I'm...kind of excited for this?

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#1 Posted by notnert427 (2268 posts) -

I've been following the development of Far Cry 5 with some interest, as I'm intrigued with the setting and potentially bold storyline. However, it has become fairly clear over time that, for better or worse, the game is not going to be particularly dark/serious in tone or offer much in the way of societal commentary. Honestly, that's a little disappointing, as I feel like they could have done some interesting things there in ways video games rarely do, but I can understand why they don't really want to go there.

Still, all is not lost. The game instead seems to be silly with open-world hijinks aplenty, and I can get on board with that. PC Gamer just wrote an article about Far Cry 5 with an excerpt that I particularly enjoyed:

"At the end of a mission I made my way to the front of a house I'd just cleared out, only to find the guy who gave me the mission lying incapacitated on the floor—must have taken a bullet on the way in. But as I approached to revive him I heard a boom. Then a flaming helicopter crashed just inches in front of me.

I figure that having just cleared the outpost, one of my zealous NPC allies must have quickly moved in and downed the scouting enemy chopper. So far, so Far Cry. I ran around the chopper and ran over to my greasy mission-giving conspiracy theorist friend. But during the time it took for the protracted 'rescue friend' animation to play, the flames from the dead chopper had spread through the dry grass and set him on fire. As soon as I stood him up he fell to the ground and writhed around screaming in the burning grass. I retreated and patted the fire out on my own arms and could do nothing but watch and wait as the guy burned, too important to the game's continuity to actually die.

Eventually he stood up, still screaming. He stood still there for a few seconds, expressionless, lips slightly parted as the blood-curdling screams of a man being burned alive came out of his manikin-like face. Then suddenly, he smiled.

"Hello friend!"

While that's a video game-ass glitch of sorts, it's also hilarious. This seems like the sort of game where random, dumb shit constantly happens (intentionally or not) and the jank is going to be endearing. That the game features co-op won't hurt. I've got a buddy I think would really enjoy finding/creating some shenanigans with me. Also, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if we get some incredible GB content out of Far Cry 5. I need to see Vinny play this, and all the better if Dan is there incessantly trying to make his character do cool-action-guy things.

Hell, now that I think about it, I might actually prefer that this game appears to be far lighter in tone that it first seemed. Politically, everything is such a tiresome bummer right now from all sides anyway, so it might be nice to just have some simple fun crashing a plane into a moose or some shit. With Red Dead 2 seemingly not arriving until Summer at the earliest and likely Fall, it looks like I'll have some time to do some HITMAN-esque stupid/amusing things with Far Cry 5. I'm looking forward to it.

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#2 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

Day one purchase for me. Got a friend going to Co op the entire game.

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#3 Posted by odinsmana (982 posts) -

I absolutely loved both Far Cry 3 and 4 (and enjoyed 2 a lot though it`s a pretty different thing), so I am all in on Far Cry 5.

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#4 Edited by nicksmi56 (848 posts) -

I honestly couldn't care less about the story of a Far Cry game. What I loved about Far Cry 3 was going nuts and systematically taking over the entire island. Vaas and the rest just fell off my radar immediately, and the game quickly turned into a gigantic hunt for every fortress, radio tower, Wanted Dead and Path of the Hunter quest. The fun of the game was just seeing all the different challenges and enemy combinations the game could throw at me.

I was determined to take out every single pirate on the island and win the place back for the Rakyat. Any fool who got in my way was taken out. Crafting new tools and beefing up my arsenal along the way only added to the awesomeness.

If 5 is anything like that, I'll be fine when I get to it.

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#5 Edited by notnert427 (2268 posts) -

This will actually be my first Far Cry game. After a long hiatus, I'm ready for an Ubisoft open world again. At minimum, I imagine that I can make enough of my own fun doing dumb stuff with my buddy even if everything else falls flat.

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#6 Posted by Rawrz (673 posts) -

Loved both 3 and 4 so naturally I'm quite looking forward to 5.

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#7 Posted by wardcleaver (317 posts) -

I have enjoyed the other FC games, so I am also looking forward to this one. To me, the stories are not the best, but messing around in the world has provided hours of fun.

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#8 Edited by onarum (3212 posts) -

I was thinking about this the other day, and I came to realize that the Far Cry games (2, 3 and 4) were all among the very few games I played to completion on one go in the last 6 years or so, meaning I didn't drop out of any of them only to return later to try and beat them, as it happens with so many freaking games for me..

Actually if I was to really scrutinize it I'm sure I'd come to the conclusion that they were among the comparatively few games I played to completion at all in those years.

I guess that means something, be as it may I'll still wait for a price cut or somethin', not getting it at release; Always works, bugs get fixed, game gets better optimized and I pay less.

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#9 Posted by Rorie (5815 posts) -

I just kind of hope I can set wild grass on fire with a flaregun and watch people burn up when they can't escape it. That is my core desire in any Far Cry game. I had a weird impulse the other day to go back and try to play through Far Cry 1 the other day, just to see how it held up. But I am looking forward to this!

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#10 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2083 posts) -

I just can't get excited about this. I played 3 and loved it at the time. 4 was very much by the numbers the same. I'm sure I'll get it once it's like a tenner and have a good time but yeah..

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#11 Posted by HeelBill (159 posts) -

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it to for some big dumb fun. Will preorder for PC closer to release.

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#12 Posted by ATastySlurpee (676 posts) -

I LOVED 3, I liked 4. This is a day-1 purchase. The fact the ENTIRE game is coop is a HUGE plus time. The limited coop/side missions only stuff was weird in 4 and wasn't worth it.

As far as tone, I expect it to be around the same tone as 3/4

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#13 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7837 posts) -

I never could muster the interest to go back and finish Far cry 4, but I sure did have a great time with it. Loved 3 as well, so naturally I'm looking forward to seeing how 5 fares. I also have almost no concern about whatever political/societal maze the game might weave through in respect to narrative or critical reception; as long as it's fun then I'm happy.

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#14 Posted by ripelivejam (13204 posts) -

Played a hefty chunk of 3 and didn't go back. Bought and started 4 but didn't go far as the NPC scripting was broken (which I'm sure is resolved by now). 5 will probably have to wait for awhile as I clear out my torpid, heaving 2017 and earlier backlog. I plan to save a LOT of money this year, truth be told.

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#15 Edited by Atlas (2739 posts) -

I only recently replayed Far Cry 4 a month or two ago, completely forgetting that 5 was around the corner. I loved 3 and I really loved 4, so I'm pretty hyped to see how it turns out. I did, however, recently read a report from PC Gamer that cooled me on the game; the person who played it said that the setting felt bland compared to the previous two, and that outposts felt less interesting and almost discourage you from taking a stealthy approach. The three main reasons why I think most people like the last couple of Far Cry games are the unique settings, clearing outposts, and hilarious random open-world shit, and hearing that points A and B might be demonstrably less exciting this time is a massive bummer. So not a day-one must-purchase for me, will wait for reviews.

I can't say I was really expecting FC5 to go hard and tough on the political, alt-right, neo-Nazi social commentary, and I don't have much faith that they'd handle it in a particularly nuanced way even if they did try. The Far Cry games were always pretty goofy, which is one reason why FC4's story falls flat, as you're presented with a bunch of really awful decisions and don't feel like you can actually do much to help people, and yet that's all happening while you're drug-tripping around a vision of Shangri-La and watching elephants launch people into the sky and everything's exploding.

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#16 Posted by FacelessVixen (2636 posts) -

...Oh yeah! Far Cry 5 is a thing! Didn't play 4 or Primal but 3 and Blood Dragon were pretty dope, and I'm crazy enough to say that I still like 2 since I played it for a few days over the summer while waiting for Destiny 2 was a thing. Don't know if you can top Vaas's impact on the series as a villain, but yeah. Far Cry 5! Yeeeaaah!

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#17 Posted by hippie_genocide (2443 posts) -

I made the mistake of attempting to play 4 very soon after 3. 3 I loved until I got fed up with all the open world busy work, but 4 was too much of the same. I should probably try to play it again now since I've had some separation from it.

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#18 Posted by mORTEN81 (84 posts) -

4 was the better game imo but with lessened impact because of it's similarities with 3.
I haven't followed the news on 5, apart from seeing the first trailer or unveil or whatever , but it seems to not change that much apart from the setting? And you can have a pet dog, I guess.
Are there any specific meaningful changes that we know of? Planes?

Am I still hunting 5 rhinos to make a wallet?

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#19 Edited by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

I love open world/sandbox games and previous FC games so it's been on my list since reveal. Not gonna get it day 1 because of backlog, but I'm definitely very excited about it. Hopefully is good, Ubi's recent output and post release content have been very good. I got 100% in AC: Origins and got a platinum in 80 hours so I'm quite excited to see another FC by Ubi in this era.

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#20 Posted by OhBabes (147 posts) -

I finished Far Cry 4 last week, I LOVED that game. So now I’m looking forward to Far Cry 5...but £60 is a bit rich; I’ll wait for a sale.

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#21 Posted by mORTEN81 (84 posts) -

@ohbabes: Might be your best bet if you just completed 4. I have a sneaking feeling 5 will be more of the same and there's a chance you'll tire out.

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#22 Posted by wardcleaver (317 posts) -

I did, however, recently read a report from PC Gamer that cooled me on the game; the person who played it said that the setting felt bland compared to the previous two, and that outposts felt less interesting and almost discourage you from taking a stealthy approach.

That is disappointing to hear.

One of my favorite thing in previous FCs was trying to stealthily take out an outpost. Or, at least use stealth until I could commandeer some mounted weapon and lay waste to any stragglers.

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#25 Posted by boysef (175 posts) -

"Hello Friend!" hahah, this alone solidifies my pre purchase in December. Huge fan of four and have been hoping against all that FarCry Instincts will make a return someday.

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#26 Posted by dwigtk (366 posts) -

The more I see the happier I am that I pre-ordered it from Amazon during E3 for $50 after tax (Games are normally $90 after tax for me)

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#27 Edited by DrZing (256 posts) -

Yeah I'm pretty hype for this for sure. For some reason now and then I find myself randomly getting the urge to re-watch the Far Cry 3 Quick Look. Could that still be one of the best openings to a game ever? FC4's intro was no slouch either.

After what Wolfenstein II pulled off with a US setting, curious what crazy shit they can get up to in Montana. Surely won't be as pretty to look at as the tropics or Asia, and I will miss the tripped out psychedelic tiger fights... maybe we will get to go on a week-long bender with Trevor, Wade, and a teddy bear.

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#28 Posted by splodge (2775 posts) -

Loved 3 and 4, if it's anything like those I will be pretty happy. I am and a of the far cry style open world.

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#29 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

I like the setting a lot, being from that general part of the U.S., but unless it seriously shakes up the formula I'll be waiting for a sale, especially since I still need to beat AC: Origins.

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#30 Edited by Dan_CiTi (5236 posts) -

The silly open world stuff seems to have always been expected. It is unfortunate that it is not trying to actually have depth and concrete ideas in its story though, god forbid a major/triple A game release would even attempt such a thing. If it turns out at all I'll probably play it, 3 and 4 were a lot of fun when it was firing on all cylinders.

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#31 Edited by Sam_lfcfan (300 posts) -

I'll probably play it at some point, but the fact that they don't seem to be using the setting as much more than set dressing feels like a real missed opportunity. They could do something really cool with the conceit if they wanted to.

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#32 Edited by mems1224 (2508 posts) -

I've enjoyed all the far cry game since 3(including Primal) so I'm hyped for this one

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#33 Posted by bybeach (6366 posts) -

I liked Four a lot, except for some choices that were either honest (and at times difficult), or just a way of keeping everything flattened to the point of near meaningless. Considering the U S of A as it is today, they probably won't want to go too deep in Five.

And I don't even know if I am that excited with bouncing down the road with the exact same formulaic approach. But probably I will feel more warm to it once it comes out, big Triple Decker A Blockbuster that it is.

We'll see.

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#34 Posted by thatbendorf (102 posts) -

I came to this thread in search of huckleberries. I leave empty handed.


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#35 Posted by nulliver (9 posts) -

I have never played a Far Cry game but this time I've been following the news about this game and it seems like it will be a lot of fun. I will probably buy but maybe a few weeks later after release.

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#36 Posted by jace347 (16 posts) -

I played Far Cry 3 and loved it. Skipped 4 and now considering preordering 5. Y'all think this will come back to bite me?

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#37 Posted by SquirrelGOD (598 posts) -

As a person who has lived in Montana his whole life, I was pretty worried when this game was first announced, and a ton of gaming sites were jumping to the conclusion that the game was pretty much you being a person going in there to deal with the crazy, redneck locals. So, I was pretty happy to see that they were pulling this out of their asses, and that the game will be a straight-up FarCry where crazy shit and explosions are happening all over the place, and the plot is a pretty simple "Locals vs Crazy cult that moved in" kind of thing. I'm sure there will be a few dumb twists that will be fantastically stupid in the best ways, but I don't really come to FarCry for the stories, I come to FarCry for the jank and crazy shit, and this game looks like it'll deliver.

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#38 Posted by TuxedoCruise (248 posts) -

After being disappointed by Far Cry Primal, I wasn't excited for Far Cry 5 at all. But after watching extended gameplay of Far Cry 5's main campaign being played in co-op, I'm looking forward to some open world shenanigans with some friends. The weapons are more interesting than Primal's, and so are a lot of the characters and mechanics, which are the things that are the biggest draws in a Far Cry game.

Ubisoft has also been killing it with post-launch support for their games. Even single-player games like Assassin's Creed Origins have been getting a healthy amount of additional content. For Honor isn't exactly a hot game now, but Ubisoft continues to try to support the dwindling For Honor community with patches and content. Rainbow Six Siege is in it's third year of a season pass, and Wildlands content is growing. This makes me look forward to the kind of post-launch support that Ubisoft will throw behind Far Cry 5.

Looking at their post-launch content trailer, I'm pretty excited for all of it. Far Cry 5 Arcade looks interesting and it's free. And I wasn't expecting their Zombies DLC to have co-op.

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#39 Posted by floydeo (453 posts) -

@jace347 said:

I played Far Cry 3 and loved it. Skipped 4 and now considering preordering 5. Y'all think this will come back to bite me?

Same here, I'm not going to preorder though, it's a bad idea.

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#40 Posted by VoshiNova (2412 posts) -

So Far Cry has always grabbed me with it's shooting mechanics and dedication to the first person perspective. They did a really good job of keeping the player immersed. But with Far Cry 5 I can't help but be a little cautious in regards to its spray and pray marketing strategy.

Idk. I bet I'll have fun with the setting - assuming they don't just make outposts dotted around the map. i.e. I'd like to see some realistically rendered towns in the U.S. Strip malls and what-not. But the footage I've seen so far is mainly forests and guard camps.

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#41 Posted by korwin (3918 posts) -

It would need to be significantly more than "another farcry" to get me to pick it up at this point. The "Ubisoft Game" can fuck right off at this point.

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#42 Posted by glots (4362 posts) -

I'm not that excited, but I'm interested. It's been over three years since I last played a Far Cry game, so I've had a decent break.

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#43 Posted by UpperDecker (572 posts) -

@thatbendorf: Oh I'm here! I'm going to be watching in anticipation! If the dev's put huckleberries in this damn game, I'm out. I've lived in Montana most of my life and I've never once heard one single person say, "I love huckleberries!" If they are a key piece of the game, or something like bottlecaps from Fallout, I'm out.

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#44 Posted by badsmalltalker (324 posts) -

You guys may want to skim the Waypoint stream Austin did where they talked over the footage of the game he took at a preview event. It goes both into how the open world works, and how not-political yet political the game seems like it will be (spoiler: one of the npc's who asks you to do a side activity uses the phrase "Obama loving lib-tard").

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#45 Posted by chaser324 (8672 posts) -

@badsmalltalker: Wow. That sounds pretty bad. It's been long enough since Far Cry 4 that I'm kinda interested in this, but it's looking increasingly like they have totally fumbled the political overtones. I'll have to take a look at that Waypoint stream.

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#46 Posted by jace347 (16 posts) -

@floydeo: Yeah I agree preordering is a bad idea... but I did it anyway. Oops.

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#47 Posted by stinger061 (476 posts) -

I’m actually more excited now that it seems like they’ve walked back from the more serious side they were talking about on initial announcement. The gameplay in the recent Far Cry games has been excellent and I fully expect this to continue that which is great. I’m happy for Far Cry to be fun as a video game without having to have some serious political message

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#48 Posted by Bane (913 posts) -

My hype died down a bit when I learned how the co-op campaign works. The host is the only one that retains campaign progress. The guest will have to replay whatever they did in co-op in order to progress their own campaign. That's a really bad design decision if you ask me.

My friend and I have gone from planning to play it co-op on Xbox to me playing it solo on PC. I'm still looking forward to it though. I've been a fan of Far Cry since the first one.

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#49 Posted by floydeo (453 posts) -

@jace347 said:

@floydeo: Yeah I agree preordering is a bad idea... but I did it anyway. Oops.

Do what you like it's your money. I think the game will meet my expectations for far crying.

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#50 Edited by SirPsychoSexy (1645 posts) -

I completely loved Far Cry 3, skipped 4, but now I am really finding myself attracted to the rural America setting of 5. I almost want to buy it just to run around in that world on my 4k oled. Obviously they could do some really interesting things with the story and todays political climate, but I feel like that can be a tricky thing to pull off and they might back down in a big way.

After seeing the Season pass for this game I am almost completely sold. The zombie thing does not interest me a ton since I doubt I will do anything co-op, but the Vietnam and Mars stuff is right up my alley. Also it would be nice to have Far cry 3 on console. Right now I can save $20 by preordering the gold edition with amazon prime... It is getting really tempting