Friend code Exchange here!

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Hey everybody, just thought I would start up a Friend code thread to kick off Heroes release.

It works better than old Nintendo code exchanges since both parties don't have to add each other on mobile.

anyways here's mine: 1984007235 Maxed out currently.

I will probably be sticking to this game for a decent while, I will be keeping up with sending gifts and all that.

Remember to link your My Nintendo account for 10 free orbs and various goodies.

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Pretty neat so far. I'm hoping that grinding SP to unlock skills isn't as much of a slog as it seems like right now.

Edit: It seems that I've hit the max limit for friends so I've removed my user ID to save anyone the time and effort of inputting it.

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Seems like the game isn't out in Canada yet. I hope we get it today.

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If you guys are on Android you could just get the apk elsewhere, which is what I did. Dunno what the delay is for NA.

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This is for andriod only correct? For a limited time?

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I got a 5 stars focus heroes

Add me 5715299535

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;_; NA app store please update

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5615526880 is mine. I've only just started playing so I haven't figured out what I'm supposed to be doing yet.

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@sackmanjones: It should be android and iOS. From what I've seen, the reveal only showed android, but later release details included iOS as well.

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Mine is 4614217751... didn't get 10 orbs for linking my account though :(

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I am not one for rerolling over and over so no 5* yet but rocking some 4*s.

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@charliejz: Did you try going to the mynintendo site and claiming your orbs there?

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Mine is 5045825655

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I hated the slide to move/attack system that they have setup as default. Once I changed it to click the game felt much better.

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@charliejz: click/tap on that symbol on the image in the first post, it will bring up a variety of things to exchange Nintendo points for. 1 of them is 10 orbs for 0 points.

You can also check the mission tab on that screen to get 100 points for every chapter you complete.

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Added everybody else that posted in here already!

Edit: My friend list is now full at 50 people apparently..... hope they up the cap because I could really use those feathers. :D

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adding everyone else!

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My ID is 6323503589.

I rerolled once and got four 4-star characters and a 5-star that's pretty cool. I don't really know what adding friends does in this yet but feel free to add me.

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5605612009 is my ID.

Rerolled my 5* Camilla since I got a bunch of 3*'s. Pretty happy with my second roll being a 5* Azura, 4* Est, and a 4* Beruka.

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3588611702 Liking it so far.

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Mine is 1823760573

I didn't summon any heroes yet, I might do it now...

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Mine is 9313565395!

Got Peri and Odin, so that's good. Other than that, things are pretty cool. It looks like things are fairly balanced at least up until chapter 5 or so. Wonder how many chapters there are...

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My ID is 5589441175

Did 2 rolls and the best I got were two four-star characters.

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when you all are talking about rerolling, are you just starting new from a new account?

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My ID: 9693437512

Impressed by how snappy the UI feels.

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My ID is 5113382250.

Kinda interesting so far. I got a 5* Takumi so I guess I can't complain too much.

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Really digging it. Let's burn some emblems with fire and stuff!

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Let's do this

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3206424092 is mine. Digging it so far.

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Hey party peoples, mine's 4270950860

Also, I've been having crazy good luck with the summon draws. Already got a 5-star Camilla & Cordelia.

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Carne Por La Machina!

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id: 6041929812

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Pulled a 4 star robin. 3700832924

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id: 7275358565 (EDIT: My list is full, will have to reject any future friend requests for now.)

Really enjoying the game so far. It doesn't quite have the same strategic intensity of the mainline entries, but it feels like the fun-size version. Been taking the levels as little bite size Fire Emblem while I'm sitting on my phone doing nothing else. There have been a few moments that surprised me, but nothing good enough to kill a unit yet. Expecting it to get tougher once I get off the regular difficulty. Oh and I snagged a 5* Lucina on my last pull of the night. Really happy with my luck so far even though Robin eludes me. Already have a lot of my favorites aside from a few.

I went ahead and added everyones ID who has posted above.

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ID: 8264282437

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I re-rolled 7x for this. Here's my Friend Code: 9386982083

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I gots a 4* Cain... and that's about it. I probably should've rerolled before putting a couple of hours into the game.

Anyways, the glowing blue rock tells me that my friend code is 6119505825.

All I want is a Lyn, and maybe a Hector.

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don't quite know what adding friends does but i'll toss my code up here.


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Got sick of rerolling so stuck with a 5* Lyn and some other garbage. Is there a friend limit?


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Never played a Fire Emblem game before, so no idea what this is about. Going to be fun figuring it out!


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Happy fire embleming

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@roninenix said:
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I re-rolled 7x for this. Here's my Friend Code: 9386982083

Holy shit 2 5* after only 7x is good. Currently on my ~20th reroll, gotten 1 5 star a couple times but not the ones I want, so still going... Gotten 5* Elise, Roy (twice), Chrom, Peri, Lyn

no code yet since still rolling, but what benefits do friends give you in this game? Haven't looked into it yet.

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Or try this then copy the code:

This game might get me to give awakening another shot.

Think I added everyone above me..

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I'm 8542992235

Enjoying it so far, but definitely worried about the grind.

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Good ol' friend codes...