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Not good at explaining things but, its it just me or whenever I save a game on one slot, it mysteriously saves on another slot. Whenever I finish a chapter and the save slot appears, I see that the same file i saved in also saved on another slot. I lost my 1st playthrough cuz of that.

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@darkness625: I've never heard of this happening, but then, I can only account for my own experience. Don't know if anyone else has encountered what you apparently have.

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@darkness625: I've never encountered what you're talking about.

You should be able to keep saving over the same slot, and it should always stay in that same slot. It shouldn't be duplicating into other save slots. Is it possible you're not keeping track of where the cursor for "select save file" is and accidentally choosing different save slots?

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So you save in file A and that exact same save appears in file B?

I honestly have no clue how you could do this.

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:( looks like i'm the only one with this problem.

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Maybe you need a new SD card?