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Been playing Battletech for the last few weeks around 50 hours into it and having so much fun. Today i got the urge to go back and play some God of War 3 so i picked up the Remaster on PS4 since i don't have my PS3 anymore. Started it this afternoon and have clocked around 4 hours so far.

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The Witcher 1. It's fucking great.

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I started Path of Exile last night, it has been a lot of fun. I beat Diablo 3 to death so this is filling that hole nicely. If I had a complaint it would be that it has a final fantasy 10 bullshit passive skill tree, but the overall experience is a good time.

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I am currently 12 hours into Divinity Original Sin 2 and am really enjoying it, I am going to try and finish god of war this week, I have enjoyed it but I am ready to finish it now.

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Decided to give Darksiders 2 a try, have finally finished a hard Plat (Rogue Legacy) so I've been going back to my backlog of things I haven't beat or missed. I finished Titanfall 2 finally last week and that game is stellar. Like maybe best shooter campaign I've played? So damn inventive and creative and interesting.

About an hour into Darksiders 2 and it's okay thus far. Forgot how weird it is to be playing non open world games now that the industry has just shoved them everywhere, that you know you can just run through static pseudou environments. Combat is solid though, way more Dark Souls so far than I thought it would be compared to Darksiders 1.

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Resident Evil 2 is great. The police station has so many little loop-backs and there's no Hunters. Glad I finished this before the remake comes out because that game holds up so damn well.

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I got Ni No Kuni 2 on the deal of the week PSN sale, been meaning to play that since it came out. What a wonderful title. It is so beautiful, so jolly and fun too! Gameplay is great, story is nice, and the kingdom management is cool too! I love RPGs and jRPG, well, long and open world games in general, so it's very much my kinda game. Plus the kingdom building/management is also something I enjoy in games.

I love the feeling of progress, building, expanding, managing stuff. Not only watching the numbers grow but the sense of progress itself and maxing stuff out. That's why I absolutely enjoyed settlements in Fallout 4 or the real estate/club management in Yakuza 0 or castle management in Pillars of Eternity. This is extremely my thing! Anyway, I'm very excited to play more of Ni No Kuni 2, I'm just 15 hours in and it still feels like a beginning of a long and fun journey!

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Slay the Spire was just updated and the Defect character is out of beta. I've tried a few runs with it, and like I quite a lot. A couple of times I managed to get a sweet Powers deck together, but haven't quite worked out in my head how I'm supposed to get a good Orb deck to work. It feels different to the Ironclad and Silent, which is important, but I think the Silent is still my favourite - poison is just so strong.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is totally rad and I've now spent over 100 hours with it and still love it. It's my current GOTY, but mostly because there aren't many other 2018 releases that I've played/liked.

I also just finished Ori and the Blind Forest. I know this is a positive thread, so I won't rant about the stages in that game that I think are needlessly difficult (part of the problem is it's a platformer - I don't like platformers and am bad at them, and it's possible that these two facts are related). I was a bit underwhelmed by the story, although one late reveal did give me the feels. But I don't think I can stress enough how in love I am with the way that game looks and sounds. It's some of the best visual and audio design I've seen in any game, budget indie or AAA hit, in quite some time. And in the moments where the action and the movement work well and you're able to execute, it feels really good. I felt no strong desire to 100% it, and not sure if I'll complete the extra content in the Definitive edition - feel like I'm done with it. But I'm glad I played it.

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Ratchet and Clank (2016) is pretty good! I wish didn't have cutscenes from the movie though. A lot of the times they're oddly edited. But jumping around shooting stuff with silly weapons was funner than I thought it'd be. Never played those PS2 era games like Ratchet or Jak (or Sly), but it was a good time. Might tip my toe in the challenge mode just for the hell of it.

I gave Galak-Z another shot after getting to the mech and not really liking the mech. Took a bit of time to get into the groove of switch to mech for ships and to the ship for mechs, but it feels pretty good! Still gotta get the hang of strafing though. Doesn't work like I'd expect.

Looking forward to playing through XCOM 2 on PS4, as well as giving Trial Fusion a spin.

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I'm on the seventh stage of Bloodstained and I'm loving the shit out of it still. What a labor of love.

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I've been making my way through Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD on the PS4 to gear up for Kingdom Hearts 3. Right now I'm nearing the end of Re:Chain of Memories, and as someone who isn't super into TGC systems the late game has been rough for me. I've pretty much just been spamming sleights and elixirs to get my way through the last few dungeons and fights and it's super draining.

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Back in Destiny 2 after not playing for months, but with a new space wizard and I scraped my best gear to start the game as new as possible without being too crazy (meaning that I kept my shaders, mods, really rare armor pieces, ghosts, sparrows, ships and the miscellaneous exchange items).

Still a fun game for me despite playing mostly solo. No clan or friends for raids. I'm perfectly fine with co-op through strikes and public events.

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I've been playing Contagion lately cause a friend gifted that to me

the game's kinda buggy and crash alot on 64bit windows but I swear it has the biggest most complex maps I've ever seen on source engine games

the game's weapon and ammo are scarce, you die from about 3 hits from the slow zambies and you have to turn over every stones to look for keys to progress
all these harshness makes it feels like some kind of resident evil outbreak remake and I like that.

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Subnautica. This is my GOTY so far.

I got about 10 hours into Survival mode and decided that hunger and thirst add nothing to the game (no fault of Subnautica, I don't like it in any game). I restarted in Freedom mode and I'm completely obsessed. I got up Sunday morning, made my coffee, sat down to play, and the next thing I knew it was 3:30 in the afternoon and my second cup of coffee had gone cold hours ago.

It's beautiful. There's amazing creativity in the alien plants and animals. The way the story, biomes, and resources guide you deeper and deeper is brilliant. All the tools and vehicles are a ton of fun to use.

It's just a flat-out great game. Highly recommended!

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Still axing my way through God of War, it’s a real treat. I think I have actually only finished the first GoW. Just wish i had more time for it, I kind of want to get it finished so I can dive back into Kingdome Come and axe some people there as well. But every time I play it I get a few inches in the story and fnd myself distracted by the optional side stuff to do which are just as fun. Even finding myself still learning new ways to make the combat flow all these hours into the game, which keeps injecting new life into my urge to prolong the road to the end.

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Been playing the Rocksteady Batman games. Finished Arkham Asylum and it is still so good. The world that Rocksteady created is basically an extension of the animated series and it is better because of it. Arkham Asylum is so well realized that I put it up there with Rapture in terms of game worlds. There are so many little details to the environment. It is amazing.

I am now playing through Arkham City. This game is amazing still. Rocksteady was able to polish up the game to near perfection. The combat is at its peak, the menus are better, the new gadgets are great. Everything from the first game is expanded upon in really smart ways and it just makes for a mostly better game experience.

What makes these games special is that you can tell the developers are fans of the source material. They go all in with the Batman mythos and it allows them to create some amazing sequences. The weird side of the DC universe is in full force in these games and they are better for it.

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Mad Max.

I love it to death. It has it's flaws but the ideas and general gameplay way overshadow them. The world is perfect - in this day and age where every sandbox has to be about verticality MM goes the other way and celebrates the horisontal sandbox. Instead of throwing vehicles at you you are tied to Chumbucket's customizable Magnum Opus, a car you are dependent on. It also works because it plays into the world of Mad Max where engines are gods and garages are churches. I love the world of Mad Max and this game fits perfectly in that mold. I can't really quit it.

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I went from not understanding or liking The Binding of Isaac to now having almost 200 hours on the switch version.

I don't understand how I can keep replaying and not getting bored, it's such a simple formula (not to downplay the very smart design behind the scenes). I'm not good enough to do the really hard stuff, but I'm good enough to make most runs work and I can't stop playing.

I also played through The Fall last week, quite a fun little distraction.

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Still doing the Destiny 2 thing, but I'm pretty interested in giving BioShock another chance since the collection is $15 on Humble at the moment, and hopefully the $90 I spent on 8GBs of RAM so I can finally have 16 GBs will actually make a difference in Just Cause 3.

Edit 6/15/18: Okay internet. You win. Having extra RAM is totally worth it.

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@facelessvixen said:

I'm pretty interested in giving BioShock another chance since the collection is $15 on Humble at the moment

The remasters are still a buggy mess from memory so be careful!

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@hivetyrant: I was gonna start with the OG versions, because they downloaded first.

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Been playing State of Decay 2 recently. It is really up my alley in a kind of unexpected way. I tried the first one via Game Pass and I feel like I didn't really get it. This second one though has effectively replaced my want or need to watch The Walking Dead. I love the cannon and personality of all the different characters that's semi in my head and semi in the actual game through VO and text and goals. I'm really digging this thing, and love the anxiety that nothing is ever going right in my community.

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I am really enjoying Shadowrun Dragonfall. Shadowrun Returns seems it was sort of them testing the water but made most character builds pointless. Dragonfall actually has waaaaaay more tactical options and (drum roll) actual roleplaying stuff that makes the game far closer to the first Fallout games than you would expect.

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@dudeglove: I literally just installed Shadowrun Returns. Should I skip it? I have Dragonfall: Director's Cut as well, but wanted to play the games in order.

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@dudeglove: I literally just installed Shadowrun Returns. Should I skip it? I have Dragonfall: Director's Cut as well, but wanted to play the games in order.

I think Dragonfall starts a little difficult if you're not used to the game's combat. Dragonfall seems way more what they were going for but the difficulty seems to start where Returns left off, as Dragonfall also brings in extra things like flanking bonuses/penalties a la XCOM 2 which are not in Returns. It might be worth playing through a bit of Returns to get used to it, then just transition over to Dragonfall (there's no continuity in plot - Returns is set in Seattle, Dragonfall in Berlin - and what plot there is in Returns is kinda lame whereas Dragonfall is ACTUALLY what I wanted Returns to be).

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Jumping on this thread (first forum post too actually). After an early E3 stream session at a friends house on Tuesday I decided to borrow my first ever Yakuza game from him. Went home, loaded it up and had an experience with Yakuza 0.

I have heard so much about these games and did not realise I was missing out. I love the characters, the 1980s Japan, the activities and the dialogue. I did not realise I would enjoy a game like this. Only a couple of hours in but I am enjoying it immensely!

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Started playing God of War(2018) recently. Really loving what I've played so far despite the game kicking my ass on Hard. It's not without a few rough edges in the combat or the puzzle design but the character interaction and the heavy metal approach to mythology that this series is known for has made it absolutely worth playing.

Replayed through Resident Evil 4 again cuz it's not like I haven't beaten this game like 27 times. It was my first time playing a 60fps version of it so there's that. After that went ahead and got 5 stars on all the Mercenaries stages with everyone but Leon. Game holds up yo.

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Playing God of War currently - have just started it. Really enjoying it so far. My best barometer for games is that, in more recent years, I've struggled to play games for longer stints. Usually between 30mins - 1hour is all I can manage now before I get bored/tired/mentally drained whatever (unlike when I was younger and could play for whole day stints). That being said, some games have the ability to have me play for a couple of hours straight and not really notice, God of War has scratched that itch.

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Some streamers I watch started playing Stardew Valley because of the multiplayer beta, so I said to myself "You know, I haven't played Stardew in like a year. I should dust it off and see if I still like it," and now I'm hooked on Stardew Valley again. Send help. Or seeds. Probably seeds.

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Some streamers I watch started playing Stardew Valley because of the multiplayer beta, so I said to myself "You know, I haven't played Stardew in like a year. I should dust it off and see if I still like it," and now I'm hooked on Stardew Valley again. Send help. Or seeds. Probably seeds.

Here's a cave carrot

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Committing to finally finishing Red Dead Redemption. I know the sequel isn't directly related, but I'd like to be familiar with the first game anyway.

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Playing a whole bunch at the moment: Hollow Knight, Destiny 2's dlc, SF Anniversary Collection, Vampyr, AC Rogue, and then my usual stand bys of Overwatch, SFV, and Rocksmith. Rocksmith is the one I am loving the most. I got it as someone who had never played guitar and wanted to use it as a tool to help me learn. I am far from good and I don't think it always breeds good habits but it has made the learning process quite fun and rewarding. Having an easy way to practice songs, with feedback on how I am doing, and difficulty ramp ups to help build up more difficult songs is awesome.

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@zella: Some think guitar is dead, but it's always great to hear people taking it up in any capacity. I think games like Rocksmith help ensure instruments won't fade in the future. What's your favourite song to play?


I'm enjoying God of War myself at the moment, overall. Some of the bosses have been extremely entertaining so far, and it looks phenomenal, of course. The music has grown on me, and the gameplay is less dull now I've unlocked some deeper moves. Being able to control Atreus' bow attacks and combine that with the standard melee fare really saved this game from being a boring dud, I think. It's like having the bow from GoW2 constantly as a second main weapon. It feels great, and he even has his own special attacks on top of that to spice things up even more. Lots of wise decisions were made to make up for the lack of chaos blades which had dozens of different moves from the past games.

The writing and story is actually pretty decent, though I miss some of that OTT, Clash of the Titans greatness from the first two games (didn't like 3 much at all). Still, the characters and general plot makes up for that, and there is still some of that Conan-ass cool stuff to keep me happy. I begrudge The Last of Us for how it's inspiring some series to be just as utterly depressing, generic, and fun-free as it was, but the God of War guys have managed, somehow, to make it both fun, sombre, and original at once. This is how it's done, and it plays great on top of that (these are meant to be games as well, Naughty Dog).

Three niggles:

  1. Atreus is really starting to bug me ("Why are we still here?" - I'M EXPLORING, BOY).
  2. I'm on the hardest difficulty, and the enemies put up a great fight, but they're so aggressive that you have very few windows to attack, and when you do, they recover so quickly it's almost completely unstable. I'm managing, it's fine, but it isn't balanced.
  3. I like the characters a lot, but the 2018 accents of some characters have been a big thing for me to overcome, mentally. I'm so used to thespian-esque delivery when it comes to this series and others similar. To hear Sindri, a real character from Norse mythology, speak in a fairly normal Canadian accent is never not weird to me considering he's a dwarven blacksmith in a land of giants, but no matter.

Yeah, it's a really good game, turns out. I was ready for it to be the dull, depressing, serious, up-its-own-ass game it seemed to be, but it just isn't that, thank Odin. Easily a 9/10, or close to it.

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Sea of Thieves: It’s the anti-Destiny

State of Decay 2: It’s a game that I love playing and dread playing, all at once. Easy to get invested in, hard to put down.

Tekken 7: I just messed with it a bit, but it seems friendly and pretty so far.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition: I got a Hori Fight Commander...it makes fighting games WAY more appealing than a dual shock or XB1 controller. Anyhow, Street Fighter is Street Fighter, which is cool...makes me want to check back in on SFV...

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Before E3 kicked off, out of pure coincidence I started playing DmC again on PC (I had beaten it on several difficulty settings on 360 before that).

That game is still really great, and in some ways the best in the series. Curious how the new DMC5 by the old team is going to play like. All I know is that everything looks great except for the faces and the female sidekick that seems embarrassing and grating all at once.

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@brunothethird: Been enjoying playing some funk songs, Earth Wind and Fire mostly, but my favourite so far is Wires by Red Fang. Was already a big fan of the band before so it is a song I know well and is fairly easy to play along too until the end.

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Boy, the campaign in Black Ops 3 is pretttttty bad. Thought I could make it through but got to a point where I just couldn't waste my time anymore and nonchalantly backed out to the system menu during a firefight and immediately uninstalled.

Having a much better time now!

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Just Cause 3. Upgrading to 16GBs of RAM stopped the stuttering I was having with only 8GBs. Yaaaaaaaaay!

The tornado is getting me a little psyched for the next game.

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I stopped halfway through Rise of the Tomb Raider 2 years ago after becoming bored, but just started it up again on a whim after seeing gameplay for the new game and I'm having a great time. I started from the same point I had stopped thanks to cloud saves, but now I have no idea what's happening in the story, although it seems not great anyway from what I have seen. Collecting stuff is fun though and the game looks really good.

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It's awesome Activision hooked us up with Blops III on PSN but I'm positive I suck at this game after trying it out. I haven't played COD since MW3, I'm not used to all these people jumping and wall running and sliding all around.

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Still playing through Ni No Kuni 2 on PS4, the kingdom management is awesome, I love doing the sidequests and recruiting new citizens, upgrading my buildings, i'm so into stuff like that. 50 hours in, probably around 60-70% through the game, focusing mostly on exploration and doing side stuff right now. Story's been pretty good so far, very positive, whimsical, with a nice cast of characters and interesting and fun to explore locations. The soundtrack's really great too. I'm definitely going for 100% and the platinum trophy, I'm loving my time with this game. It's absolutely stunning.

I also bought Fallout 4 GOTY on PS4 despite being an owner of the GOTY PC version and putting 500 hours into it. It gets really hot in the summer and my pc is old and I can only play on very low, so for fear of it overheating, I got the PS4 version on the PSN sale for 25 EUR. I just have an itch to play Fallout 4 again, I love bethesda games and probably every summer return or play one of their games, a TES or a Fallout. The worldbuilding, exploration, roleplaying, and a lot of other factors is why I love BGS games. I'm probably gonna put another 200 hours into F4 on PS4. Don't really plan on buying anything else, so this summer is going to be the summer of Ni No Kuni 2 and Fallout 4 (plus Elder Scrolls Online on PC from time to time.)

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Destiny 2 and Fifa 18. Right now only two.

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@saffgrenade: I'm really enjoying it. I'm pretty close to wrapping it up.

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Got around to playing through Cuphead; just beat it earlier tonight. Managed to get at least an A- on everything on Normal mode, too! Felt pretty good about that.

Great game; always a little worried when people begin to heap praise on a thing, as it so often turns out to be hyperbole. Not in this case, though. Cuphead is fantastic.

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Been watching my husband play The Evil Within 2 this weekend. That game's a trip, but I do enjoy that progression system and how rewarding it is to get to the point where you feel "safer" and can actually aim properly. I quoted safer because the game will always throw something at you that you're not prepared for (or want to be prepared for), regardless of how much you've set up.

I've been trying to get through Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Man that is an anime-ass game if I've ever played one, and I love me a good anime. The story is intriguing, but the localization of the writing has been... dodgy at best. Keep thinking of switching between the languages, but I can't help but find the English voice acting endearing.