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For anybody playing Friday the 13th: The Game, let's duder up and make Oestreicher proud!

My PSN is shagge1771

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psn: corwag

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Psn: TwiggyMcTwig

Bought this yesterday, it doesn't work, anyone else having problems finding a game?.

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@twiggy199: They're having server woes right now. Some people are playing just fine (although with unnaturally long waits to get into pub matches), some can't get in period. Really rough launch.

On the bright side, I'm loving the actual game. Janky as all hell, but a ton of fun. Hope they iron things out before the weekend's through.

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So it sounds like people are primarily buying it for PS4, then? If the community is strong I may pick it up.

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Ps4 DanishingAct

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PSN: houseofleaves13

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PSN: TheDudeMabry

After a 12-minute wait to get into a lobby, the PS4 version has worked great for me. Again, I agree with the janky as hell gameplay descriptor, but it really feels fun and the majority of folks I've played with are using their mics and location-based comms to make this feel like a real genre movie experience. As a F13 fan, this is totally better than I could have hoped for.

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PSN LethalKi11ler, loving the game once I actually get in. Terrible servers and not enough maps/Jasons but I'm sure it'll be coming

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I've played about 10 games in 2 days, I've just got back into overwatch, so I've been killing time with that when the servers are being sluggish.

I'm having a lot of issues with the game, mainly the saving profile data, which every time it does this my screen gets darker and darker making it unplayable. If ichange a characters attributes and save the characters settings it'll do the saving profile data thing and lock the screen. I've figured out that if you change the character attributes whilst in a game lobby you can escape that screen by just pressing on one of the perks then backing out of that screen.

From what I've seen of the game on twitch, the intro into the map where the character dies, thus picking the Jason for that match... all the selected characters that are around the fire are the survivors and the character that dies becomes Jason, yet on my game, the exact same character dies every time even if he's not been selected, the same dude died when I was Jason yet my character was a female.

This game is unplayable In daylight (especially in this summer sun)so they need to add some sort of gamma/brightness setting. The slightest bit of light on the screen wrecks it for me, I can't even see my character half the time.

Oh and the saving profile data Pop up sometimes just stays there whilst in a match, and yeah it covers the mini map, also making it unplayable, I think I've had one decent match since release. I know they're working hard to fix these issues but this is yet another case where the people who were excited, pre ordered or backed the game are basically just the beta testers for a broken game, in future I'm not buying any game within the first 2 weeks of release. It's really infuriating to me that the people who support the games they love the most are the people that get screwed over time and time again. No wonder games are having a longer tail end on sales.

I understand the online issues but the game it's self is busted, don't get me wrong, I love the game, but this is happening far to often.

Rant over. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I wrote this on my phone.

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This has pretty much been my experience with this game.

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@twiggy199: I think they replaced the cutscenes with pre-rendered video due to glitches, which is why the same guy gets killed every time now.

But yeah, they've got some heavy patching to do. The game at its core is excellent even with some balance issues (yeah, Jason is supposed to win the majority of matches, and that's a-okay, but a cooldown between teleporting and grabbing would be a big improvement), and I'd be terribly disappointed if these current issues kill the game before it has a chance to build a steady long term playerbase.

I'm really curious to see the QL, if we get one. I can't tell if they'll savage it for its problems or embrace it for all it does right. Hopefully embrace it, as it would make for an excellent Murder Island style feature.

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Just sent a bunch of invites. Maybe having a private match will make it easier to play. PSN is HawtyShawty (don't ask).

Should we consider making a GB community since people seem to be playing on PS4?

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Holy shit, that thread title. A+ job.

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Im down to play. Games pretty fun after the ~11 minute wait to get into a game.

PSN: Azraeill

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Ha, I was admittedly proud of myself there. :P

Unfortunately, now I'm getting booted and errored out constantly. Lucky to even play a full match when I do get in.

Oy vey... cannot wait for the server situation to get straightened out.

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So, no one playing on PC? :(

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PSN - Azteris

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I was lucky and became host and am currently playing.

Volchise7 psn

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dont have this (yet), but as a conscientous objector i must post my outrage at this thread title. that is all.

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Please be mindful that if you're considering buying it for the Xbox One, it is an older and outdated version that was released for it:


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PSN: YEAHbrother

I just picked this up and is downloading currently. I've been keeping up with their Twitter account and it seems like they have most of the server issues fixed on their end - how's it going out there?

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@yeahbrother: Surprisingly good since the maintenance yesterday. I've been able to get into a few games within 90 seconds each time.

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PSN: NightDan

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PSN: thedivinechurch

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For those playing on PC

Steam: Thorniergravy