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SOMEONE has played this and has an opinion to render upon it?!

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.... seconded.

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That thumbnail by itself just screams Quick Look.

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There are some youtube videos for it up. Looks like a bad flash game.

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Not what you think it is.

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Certainly looks like an XBLIG game...

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Not eroge? No buy!

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@sterling said:

Not what you think it is.

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I watched that whole damn video. I hate you.

PS. Hurry the hell with Season 5 already!

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Well that was certainly a letdown.

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More wasted potential than RE6 and the Brooklyn Nets combined.

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I feel mislead by the game title... And am actually really happy I was.

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It's basically tug-o-war maps from starcraft II. Play those, probably have a better and cheaper experience.

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I read that as FarmFurry and was hoping for some hot yiffy action. DISAPPOINTING.

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@sterling said:

Warning! Not what you're lookin' for!

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I read this as Farm Furry. I was all ready to break out the 2 Lap Fox tracks I covertly allow on my history at You Tube. Not in that life at all, except for the appreciation of some decent music and even with Great Expectations, decent lyrics. I got Halo of Flies by old Alice Cooper to balance it all out.