posted by MrMuscle (497 posts) -

TheMrMuscle on PS4, from Norway.

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#3 Posted by ScottG13 (165 posts) -

ScottG13 on PS4

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#4 Posted by FilthyPeasant (14 posts) -

Tulev on PS4

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#5 Edited by bemusedchunk (905 posts) -

god damnit...

Pre-ordered this on Bestbuy on Monday but hasn't even shipped yet.

I will want to run with a group since I snagged this on a whim and had some Gift Cards/Rewards Points I had to use before expiring and have no idea how to play....

That being said - bemusedchunk on PS4.

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#6 Posted by Forkstik (204 posts) -

otacon650 on Steam

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#7 Posted by ShaggyDude (247 posts) -

Steam ID: Shaggy_Dude

Add me and send an invite if you need another hunter to queue with. This reddit thread has a lot of good players too, I added about 5 of them and had full games all night last night, everyone was cool. I'm going to try to stick with Evolve for awhile, and I play in the evening, Central Standard Time.

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Trying to decide between PS4 and PC if I'm gonna get this game, but it seems like PC would be the go to choice for a FPS. Seems pretty split between those two platforms from what I've seen people getting it on.

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Surprised there is no quick look or impressions yet. How are people finding the game? I was pretty on and off with the Alpha and Beta, kinda curious if much has changed.

Sorry, I know I'm not adding anything to this thread but like i said theres no impressions on the site!

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#10 Edited by Azraeill (70 posts) -

@matatat said:

Trying to decide between PS4 and PC if I'm gonna get this game, but it seems like PC would be the go to choice for a FPS. Seems pretty split between those two platforms from what I've seen people getting it on.

This. Debating what to get it for if I get it at all.

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#11 Posted by MATATAT (1225 posts) -

@azraeill said:

@matatat said:

Trying to decide between PS4 and PC if I'm gonna get this game, but it seems like PC would be the go to choice for a FPS. Seems pretty split between those two platforms from what I've seen people getting it on.

This. Debating what to get it for if I get it at all.

Yeah I'm definitely going to let it simmer for a couple weeks and see what the reaction is afterwards. Even though I really liked Titanfall it was kinda a bummer that people basically stopped playing it after the first month or so.

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#12 Posted by emfromthesea (2262 posts) -

Surprised there is no quick look or impressions yet. How are people finding the game? I was pretty on and off with the Alpha and Beta, kinda curious if much has changed.

Sorry, I know I'm not adding anything to this thread but like i said theres no impressions on the site!

I think it's really cool, at least from the 10 or so matches I've played. Hard to tell if it will have a community a few months from now, but right now I think the character progression is such that it is encouraging me to experiment with classes and I'm already close to unlocking a couple new characters.

Maybe wait on a price drop if you're hesitant. The content is fun, but it really only boils down to 5 modes and some modifiers. With map additions being free, and the ability to play with anyone who is using dlc hunters/monsters, you wouldn't be penalized if you waited a while before jumping in. And if the community is gone by that point, the bots have proven to be challenging and very close to mimicking real player strategies.

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I think Evolve's great! It's a fun team game as the hunters and it can be extremely tense and heart pounding playing as the monster. For me, it really reminds me of playing AvP at LAN parties when I was first getting into PC games. It feels like a MOBA in some ways in that there's plenty to learn about each class, each hunter, and each monster. Evolve will be an amazing game for LAN parties if you can assemble 4 or 5 people who own the game. It's actually perfect for the way the Giant Bomb guys play games and as much as they are known to enjoy FPS games, I haven't really figured out why they aren't playing it. I'd really like to see a quick look or Unprofessional Friday where the whole crew is in a game together taking on random player monsters (maybe get Vinny on the monster!), I'd be interested to see if they actually try to coordinate what they're doing as hunters because that's when the game gets really good.

So many people are bent about the price and DLC scheme, but personally I think there is plenty of content in the base game and everything you buy will be balanced with the base game anyway. I understand the disgust at the $20+ prices for the DLC, but I did the deluxe edition where you get the next pack of hunters and the Behemoth monster, I paid 80 bucks and I don't really plan on buying more DLC and just using what I got. I'm not really all that worried about someone buying a DLC monster or something and being any better off than I am. The character pick at the beginning of each match is a strategy all its own. For example, it helps to have tier 3 hunters unlocked, but I've found that tier 1 hunters can actually be the best pick for certain monsters or game modes.

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#14 Posted by FancyDan (19 posts) -

FancyDan1 on PS4. Playing monster is fun and all, but getting together with a team of humans who actually know how to cooperate seems like half then fun (at least) of this game, and solo matchmaking just doesn't quite do it for that.

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#15 Posted by mutantgenius (15 posts) -

Reg Nullify on XBL. I have only played a few matches of skirmish so far. I'm looking forward to playing with those on xbox. So far the net code seems fine. I did have one instance where the monster pinned myself (trapper at the time), and the medic in a garage-esque and we could not do anything until we were downed and the monster left.

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#16 Posted by HadesTimes (959 posts) -

I've got it in two flavors:

XBOX: Hadestimer

PS4: Devilsalias

Go ahead and shoot me a friend request. I especially need peeps on PS4. Because not many of my current friends bought the game.

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#17 Posted by bemusedchunk (905 posts) -

Are people friendly?

I've been keeping myself in the dark purposely with this. It really looks to scratch that Dota2/WoW itch I have. I've always wanted to play in an epic bossfight where it's 4 v 1 - but all player controlled.

Are people nice enough to understand that this game is very new and people are still getting a feel for the classes/strategy? I just hope it doesn't become a toxicity fest quickly...

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#18 Posted by Tharrington (159 posts) -

Koko_Flores on PS4.

I've been loving the game so far but having a group of people to play with seems like it would be much better. Hopefully, I'll see some of you out there.

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#19 Posted by Vitamultin (27 posts) -

MurderSlingshot on PS4. Really enjoying it thus far but would definitely be more enjoyable with a GB hunting crew.

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#20 Edited by awesomeusername (4643 posts) -

PSN: anti-Altair16

Let me know you added me from this thread in the friend request. My brother has a PS4 and Evolve also so I'm practically 2 people! Yes! I'm 2 people! That isn't an error in my writing by the way.

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#22 Posted by RubberFactory (330 posts) -

I'd love to join in some games with the community.

Steam ID: Coil

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#23 Posted by roars5000 (99 posts) -

PSN: acerny

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#24 Edited by MakoTitan (1105 posts) -

SameOldSoup on PS4. Getting Evolve tomorrow, and I have to say, as a 30 year old with kids, It's extremely hard to make friends, so I really hope some people are gonna get to know me. I really miss playing with friends.

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#25 Posted by bloodfarts (66 posts) -

I'd love some solid teammates.

Xbox: Miles Deep

PSN: Airwolph

Please add me, thanks!!

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#26 Posted by MakoTitan (1105 posts) -

@fancydan: Hey man, I'm getting the game tomorrow and should be on sometime late that night. I'm on WV time, so around 11:30pm here. PSN name is SameOldSoup

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#28 Posted by l4wd0g (2390 posts) -

@roars5000: @vegetashonor: @bloodfarts: @awesomeusername: @jaytow: @vitamultin: @tharrington: @hadestimes: @fancydan: @filthypeasant: @scottg13: @mrmuscle: Hey duders, I sent you all a friend request on PSN. Hopefully we can all play soon. What I've learned from playing Destiny (using the site LFGDestiny to find players) is that making a party seems like the easiest way for us all to get into games together. If you don't want a party invite just let me know (I won't send a request if you're doing something else). So what do you think? What's the best way to play together? If you see me playing don't hesitate to invite me or just join the game.

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#29 Posted by l4wd0g (2390 posts) -

@bemusedchunk: I've only played a few online matches (with randoms on Steam). I've just told them it's my first game and they seem pretty cool. I was the medic and it went poorly.... but they weren't jerks about it; it was more of them yelling, "oh god please start tranquilizer the monster." I tried playing LoL but it was far too toxic of a community for my taste. The best bet would be to try and get in with some the other duders posting their IDs. If nothing else, the bots seem competent (and a good way to start learning the classes).

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#30 Posted by sirdesmond (1466 posts) -

sirdesmond on Steam - mostly playing anything but Assault

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#31 Edited by bemusedchunk (905 posts) -

Thats good to hear.

I'm getting the game today and would like to play with some like-minded 30 year olds who aren't going to freak out when we lose.

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#32 Posted by jamjyo (103 posts) -

psn: jamjyo

plays anything!

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#33 Posted by pjmwarrior (9 posts) -

steamID: pjmguerreiro

from Portugal (same timezone as uk)

feel free to send me a friend request

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#34 Edited by LarryDavis (1698 posts) -

Larry Davis on Steam. I usually play Trapper (Abe/Griffin) or Medic (Caira usually).

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#35 Edited by FilthyPeasant (14 posts) -

I currently work nights so i can only play from like 8-10 Eastern most nights, but if anyone sees me on and go ahead and send me an invite.

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#36 Posted by leonjanssen (2 posts) -

Add me FroggYSalad PS4 from netherlands with mic!

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#37 Edited by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

PS4 PSN DirtySkidMarcs

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#38 Posted by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

Ill keep an eye on this thread for experiences, I just feel like the game is another Brink/Titanfall cool concept and look but no meat to sink your teeth into.

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#39 Posted by VintageKrug (13 posts) -

PSN: MarcusMK

Played a lot of the beta. Based in the UK and usually play evenings. Just let me know your a GB Duder.

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#40 Posted by mrflibble (132 posts) -

AlwaysBeFlanking on steam

UK mostly playing trapper.

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#41 Posted by Sackmanjones (5595 posts) -

After discussing with some friends I decided to pull the trigger along with them. Would love to play with some of you dudes.

Psn: Sackmanjones

West coast US

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#42 Posted by EnemaEms (185 posts) -

Ringwraith on PS4. Central time.

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#43 Edited by Mister_V (2442 posts) -

Mister_V on Steam

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#44 Edited by awesomeusername (4643 posts) -

@l4wd0g: I like it a lot for some reason. It's really repetitive but it's fun. I guess I can say last night was the first real time I put into it. I played 3 matches Tuesday morning and they all went horribly wrong because our assault would stray from the group or our medic wouldn't heal and it was frustrating. But people seem to have a handle on it now. Except when Trappers throw the dome and miss, that annoys me because then they don't take the dome back off, so we're sealed inside while the monster is outside of it. But that barely happens. I HATE playing as Trapper by the way. Maggie and Daisy are garbage.

Me and my brother will probably be playing this for a while so whenever I see you on, I'll shoot you an invite. We (I) have a mic by the way so we'll send you a party chat invite.

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#45 Edited by MrCK (39 posts) -

PSN: ckvinnesland2

Norway (GMT+1), though I am often online at US friendly hours as well.

Just picked this up, might not be ready to play tonight cause of the 23gb DL, but should be all good for the weekend at least. Looking forward to playing this with people, doesn't seem like a game you'd wanna solo queue in

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#46 Posted by Azraeill (70 posts) -

Still between buying it, but add me to PS4 or Steam.

PSN/Steam: Azraeill.

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#47 Posted by punisherkaos (376 posts) -

Picking this game up later and would love to play with some of u duders. I have a mic and will communicate to help take the monster down. Feel free to add me PSN-thanatos1324

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#48 Posted by jas_8382 (53 posts) -

Feel free to add me. My handle on psn is jas_8382, I'm in the central time zone. I also have a headset for coordinating.

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#49 Edited by bemusedchunk (905 posts) -

My copy arrives tomorrow - since UPS doesn't know how to ring a doorbell...

Eastern USA - bemusedchunk (yes my name is already above)

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#50 Posted by Artikay (157 posts) -

I'd love to play with some fellow duders on PSN.

Anyone looking for a partner who plays mostly after work 12am-5am EST please feel free to send me an invite.

PSN name Artikay, same as here.