A new ColecoVision - Coleco Chameleon - is coming

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The company is teaming up with Retro Video Game Systems to produce the machine, which it plans to launch sometime next year. Coleco says that the console will "accurately play compilations of favorite games from the past" as well as "play brand-new games in the 8, 16, and 32-bit styles." No specific games have been announced, and it's unclear if the console will be backwards compatible with older Coleco titles.

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I don't even know what to think of this. Is there even an interest in this stuff? I would've thought that PC emulators do this stuff pretty well, so there's no need for a dedicated console?

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Colecovision was MY first console, and I have a lot of fond memories playing Gorf, Mouse Trap, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Turbo, and the Super Action sports games with my dad. I'd buy it if they could somehow push it out with those ridiculous controllers again.

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Looking forward to see this on UPF

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After all the bullshit these guys got the last time they tried to launch this system(without the Colecovision branding), I am surprised they are back at it again so soon.

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Are these the Jaguar shell guys? Its not on, lads.

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@shindig said:

Are these the Jaguar shell guys? Its not on, lads.

Yes its them. I think they are trying to distance themselves from the old project(and project figurehead) with the Coleco rebranding.

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The nice thing about Colecovision games look simple and clean. NES has an advantage in amount of colors and screen scrolling, but the Coleco games just look a step down in sprite detail...but not bad. The problem is I just don't find retro game all that fun to play for more than 15 mins.

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I hope this one will make it to Europe. The last one, Colecovision Rebirth or whatever it was called was only available in the US, and had some games I'd love to play.

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I am kind of the ideal audience for this, since I like retro games and spend way too much money on game stuff, but I find it hard to believe they could make this interesting. I've seen the kinds of games they intend to put out, and frankly they aren't worth the price that's going to be demanded for a cartridge based system. Even Shovel Knight, which is basically the absolute best case scenario, only costs $15 as a downloadable. A lot of the other games aren't worth more than $5.

You're never going to get exclusives for this thing which means you're going to end up with ports from more powerful systems where the games are cheaper as downloads. No thanks.

This is a sub-ouya level idea.