A bunch of new backward compatible games on the Xbox One and enhanced on X.

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So, while I'd love to simply type them all out, I'm going to be quick about it and make it easy on myself by just posting a link for all of you that can put it better than I could anyway. To name a few though, now all the Splinter Cell games are on there (the original trilogy from OG Xbox), the Perfect Dark games (original and Zero), as well as Kameo, have been enhanced to name a few. Anyways, here are some more goodies. I'm currently downloading Syndicate. I never thought, at the beginning of this generation, that I'd be so excited for back compat. I was someone that said 'psh, don't need it; I can just hook up my old consoles if I wanted to play those games'. I was wrong. Excited to replay a lot of these games and maybe buy Enslaved which I never played but always kind of wanted to. I'm bummed out that no more back compat games will come to this generation though.

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I am really buoyed up by some the games they have been adding to the service - seems like a pretty good mix.

Has there been any confirmation that these backwards compatible games will come to the PC version eventually? After a quick search I can't seem to find a on the record mention. As someone who spent a lot of time on the Xbox and the 360 but doesn't have a One, this was something I was hoping for - especially with some of the more recent additions. I'm happy to try out the PC beta but I think my interest might start to wane if these games never make off the console version.

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@stantongrouse: I suppose I could be wrong, but I've never heard anything about the back compat games making it to PC. It's exclusive to the One and hopefully Scarlett.

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@ntm: Yeah, it could be me, but I thought I remembered it being hinted that the new Xbox app for PC would make all that backwards compatibility possible. But I can't find anything that suggests this so it might be a case of mis-remembering. I guess if the streaming service eventually goes the way they suggest, it might just be that they pop up on that.

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Oh, interesting to note is that you can also play the original Xbox version of Double Agent, not just the 360 version. I've never played that version so maybe I'll check it out.

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Too Human is now backward compatible?! That might be the biggest shock for me during this E3.

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@bigdaddy81: Not only that, it's free to own for anyone atm.

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@liquiddragon: I saw that but I don't see the option to download it. Maybe it just hasn't updated yet.

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Too Human exists again as a video game. I am listening to old EGM Live Podcasts to celebrate.

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Well time to play through Syndicate again

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Oh wow! Armed and Dangerous was such a fun game. Will have to play through that again, I remember it being quite funny but that might have just been my teenage mindset at the time.

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I'm really excited to fire up some old-school Splinter Cell tonight.

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Only played Pandora Tomorrow on GameCube. Might give the first game a shot.

Hope the 4k updates aren't mandatory.

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say i get an xbox 1 s can i play original xbox games on it cause liandri conflict is mah jam

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Asura's Wrath! Finally!

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ok but what about simpsons hit and run and hulk ultimate destruction

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The only thing I'm still really looking for on backwards compatibility is Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol. I thought with Microsoft picking up Oblivion it would have a pretty good chance (SEGA seems to have a decent relationship with MS).

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@darkvare: @norm9: 4k isn't mandatory, and yes you'll be able to play original Xbox games on the S. They'll still be updated with a higher resolution regardless of your TV resolution.

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I can't imagine what the poor sap that got assigned the work on Enchanted Arms must have done to piss off Phil Spencer that badly.

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Fuck yeah, Too Human! Unfortunately, I only play Xbox PC now, and my friend can't manage to get my XBone back to me, so I guess I'll have to wait until Scarlett to play some. Had like 120 hours in the first one. I wrote that review that a few gaming news outlets mistook for Cliff Bleszinski's (since my user name at the time was CliffyB, my favorite industry personality).

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Enslaved was pretty terrific and was in that newest batch. Good third person actioner/exploration game.