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Ive been watching all the Mario party parties, and thought how awesome would it be if the guys got back together and did 24 hours for extra life or something, I'd donate for sure.

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I don't think the site would survive that...

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Why do you hate people?

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That's just sadistic

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Dan loves Mario Party, also I think Abby likes it as well. Maybe the two of them could have a MPP with rotating guests, Alex, Vinny, folks from Waypoint ? I would love that

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@karmosin: honestly my favorite parts are when Jeff goes off on tangent about how shit the game is.

And it would be cool to drag Drew back, I would honestly pledge $200 and watch it live.

They would have to play different maps from the original run through and start from Mario party 1.

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Jeff wouldn't stand for it, Brad wouldn't stay awake and Drew will probably be in another country just to avoid it.

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I’m anti torture

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No one would stoop this low, even for the kids

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4 hours of a Mario Party is mean in a fun jokey way 24 hours of it is something I would actually feel bad that they were doing.

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Realistically that would be one of the worst things to stream for that long. None of them like it expect Dan. And i can only guess that Dan wouldn't be happy through out that whole thing either. But more importantly as a viewer i wouldn't stick around for it there is just no way the crew would be able to keep being witty for that long.

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You know what? Yes, I enjoy the suffering of Jeff and Brad playing Mario Party that I would love that. Maybe have Vinny and Alex play it this time on the East team, see if their souls can take it.

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That's a terrible idea and I'm all for it.

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Dan Abby Alex and Bakalar Fortune Street.

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That sounds miserable to do and watch.

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But at what cost?

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I'd only watch another Mario Party Party if it's the east crew doing it.

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@andythemez said:

Dan Abby Alex and Bakalar Fortune Street.

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I think thats against the Geneva Convention.

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Didn't Abby murder one of her Sims doing this?

Because if she hasn't, I think it would.

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I'd actually like to see that, but with the non-Mario games (Pac-Man Party, Crash Bash, etc.). A Ranking of Parties, perhaps.

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I wouldn't mind more Mario Party, I would however like for it to be GBEast doing it if anyone.

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No. Just no. Honestly their regular mario party parties are too long, so 24 hours would be much worse.

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I do like the idea of Mario Party being an Extra Life incentive, like it was last year when Dan, Vinny, Abby, and Austin played it. But even as someone who got into GB via Mario Party and genuinely has enjoyed playing a 50-turn game of Mario Party before I wouldn't want to inflict that on anyone.