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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, 'cause it was on sale, and I started watching TeamFourStar again.

Rock the dragon.

Yukiko over Chie/Rise/Naoto for life though


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I know that Lost Sphear isn’t a particularly good game but I’ve been enjoying it. I grew up playing mediocre JRPGs so it’s nice to be able to play something similar to the games that I enjoyed when I was younger.

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I hesitantly bought a Rift Touch bundle last month, turns out Rec Room is the actual MVP. Rec Room is the next level of fun social shenanigans in a video game, the real VR killer app

Haven't had this much fun in a multiplayer game since... I guess the WOTLK days

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Played the Dragon Quest Builders demo for Switch. I haven't played any DQ games before so I have no particular nostalgia for the franchise, so it's kind of funny to me when certain enemies make sounds that are clear callbacks to retro games. It is very enjoyable! Put it down after about an hour because I don't want to put too much time into a demo, but I'm also too cheap to put down $50 right now. But ten-year-old me would have been all over this.

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I'm pretty picky with games as I get older. Only things I've played consistently for the last few years are Rim World and Civ 5. Both still great.

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Started Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and it's pretty good. I'm glad I went complete media blackout on this game except the reveal trailer. I'm excited to see what the game has in store, it seems way more in your face this time around. I generally liked the shooting in TNO so I expect to keep liking Wolf2. I wish the subtitles were bigger though, so tiny!!

@nicksmi56: haha, you're very lucky.

@facelessvixen: says the person with the Yukiko avatar.

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@facelessvixen: what happened to those team four star guys? Are they really bogged down with fighting off lawsuits for original content because of their abridged series?

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I decided to get back into Crusader Kings 2 after a long time away from it and murdering my way through my family to make sure the right kid is heir and that there aren't any claimants to start factions around is as fun as ever. I'm going for a Pictish empire consisting of all of the British Isles.

I also just started Xenoblade 2 a few days ago and it has an incredibly hype first chapter. Haven't gotten super into the combat and leveling yet, but there seems to be a fair amount to stuff to bite into there. Nia seems like a pretty cool character.

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I'd bounced off of Sleeping Dogs twice on PS3, but something about its Definitive Edition on PS4 totally grabbed me. Bought it for $10 on a recent sale and I've done just about everything you can do in that game short of the weird time trial "derbies". I've got about one of each collectible missing somewhere in the world, I've given up on the "Death by One Thousand Cuts" poison knife melee and the story's wrapping itself up, but man have I done a 180 on this game. Something that I particularly enjoy about it is how one-note off of pitch perfect almost everything is. The voice acting is good, but it's weird good, often making things that aren't awkward awkward and things that aren't funny funny. The cutscenes are interesting, but they're bad interesting, the way the characters often animate like they're in a PS2 game and the way the camera seems to be operated by a film school dropout who dropped out not because he didn't need the education but because he realized film school wasn't a school of dentistry.

I love how the cars handle oddly except for the very highest end vehicles, and I love how the motorcycles are bizarrely invincible until they aren't. I enjoy very much that this is a game that allows you to max yourself out far ahead of the actual story through its side missions, and so I also enjoy that it's really not much of a challenge other than the ways in which it controls awkwardly or isn't aware of how its avatars interact with the world (some of the races that take place in tight alleys are totally what I'm talking about when I say that). I enjoy that the game thinks its karaoke mini-game is any fun, and I actually really enjoy the hacking mini-game. Like, it might be my favorite hacking mini-game; I dig the bugging mechanic, also.

Sleeping Dogs is totally a b-game, but it's a b-game with a lot of heart, and just enough absurdity and uniqueness going for it that I'm mad at myself I wasn't open to giving it an honest shot back when it was relevant. Though in some ways I also wonder if it's so charming to me now in part because of all the elements of the game that must've already felt dated then that feel doubly so now.

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Starcraft 2... I mean... Starcraft 2... it's kind of perfect.

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@kingbonesaw: I don't consider Lost Sphear a bad or mediocre game. People who don't particularily like JRPGs to begin with will naturaly dislike the game. That doesn't make it bad or mediocre in my opinion, since you could say the exact same thing about any specialized genre or sub-genre, like sim racing games, CRPGs or 4x games. Safe to say I completely disgree with GiantBombs's opinion of the game. Also, look at CRPGs for example, some of them manage to create enough hype to become popular even with the mainstream, games like Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity, yet these could easily have fallen under the media banner of 'mediocre' or 'bad' RPGs since they are old-school RPGs, in the same way Lost Sphear is an old-school JRPG. It's the flick of a coin that decides it. Just my opinion on the matter.

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Got Super Saiyan in Xenoverse 2 over the weekend. Really liking how to get the transformations this time around compared to the first game's RNG for drops, and that the form doesn't drain ki to keep it active. Going SS3 with my female saiyan made me grin.


Much like littlekuriboh, they're still around. Dragon Ball Abridged is being updated about as often as Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged these days, but they also have a gaming/let's play channel. I like watching/listening to them play various Dragon Ball games as background noise.

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Just recently started the early access for Star Trek: Adversaries and I absolutely love it. Never did get into Hearthstone, but now having a card game that is entirely Star Trek in nature has made me realize that it wasn't the card aspect I struggled with, it was just all the characters and things I didn't understand. Tying it into a universe I'm very familiar with has made it so much easier to pick up.

It's still crazy early, but the devs are super available for feedback and patches are regular for bug fixes and play mechanic tweaks, so playing early feels like I'm super involved in the foundation of the game.

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I'm about a third through Hellblade. Wow, is that an atmosphere they've crafted. Absolutely Ninja Theory's finest in terms of writing and performances (thus far), and the visual/auditory hallucinations weave seamlessly into its Norse mythological foundations.

The gameplay isn't especially deep, but the combat is weighty and tense. More one-on-one style, I like it; it adds to the very personal journey Senua is putting herself through. She is the best character they've ever written. I didn't exactly enjoy Enslaved's gameplay, but they totally won me over with how well they handled DMC, and this new one is easily my favourite. I am blown away by its brutal, skin-crawling mind games and storytelling techniques.

Will finish it over the week.

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Started playing Celeste and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite 2D platformers. Everything about it is just so good. The music, the artstyle, the controls, level design.

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Just bought Doom 3: BFG Edition...primarily so I can play the No Rest for the Living wad. I've only played the first two levels do far, but they're both pretty enjoyable.

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Finally started Night in the Woods which has been in my backlog stack for a while now. 2 hours in and I love it. Great artstyle, good music, fun and well written characters. I was super surprised by the minigames (the rhythm bass one and the demontower), there's just so much love and detail put into this game! Can't wait to play more.

Other than that I still play Monster Hunter: World from time to time, but I treat it as my "infinite game", a game that I don't have to rush, that usually is infinite (MH:W does have a story but it's not anything crazy) and I can just jump back into it from time to time and not worry I forgot something. I'm around 20 hours in, about to head into the Rotten Vale. Gran Turismo: Sport is another example of that kind of game for me if that makes sense.

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Monster Hunter World is such a surprise to me. I wasn't sure I liked it even after several hours with it. At some point something finally clicked, and now I've got 125-ish hours played with a lot more to come.

I took each weapon out on a hunt at least once. Charge Blade is my main, with a sprinkling of Bow every once in awhile. I had a hankering to try Greatsword again so I've been using that the past couple of days. I need a lot more practice with it though. My current Greatsword gameplay goes something like this: miss, miss, miss, hit for massive damage!, miss, miss...

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Skyrim on Switch is nothing short of magical. A version of one of my favorite games that looks and runs better than the 360 release and works just about flawlessly on a handheld is a pretty astounding achievement.

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Monster Hunter World is fantastic. I just got into High Rank stuff at almost 50 hours in because I was upgrading like 8 different weapons and would have to keep getting parts and doing side stuff without actually moving the story forward.

I used the Heavy Bowgun for most of that time until I forced myself to start trying other weapons, but it's still my favorite weapon out of all of them. Mostly because the type I use has the chaingun special ammo and I feel like a Space Marine when I use it. But it's also like a 20mm cannon that can also fire mortar rounds and is a grenade launcher, and it can also shoot stabbings. Well, technically they're slicing rounds, not stabbing, but it's basically firing a small grenade that then pulls a knife and shanks the monster like 4-5 times.

A lot of weapon talk in the spoiler tag below because I love just about all of them so far:

My secondary weapons would be the Bow and Switchaxe. The Bow is fantastic once you understand how the charging works. If you get used to that, you can dish out some pretty good damage while staying highly mobile (and if you aim and dodge, you get a free charge level, so it's great to work into combos or to quickly start a dragon piercer). It let me solo my first Diablos fight, so it gets a lot of points for that. The Switchaxe is my favorite melee weapon because it's just so cool. Smash things with a huge metal axe, and then fold it out and stab them instead, and then stab them once more while jumping onto them, exploding the blade like 8 times and then finishing it off with a huge explosion which throws you off, and then you stab the blade into the ground to stop, folding it back into axe mode.

Next would probably be the Gunlance, Charge Blade and Hammer. The Gunlance is pretty fun, mostly just poke or slam a thing, occasionally shotgun blast them, and also explode them with an large metal spike. The Shield with it is super handy in not dying. The Hammer is pretty basic but feels great to use, especially when a monster gets knocked out and you can pound them like a railroad spike, or do the spinning somersault jump attack and get like 10 hits. Charge Blade is fun but I still need to work on it and get a good flow working. At the very least it looks almost as cool as the Switchaxe for me and thus is my second favorite weapon regarding visuals.

The War Horn is almost exactly like the Hammer but you play music afterwards (my current one is just a giant bell and it's pretty amusing). It does lock you into animations a lot though if you're trying to start/renew buffs. I also made a poison Insect Glaive but haven't tried it yet so I'll need to do that this weekend, but a friend of mine used one as his main weapon for a while and he was flipping around everywhere constantly and that seems cool.

The gameplay loop has got me thoroughly hooked and every fight feels awesome. Even just exploring a map feels good. The characters are kinda barely characters, but the story is okay and there are some really rad moments in it.

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Dragon Quest Builders came out on Switch recently and I decided to pick it up since I had wanted to play it but didn't want to buy both the PS4 and Vita versions since there was no cross-buy. I really like this game, it has a level of charm you come to expect from the franchise but I've also really liked the building aspects of the game. I've never gotten super deep into Minecraft but this game (which is closer to Actraiser if anything) is super fun to play.

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Finished Wolfenstein 2 and wow, just wow. That is an incredible game and a must play. If there was ever a game worth not spoiling yourself of, it's The New Colossus. Besides a couple bad difficultly spikes, I also really liked the combat too. The shooting is very much like the TNO so ymmv but I think it's intense, satisfying, and very fun.

It's absolutely criminal that this game doesn't have a chapter select. Some moments have to be experienced more than once. I guess I have to playthrough it again...

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Recently I got back into Rainbow Six Siege with a few friends of mine and been having a blast with it. We for the most part try to play somewhat seriously but we don't get super competitive and on the whole have fun regardless of if we win or get dominated. It's also one of those games that can lend itself to some funny moments which is a nice bonus.

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Just finishing Bloodborne. I fell off it last year but I’ve gone back to get through it so I can say I did. It’s obvs a really good game but to be honest I like my Souls games with a shield not a pistol you barely ever get/need to use. It’s not quite for me, but it’s good all the same.

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Going between PUBG on Xbox and Breath of the Wild on Switch. I'm late to the party, but I'm having a blast with both. I'm not sure I'd recommend playing them at the same time necessarily. I don't know how many times I've hit the wrong button instinctively because their control schemes are so different. Normally that's not a huge problem for me so I'm chalking it up to Nintendo's insistence on using A (right face button) for a lot of menu interactions and contextual actions (also fuck the motion controls when playing in handheld mode, for real) and PUBG's somewhat wonky gamepad mapping. Anyway the 2018 hot scoop from me is that despite my control complaints, those games are good and people should play them!

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@ohbabes said:

Just finishing Bloodborne. I fell off it last year but I’ve gone back to get through it so I can say I did. It’s obvs a really good game but to be honest I like my Souls games with a shield not a pistol you barely ever get/need to use. It’s not quite for me, but it’s good all the same.

Yeah, the gun's a little specialist. It's great if you get parry timings down and you can practice from a distance. If you're not one to parry, it's not going to get much use.

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I finally played Yooka-Laylee and overall I had fun with it. There were definitely some moments of frustration but I had fun for the 12 or so hours it took me to finish. It definitely hit all the Banjo-Kazooie notes (pun intended) right down to the menus. It's the game they promised in that respect and the game I wanted.

I also started Cook Serve Delicious 2 and they additions in that game are fantastic. They add new things to monitor but if you know your menu it never gets overwhelming. I loved the original and the sequel has made smart improvements without losing what made the original fun for me.

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About 35 hours in Monster Hunter World and I am loving it. It’s my first Monster Hunter ever, I always get invested in grinding games but feel bad for playing them so mindlessly. MHW feels more thoughtful in its grind, I can work for the stuff I choose to have and it feeds a character building mindset, not just a foward progression like other games. It’s also important that the combat always feel involved and fighting weaker enemies become an opportunity to practice complicated strategies with your weapons.

I finished Florence yesterday and it’s absolutely lovely. It’s a very banal story but it uses simple game mechanics to make its point better than anything else. There’s also something to be said about a story based game that works better as a commuting game than a sit down and play for two hours. It’s probably my favourite thing so far this year.

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Just got a Nintendo Switch, playing Mario Odyssey. It is such a blast, pure fun. Collect all the moons!

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Woohoo, finally got to High Rank in Monster Hunter world after 25 hours. Now the real game opens up! So much stuff unlocked, this game has a ton of stuff, holy crap! Love it! Probably gonna take a little break and continue with my Night in the Woods playthrough. I really like the artstyle in that game and the writing. As someone who is about to finish college and is kinda scared about the future I can relate in a way to Mae.

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I played through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and I'm making my way in Life is Strange: Before the Storm atm. Both games I basically had very little interest in and went in with a pretty dismissive attitude but was/is very pleasantly surprised by. For some reason I just didn't believe the positive stuff the staff was saying about these games but sure enough, I'd recommend both.

You get to play as Chloe in The Lost Legacy with Nadine as your partner, who is a lot more likable this time around. I can't necessarily say you'd like this game if you never liked the Uncharted series but maybe? A big chunk of the game you get to play more at your own pace, which feels more like an adventure than an action movie. Everything great you expect from the series is in tact like the ludicrous production value, nearly unmatched visuals, lovable banter, and wonderfully written, directed, and acted scenes. The condense natural of the game reminded me a lot of the original game, Drake's Fortune, which perhaps wanted to be something like The Lost Legacy. There are other moments that seemed directly inspired by other Naughty Dog titles which is not a bad thing but a reason for me to not rank this above some of the series previous iterations. That said, "Uncharted with 2 ladies instead of that dude" worked for me.

LiS: Before the Storm I've only finished the first episode so I can't speak for the entire season but boy am I bullish on it. Seeing the game through Chloe's eyes (I didn't realize until now I played 2 games back to back with the protagonist named Chloe) and not Max's, it's actually pretty revealing and touching. If LiS Season 1 had some hint of Twin Peaks, Before the Storm has more than a few streaks of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. There is even a freaking band called Firewalk!! I didn't give a crap about knowing who Rachel was but seeing the Laura Palmer parallel makes me really intrigued.

The game is really oddly paced, especially in the lingering establishing shots, which I suspect some ppl might really hate but I'm personally super into them. In terms of cringe, I actually think this season has less but maintains the emotional punch. I was very impressed by the first episode and made me want to say the thing I hate ppl say, "it's (wayyyyyyyyyyy) better than it has any right to be." Episode one ends so great, I've actually been putting off playing episode 2 cause I don't want the series to end.

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Playing Dynasty Warrior 9. It's not quite as terrible as people are saying it is. Which doesn't sound like much of a "positive," but hear me out.

To be clear, this is not a very good game. But when I finally sat down and thought about how I think the mechanics are supposed to work I realized that it's actually kind of a MOBA. It's got (1) a huge roster of "hero" characters that can level up (2) camps that spawn "creep" type NPCs, (3) those creeps travel on pre-determined "lanes" to reach other bases (4) you earn gold by killing named creeps which you can then spend on items and (5) the objective is typically some enemy base you need to destroy to win.

Maybe they didn't intend it, but the genesis of a really good idea is there. How cool would an action combat Ancient China DOTA be? I'd play that game if it were done well. Honestly, they are probably a good 70% of the way there if they'd just commit to the idea. If they moved away from the power-fantasy aspect of it a little bit and made the enemies more aggressive and the player character weaker so that you actually needed your own side's creeps to survive, and toned down the kill count in a match from thousands to maybe a few hundred, I think it could be really, really fun.

They'll never do it, but I kind of wish they would.

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Doki Doki Literature Club was an experience. Played with a friend over Skype on our respective accounts which lead to moments where stuff was happening on my screen that wasn't happening on theirs and vice-versa even though we had made the same choices which added to the experience.

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I don't know about you guys. But I'm having a great time with the new scaling system in WOW. Been leveling a lightforged draenai and having a great time. Taking care to actually read the quests and enjoy the lore is working out for me right now :)

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Finally made it to the silver league in Street Fighter V. Only took two years of doing essentially no practice. I'm resigned to losing it immediately as I try to play Blanka.

I've been playing Abigail casually, but before I knew it he's the one who took me over the hump that R. Mika and Birdie could just not get me past. His reach, power, command throws and armored moves work very well for the kinda fighting I can manage. I'm awful with combos.
I've been playing Abigail casually, but before I knew it he's the one who took me over the hump that R. Mika and Birdie could just not get me past. His reach, power, command throws and armored moves work very well for the kinda fighting I can manage. I'm awful with combos.
I've been playing a lot of Street Fighter V
I've been playing a lot of Street Fighter V

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Finally got my LG C7, so I fired-up some Gears 4, which is SUPER GODDAMN PRETTY.

It’s nice to play the big dumb fun of a Gears campaign while taking a little break from something with totally different sensibilities like Monster Hunter.

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Got back into Gears 4, using it to mess with my TV calibration...that game is alright!

There’s something about the big dumb bombast of a Gears game that just works for me. They’re great popcorn games. Anyhow, super pretty game that if turning the chore of calibrating my TV (LG calibration and modes are really weird compared to my past sets) into a really good time.

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I played Thimbleweed Park Last weekend, and it was great. Good to see the old recipe for adventure games still works. The game had many memorable moments and good voice acting. It felt very nostalgic to experience a game like I did some 25 years ago.

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Finished Night in the Woods, which I absolutely love, it's so visually beautiful, great writing, cast, and scenery. Now I'm playing Neon Struct, an indie stealth game set in a cyberpunkish world. I like the synth soundtrack and stealth although simple is well executed. It has a fun hacking mechanic, it's basically a horizontal pong game and you have to break down the digital barriers with the ball. Overall the game seems fairly simple but it's fun and the story so far is pretty ok. There's nothing revolutionary in the game, it's just a nice stealth game. Oh and it has steam workshop support and a level editor so if you like the core gameplay you can basically play forever with user created stuff!

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I've been pootling around in Hunt: Showdown with a couple of friends of mine. It's a lot of fun and I'm genuinely interested to see how that game is going to progress. I need to put some more time into it to get the higher tiered weaponry but so far it's felt pretty solid (bugs and connection issues aside, Early Access is Early Access).

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Recently got a Switch after the holiday restock. Started with Mario Odyssey and absolutely loved every minute, similar thoughts to Dan's Quick Look. Pure joy, through and through. Especially after the last "3D Open World Mario" game I played was Sunshine and was sorely dissapointed by it. Even 2 player in Odyssey with a friend going through the end game was a blast.

Purchased Zelda BOTW recently and enjoying how it makes me look at a series I've been through since SNES in a whole new way. The emergent gameplay is super engaging. I didn't think I would like what it was at its core, and where the series headed. It made me realize how something along old familiar series tropes would have fallen flat, in a way "Ocarina 2" with Twilight Princess did with me in a lot of ways. Playing through the new game as I usually do with a good friend, it's fun bouncing ideas off of each other and finding ways to solve shrines in unintended ways.

Played a few matches of local co-op on Gang Beasts with a friend and is generally a good chuckle fest for a match or five.

Still fire up Max Payne 3 a few times a month for those liquid smooth shooting mechanics and gunplay (between cutscenes), with a dash of dirty paradise film noir a la the movie Man on Fire. Still the same ol' Max. No matter where or when, everything he touches dies or turns toxic.

DOOM (2016) for the adrenaline rush and DOOM I&II with SmoothDOOM and ketchup for some everlasting pure fun and some much needed perspective on how far we've come, when it seems a lot of the loudest voices out there turn to criticism, skepticism, and sometimes hate for hates sake on games and the media around it. It's just more fun if you let it be fun. They're games, afterall.

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Dying Light, or at least something that I can play while HandBrake rips a Blu-ray for the next four and a half hours.

Y'know, this game doesn't look too bad on the lowest settings. The zambambos still look zambambo-y, and I think the motion blur and chromatic aberration were both giving me a headache anyway.

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I got the two Dead Island games on PC since they were on sale and I don't hate them! They're the epitome of AAA gaming's loss of focus as the tone and design of DI really is a mess. The gameplay is oddly fun tho.

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Playing The Unfinished Swan after having recently played What Remains of Edith Finch. Aside from the obvious aesthetic coolness of the game, I'm really liking that I can sorta see how this game lead to WRoEF. I like mining the ancestry of a development studio (even one as young as Giant Sparrow).

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Finally got a shiny new TV so I can go back to playing on my xbone. Just got Monster Hunter World and the AC Origins season pass so my next month or so is spoken for.

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I just finished Bioshock 2 and enjoyed it, looking forward to Miranda's garden after a break.

In the past 2 days, I have started the Surge, and I am liking it! Much better than the fatal buggy The Fallen, and much better anyways. I'm glad I have at least started it, and whether I finish this game or not, I am having a serious consideration for The Surge 2.