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If you haven't heard, Jeff Gerstmann was ecstatic when he saw the Gears Pop! reveal during Giant Bomb's E3 2018 Microsoft Press Conference.

Here's an update to my previous post (where others have also made Funk Pop! versions of people related to Giant Bomb) which now includes all the crew.

Bomb Pop!
Bomb Pop!

Bomb Pop! II
Bomb Pop! II

Bomb Pop! II: Champion Edition
Bomb Pop! II: Champion Edition

Super Bomb Pop! II: The New Challengers
Super Bomb Pop! II: The New Challengers

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Ha! These are great!

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Hahaha, this is great, Jeff will love this!

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I would buy these!

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Poor Vinny.. You're real savage.

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Oh no, I hate how good these resemble the cast xD You did an awful/great job haha

I just realized funkopop are the physical manifestation of that awful early 2000s trent of digitally 'dressing up' custom south park characters as celebreties etc online. That shit was also super popular somehow. And looking at these characters made out of generic-looking pieces actually resembling what they should also reminds me of that.

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I feel like you could just send those to the Funco company and they would make them immiediately!

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Ok, here is your next challenge: what would the chase variant be for each series? Funko loves their chases. Oh and convention exclusives.

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I want a Pop Ryckert