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Going buy System Requirements Lab, my laptop meets the minimum requirements but is below the recommended spec. I know the PC version is supposed to be so much better, but I'd be stuck at the minimum settings. I should just get the 360 version, right?

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The only reason the PC version is really worth considering at that point is mouse/KB controls and mods. I have no idea how the mod community is around FC3, but I'd be willing to bet it's nowhere near an Oblivion/Skyrim level.

Get the 360 version.

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@khann said:

The only reason the PC version is really worth considering at that point is mouse/KB controls and mods. I have no idea how the mod community is around FC3, but I'd be willing to bet it's nowhere near an Oblivion/Skyrim level.

Get the 360 version.


OK, that was a hell of an exaggeration. But be warned that console versions of Far Cry 3 have abysmal framerate issues. At least one person in a recent thread (@yummylee) said that he couldn't play much of Far Cry 3 on the PS3. It's just not a game that you should play on consoles.

Some people claim that they didn't have a problem with it and that's fine, but you should definitely be aware that it's a major issue with the game.

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@believer258: Ah fair enough. Worth pointing out that I've only ever played FC3 on the PC.

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I'd be interested to see how it would run a lowish spec machine stacked up against the 360, after all the 360 version was no peach when it came to performance. I wouldn't be surprised if you could squeeze out a slightly preferable experience out of the PC version on med-low settings @1280x720.

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At first, the frame rate may be unbearable on the 360, but after about... I don't know, five hours, you'll be fine with it. I would have loved to play it on PC though. In the end, as in, literally after everything is done in Far Cry 3, I was left disappointed and felt like I had wasted my time in some ways. I guess I'm happy I played it though. If it had way better characters, more Vaas, and a better story, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. As I went through it, I had a great time, but when all was said and done, I questioned if I regretted doing all of it.

I say more Vaas, merely because he's in it a lot less than I had expected, for as much as they had been pushing him as a villain, and the story is awkward. Later in the game, it goes all weird; you feel like you can guess what's going to happen and what's going on, and even that's a bit disappointing, but when it turns out that no, it's actually a generic ending, it feels disjointed, as if the developers gave up on some ideas they had going for it, and ends up perhaps even more disappointing. The characters are some of my least favorite this generation, but at least the majority of them are voiced well.

Only problem when it comes to controls is that the sensitivity, as compared to other shooters on the console are a bit unwieldy, making it hard to shoot an enemy where you want unless you're stationary. You get used to it so it becomes easier, but I remember it's just not as good as other shooters. You'll have fun shooting; getting and using upgrades, as well as exploring new areas even if there isn't great payoff, at least to me. Soundtrack could have been a bit better too, but it's adequate.

I'd say if you can, get the PC version at some point, but if you really don't want to wait, just get the 360 version. Furthermore, I remember hearing a lot about how great it was to see crazy things happen, like how animals can attack, and, on consoles at least, I didn't feel that at all. It was something that was just there. Maybe that experience is heightened on PC for some reason.

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At the very least you'll save yourself a little bit of money getting the PC version.

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My mediocre laptop (GeForce 650M) can run the game surprisingly well at 900p and medium settings. Not sure how yours compares to that, but it's been totally playable.

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I can't speak to how it would perform on your PC, but I played it on the 360 and absolutely adored it. I noticed the framerate at first since I had watched the Quick Look, but I stopped caring within an hour. Some spotty framerate certainly remained, but I'm generally not bothered by such things. So maybe it would do better on your PC, maybe it would do better on your Xbox. All I know is that the Xbox 360 version did absolutely fine for me. Best of luck with whichever you choose.

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gforce 660 or 760 card new is about $200 a lot less than any console

farcry3 runs with all options on very high with no problems 60fps 1920x1080

i usually use 5x4 monitor 1280x1024 since a lot of older games dont work wide screen

windows doesn't work correctly on widescreen

800x600 and other 4x3 density automatically default stretch to fit so maybe that isnt game related

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It is totally playable on 360. frame rate is rough in spots but it is not a deal breaker.