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So what did they end up saying about Fallout 76? I didn't get to watch it, and I haven't had much time to check out E3. All I heard was 4 times bigger than Fallout 4.

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  • It's a "softcore" survival game
  • always online
  • set in West Virginia
  • no NPCs, but real people and robots
  • lots of creatures based on local myths and legends
  • no server menus I think he said
  • real-time VATS instead of the traditional system
  • you can nuke other fools' towns
  • out in November
  • beta coming soon (pre-order to participate)

All I remember. Overall the crew seemed about as unsure as we are, reaction-wise; I think they created more concerns than they quelled, but that doesn't mean we won't get that type of Fallout experience. Their messaging just fell completely flat, for me. They also hardly showed anything, but the beta is soon.

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When they first announced it, I thought it was more Fallout 4 and wasn't interested in the slightest.

This is different enough to make me want to play it.

I'm not ready for more Fallout 4, but I am ready for something like this. Very curious, wouldn't say excited.

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I suppose this is preferable to another Bethesda-made Fallout RPG (not a fan), but these survival games are always so frustratingly clunky and glitchy, can't imagine Bethesda, of all things, doing better than others on this front. The setting does lend itself well to the survival genre, so I dunno, maybe it will be good? No server browser is a bummer.

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I think Fallout 76 looks pretty dope but I don't think I'd be interested in buying it when there are many companies making similar type of games ;)

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Yeah, as much as I played and enjoyed Fallout 4, There is not a lot about this game so far that sounds appealing to me. But hey, maybe it will turn out great and I will end up enjoying it, who knows.

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I didn't put much time into Fallout 4 but I'm intrigued what this game is going for. That said, is the shooting going to feel good enough with no (traditional I guess) VATS? Is the building stuff better? Will the quests and stories be interesting enough with no npcs? Seems like there's a lot of ways it could disappoint people.

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@the_greg said:

When they first announced it, I thought it was more Fallout 4 and wasn't interested in the slightest.

This is different enough to make me want to play it.

I'm not ready for more Fallout 4, but I am ready for something like this. Very curious, wouldn't say excited.

Its funny, that is the exact reason I am *not* interested. This is different, and different can be good and changing things up is definitely needed. But the always online thing, no NPC thing, is just....what game is this then? If you're only with 12 other people all the time, is that enough to make the world feel alive? Doesn't seem like it is. Maybe the idea is to make the world feel "dead" as your one of the first building it. It seems rather interesting to me though. Perhaps the building aspect is what gets me as I didn't care for that a whole deal in Fallout 4 so more of that....ehhhh, not sure. I'll keep an open mind and be willing to try it but most of those things that are making it different are the things turning me off it.

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The Noclip video really improved my outlook on the potential of Fallout 76. It might not be as enticing as a new single player RPG, but I've been starving for co-op games to play with friends so I'm totally down for the new direction if they can pull it off well. I definitely recommend the video to everyone though:

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This game wasn't made for people like me and I've accepted that. In the meantime I'll hold out for the next New Vegas and I hope everyone who likes softcore survivals has a blast with this.

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@maxszy: The NPC thing is the only thing that worries me. I can't see how that will work in a franchise that has otherwise been very heavy on the character aspects. Who knows?

Just got to wait and see. This game is far from the top of my list of games to be excited for, so I'm happy to wait.

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First Fallot in the series I am not psyched about.

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I'm not into it at all, it seems like a game tailor-made for griefers.

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Probably gonna pass myself, but its no brainier that a co-op Fallout will do extremely well. Ubisoft have consistently shown co-op is a massive pull for Joe public even when attached to a mediocre title like Wildlands.

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"no NPCs, but real people and robots"

So, NPCs then.

Multiplayer combat with the mechanics from Fallout 4 seems bad. It was better outside of VATs than 3 and New Vegas but it's still a poor FPS.

If it has a new engine I will be more interested, I'm not sure if they can make a good FPS if they are using previous games as a base.

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@tesla: I was kinda down on it myself until I watched the doc this morning. While watching it I realized the way they mean for you to play Fallout 76 is how I ended up playing Fallout 4 anyway. It will only be less NPCs to talk to and more opportunities to show of my ugly construction to actual real people. So I am more and more in the camp of "I really want this".

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Something Todd was talking about in one of these E3 interviews (don't remember which one) was how you nuke someone's settlement and it creates an irradiated zone where stronger mutated enemies would spawn. I've been trying to figure out why exactly you would want to do that. Is it to fuck with other players? Is it so you can go there to fight the stronger monsters to level up? It seems like an interesting idea, but I'm just not sure yet what the logic behind it is.

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@mistasparkle: The game is gonna be driven by crafting and collecting resources, and by creating these end-game zones you're able to harvest the best materials.

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By the look of the demo, it seems that they will improve the shooting, because of the lack of VATS. What it would make it so that this is the Fallout from Bethesda that I will enjoy playing the most.

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I loved Fallout 3

I loved Fallout 4

I'm excited for Fallout 76. I'm glad its not an MMO like Elder Scrolls Online.

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New Vegas is my favorite game of all time so I was holding out the unlikely hope Obsidian would do a new one. Generally I despise survival games like Rust but 76 looks good, I'll give it a shot. My worry is that my life makes it nearly impossible to organize time with friends for co-op and this looks very dull to play single player. Who knows though, maybe it will be so good playing alone is worth it.

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Bethesda announced that 'Country Road' will be sold on iTunes, 100% of what they make will be donated to the Habitat for Humanity charity. Their minimum donation will be $100,000.

Always good to see news like this.

Article on PC Gamer website.

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@scott ster: The nature of online and even co-op games these days makes me feel like a relic.

I don’t have a ton of time to play. Sessions are typically about an hour. The living/breathing nature of games means rules are evolving and changing faster than we can keep up. This is made significantly worse when you consider getting a specific group of 2-6 working fathers together. Everyone is busy about 5-6 nights a week.

I wish I could get some of these people into fighting games...

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@nutter: I'm right there with you (except for the fighting games part).

My son just had his first birthday. Playing video games is now so far down on the list of priorities and ways to spend time, that I have to be wiser about how I spend the few hours a week I get to play.

If there is no way to enjoy this game alone and in short bursts, I'm out.

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I really wasn't interested in Fallout 4 after seeing them rework Special and the PERKs system and was holding out for Obsidian or any of the interplay veterans to be involved in a new Fallout game. My fear is we won't see a normal Fallout game for some time if this is a success as their focus on the IP will be on 76 and nothing else.

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I'm a fallout fan and I am excited about 76. Some of the random things I heard places was if you build your base it goes with you has you get dropped into random server each time you start. If someone else has built something there than your base gets packed up and you can drop it somewhere else. This sounds odd, at some point I almost wish I could pack up my base every time, but instead it sounds like this only happens if someone else takes my spot. It was also said that all other player will be marked on your map at all time. The actual number of players per server seem to be between 12-28, I think I heard a few different things on that. The softcore survival term was used to say if someone kills you you will not lose progress or all your stuff, but there are still a lot of question to be answered. If I die do I keep everything I have? yes I keep all experience, but do I keep all my guns and loot or some/most? What is the reward for killing someone? If I kill other player I want to be able to loot them. They made nuke codes sound like something to fight over, so that some what implies if killed you would not keep code. The thing that I think I would would want is the option to stay in same server all the time or to leave server whenever. I could see getting into good group and not wanting anyone else messing with our world. Or everyone else in this world are dicks take me somewhere else, but maybe just stopping and restart game would accomplish that. It was said that you could have different players, so maybe you have one good guy, one bad guy, one trader? They talked about maybe someone would want to act has vendor and go around selling stuff, this seems odd to me. Not that someone would want to do it, but how? You going to rush to other players you somehow just bounce from server to server looking for someone who wants to trade? I guess a good question would be if there is any kind of global chat? There is emote wheel but that only seems to work if close by. I want to play it. I am even preorder just to get into beta. pre orders are stupid but if I can play for free to test it out than cancel maybe.