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Never played a fallout game,with big guns so I want to try here. Anyone got a good big guns build. I DO have the goty edition on pc.

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You don't really have to worry about building out your specs so much in Fallout 3. But having a higher strength will allow you to carry more stuff, more big guns. But by the time you do everything in Fallout 3, you can pretty much max everything out if you find all the books and bobble heads. Also, having a higher intelligence will allow you to have more skill points when you level up.

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I stuck with the assault rifles and didn't use the power weapons much. Don't horde rockets or nukes, they aren't as rare as you think they'll be. Build the dart gun ... you need a blueprint or something (I forget) but it instantly cripples enemies legs which is super handy with fight deathclaws who can tear your ass apart in seconds. But really, there's no bad choices... plasma rilfes can be as good or crappy as any rifle and vice versa.

I will say there's a lot of power weapons if you do that mothership vita mission... and the game is always doing the maths behind the scenes, so don't think you'll be deadly accurate with a gun you're not proficient in.

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S8 P6 E8 C1 I8 A5 L4

Melee Weapons, Big Guns, and Repair.

Get Perks like Comprehension, Educated, Size Matters, and other Perks related to improving your tagged skills.