A positive thread about what you're currently playing

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Picked up the season pass for Rise of the Tomb Raider on the recent xbox sale. Hadn't booted it up since I got the One X, boy is that a pretty game! Haven't jumped into the DLC yet, just been exploring around the maps to find all the collectibles I missed.

Also jumped back into Diablo 3 for the first time in a while what with season 14 just starting. Casually leveling a hardcore barb and having a good time with it.

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I bought the Devil May Cry HD collection on Steam and I finally figured out the answer to a question that has been nagging me for the past week or so:

Devil May Cry 2 is a B-game.

Let's just think about it for a sec: The sixth generation was still a growing stage for polygonal graphics and what that era of engines and consoles could do. The series was only a game old at that point. I mean, sure, they could have just did the first game again, but I'm pretty sure that the team wanted to get further away from Resident Evil so that Devil May Cry could really be its own thing. And I feel as though the flaws of Devil May Cry 2 had to be made so that Devil May Cry 3 could benefit from what the team learned, and 3 is a great game with 4 (and DmC for that matter) being pretty good. So I will always have empathy of Devil May Cry 2 despite how much shit it gets for being lackluster.

...Oh. Yeah. And I bought Final Fantasy XV a few gays ago. Kinda salty that I got it for $40 on Green Man when I could have waited for $25 on Steam and that I can't lock down 60 frames on my 1060 , but I'm finally playing a game I've been wanting since 2006 on a platform I never expected it to be on (PC) and with a feature set of which I never could have imagined (mods). So me playing Final Fantasy XV is surreal on at least three levels, and it was well worth the wait since this is probably my favorite FF next to Dissidia 1.

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I started replaying Persona 5 after picking it up in a recent sale, am in the lead-up to the second Palace. After seeing all the Confidants in my New Game Plus run I'm treating this much more casually and only seriously pursuing a few links, either out of interest or their benefits. Even where the dialogue is spotty (at this point mainly the "snap-backs" to the interrogation room when a confidant is formed, which leads to a remark from me along the lines of Sae accusing the cashier of Big Bang Burger being an accomplice) the game is still great and introducing things at a steady pace. I'd forgot how casually the Madarame arc starts and how Yusuke's character interacts with it, and like the set-up compared to the more isolated palaces.

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Currently playing Homefront The Revolution.

Not sure why this game got slammed so hard, it's basically just an urban Far Cry game.

The graphics are amazing on Xbox One X (it's enhanced) and the gameplay is fine.

It's not an amazing game or anything but it's definitely not the s**tstorm it was made out to be.

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What if i tell ya there's a mount and blade with guns and fake Russia setting. Enter Freeman guiriala Warfare.

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Vacationing at the lake cabin with only my phone and 2011 Thinkpad. Between fishing and grilling I'm playing Gardenscapes, a match 3 garden builder. I prefer the gameplay to Candy Crush and rebuilding a run-down garden is an added level of satisfaction. I love games that let you restore corrupted or ruined areas to their former glory, like the shops in Assassin's Creed 2 (edit: nay Brotherhood) or the entirety of the 2008 Prince of Persia.

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire; having a fantastic time despite not being especially smitten by the first game. As much as it ought not to be an issue I like that this time there's less text to read and pretty much every interaction has spoken dialogue. It's been a while since I played the first game so I could not say for sure which changes have made the difference but so far it's one of my favourite games of the year.

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I like the concept of Looney Toons World of Mayhem. Too many bugs and issues exist as this time to truly enjoy it. My 3rd random reply, Hopefully I can now create a topic to discuss those issues.

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Been playing some Fallout 4. Only got through the opening couple hours back when I picked it up, and all of the not great word of mouth hasn't help me getting back to it, but right now I'm enjoying it. Might be in the mood for exploring a Bethesda-style world at the moment.

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Holy shit Prey is awesome. Mooncrasher is actually really good too

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After messing around with a few steam sale games, I eventually got bored and ended up re-installing Elder Scrolls Online. I only have the Morrowind expansion, and am now eyeing up Sommerset which looks pretty fun. Game still looks and runs great, plus it's very controller friendly.

Without a monthly subscription it's great to be able to go back to it from time to time and play solo with a new class I haven't tried before. ESO is great for when you want to play Skyrim, but really don't want to play Skyrim.

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I just played some Tony Hawk's Underground today (THUG1)

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I've been very slowly making my way through Pillars of Eternity II The Deadfire Archipelago. The first game I liked despite it's flaws. It was the first RPG in the old KOTOR or infinity engine vain that I had played in a very long time. I did have some pretty serious problems with it though. The environments all felt very similar, and while the writing was good, it wasn't perfect. Most of the side-quests felt sort of unimportant, irrelevant even, to the world as a whole. I especially had a problem with the companions who had phenomenal voice actors, and had super cool back stories. I especially loved Durance, and Eder's voices. Problem was, not all of their lines were fully voiced, and they just didn't feel completely integrated into the games story, despite how cool their individual stories were. I remember in KOTOR when I was a kid I liked how companion characters would speak up and call me out on my poop. Really interject in what was going on; demand answers. I remember one scene when Carth Onasi really early on had a hissy fit over having been "kept out of the loop". That type of thing never really felt like it happened in the first Pillars game, and when it did it felt minimal. Rather than having to have a whole conversation with them about it you might just get one offhanded comment from them.

Now, this all sounds very negative; the opposite of the point of this thread. I promise though, it's all secretly very positive. This is because, so far in Pillars II virtually all the negatives from the first game I've already mentioned have been removed, and replaced with positives. For example I already had to deal with a companion speaking up and getting mad at me for being too "traditional", I have another companion basically going insane as a result of the enemy I'm chasing down, and I've even had some of the crew for my ship speak up and force me to give a speech to help with moral. All of the characters mesh together so well now and I've had such a resplendent joy watching how they react to my character, and even interact with one another. Plus they're all fully voiced now (as far as I can tell), and not only that, I actually think they took the really solid voice acting from the first game and made it even better! All the Islands I've visited feel very different from one another too. some have been deserts, other's jungles, some have cities on them. Everything just meshes together so much better and feels so much better integrated and I have just been loving it so much. Also The music is some of the best music I have heard in video games in some time. Apart from the tavern music they play that's the same music in every tavern, I haven't had a single tune played that I didn't absolutely love. Sorry the post started out negative, but the reason my POE II experience has been so positive so far has been because of how far it feels the series has come since the negatives of the first game.

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I am playing VA-11 Hall-A again for the other endings. First time I played it it was always at night before bed after super stressful days. It always gave me the peace of mind to get some rest that night. Playing through again gives me great memories, not abut the stressful days, but about the immersion and enjoyment I had while playing it. I know it's not for everyone, but it just hits all of my dopamine receptors in just the right ways.

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Been playing DMC4SE this week. The trailer for 5 really got me in the mood to revisit it and while I have gotten rusty as hell it's slowing coming back to me and been having a great time getting back into it.

Even though the game does reuse a lot of levels the extra characters do give a lot of value as they all play so different from each other.

Remembering how much fun this game is makes me really excited for 5. I'm eager to see how they expand on Nero and if they will make any drastic changes to Dante.

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Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer’s Call.

Currently grinding my Dis so she’ll evolve while trying to dodge my stalker, White Rider. Jerk.

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Just finished up the 4th island of Jurassic World: Evolution. The more focused structure has kept me engaged in a way that Planet Coaster didn't. Plenty of inconveniences that could be addressed, but it feels like I'm making poper Jurassic Parks, and that's doing it for me.

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DUSK is super creepy, exhilarating, and its retro visual options are great despite being the Quake version of fake scanlines.

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The Surge.

I picked up the base game and the DLC for like $20 (?) when it was on sale with Games with Gold. That's a hell of a deal for a well designed Souls-like that'll take me probably 40 hours to finish.

The level design, combat, and character progression are all really well done. If you like the Souls game this is an easy recommendation.

Hit up the spoiler if you want to read some more in-depth thoughts (there are no plot spoilers).

The levels have branching paths and shortcuts you can unlock for faster access to Ops (the equivalent to the Dark Souls bonfire). It's been really fun to explore each area, fighting enemies and collecting their Tech Scrap (souls) along the way. Once you build up a nice collection of scrap on your person you start to get that antsy feeling of wanting to find your way back to Ops before you get yourself killed and have to make the corpse run to get your scrap back. Do you go back the way you came, or push on and try to find the next shortcut?

The combat is great too. There's a whole lot of different weapon types, implants, and gear for any kind of playstyle. Being able to focus your strikes on a particular body part so you can collect that specific part for your own crafting needs is a pretty awesome way of both giving the player some agency when farming for materials and linking the combat to character progression.

Character progression is tied to the amount of tech scrap and body parts you collect. There's a balance you (sort of) have to reach between building new gear, upgrading your current gear, and increasing your exosuit's power level. I say sort of because the enemies can be farmed indefinitely as far as I know. The enemies are balanced to be a consistent threat from start to finish (which is good) so it can be difficult to tell how much stronger you're getting unless you decide to backtrack to previous areas. Those first enemies that gave you a hard time at the beginning can be just decimated with higher level gear. They give you reasons to backtrack and it's actually a nice change of pace to go back and demolish dudes for a while.

This is a positive thread, but just so you know there are a few things I wish they had done differently.

One: the crafting parts are tiered. Let's say an upgrade to Mk. 1 requires 10 Mk. 1 parts. You can't use five Mk. 4 parts instead. More often than not that meant I didn't use this cool looking new weapon I just found because I didn't have the parts required to upgrade it to the same level as my current weapon unless I wanted to backtrack to where I could farm the correct tier of parts.

Two: there are no trash mobs. Every enemy is dangerous, and some can one-shot you. This isn't a big deal unless you're just trying to get somewhere in a hurry. Corpse runs (which are timed!) and backtracking can be a real pain if you just want to run passed everything. If you get hit and stunned while trying to run by it's very easy for just a couple of enemies to gang up and demolish your ass, sending you back to Ops to try again.

Three: the final area has a crazy difficulty spike in my opinion. I find myself trying to explore this area at a dead sprint most of the time, avoiding combat and minimizing damage from environmental hazards (which are way overboard compared to the rest of the areas). I think they kind of dropped the ball in level and encounter design in this final area which is a real shame because the rest of the game is so well done.

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Assassin's Creed Origins - I absolutely love it! The only AC game I tried was 3, and I absolutely hated it. I've stayed away from the series since then. However, I took a gamble on it based on the reviews and sale. It's been a blast! Love the setting and characters.

Dark Souls 3 - I've been a huge fan of the series, but had never gotten around to playing 3. It's been a bit of an adjustment to get back into the series, but I'm enjoying it. Last year I dove into Nioh and fell off after about 15 hours. I'm hoping that doesn't happen with this one.

Call of Duty: WW2- The last COD I enjoyed this much was the original Black Ops. I love the setting and actually really enjoyed the campaign. The multiplayer seems pretty fair, at least to me. I've been playing quite a bit!

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Replaying the Witcher 3 but this time on ps4. Gonna get through the 2nd expansion for the first time as well. It’s the perfect game to get through these drought months until the flood starts in August

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Bought Hollow Knight. I was lukewarm at first, as it seemed like there was a lot of emphasis on grinding for money. Now that I've played for a couple hours and unlocked a decent number of areas I am definitely starting to get into it. I love the art style and the tactile feel of the combat. I have this feeling I will be playing this one for quite a while.

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I've got a two-parter this time!

First off, just beat Metroid: Zero Mission. As a guy who's only beaten the first Prime game, this game is awesome! It boils Metroid down to its simplest ingredients and I love it. It's fast-paced, has plenty of secrets and powers to find, has a great sense of flow to its gameplay, is gorgeous even today and has super memorable world design and boss battles. And it even has an easy sleep mode and saves aren't too far apart so it's perfect for portable play. This is the best way to play through the original Metroid (and you can even unlock the original after beating it) and a fantastic introduction to 2D Metroid. Highly recommended.

And because I'm such a Metroid addict and Zero Mission is kinda short, I immediately jumped into Samus Returns on 3DS, which is basically Zero Mission's sequel, what with it being a remake of Metroid 2. I'm really liking it so far. It's basically a mix of Zero Mission and Prime. It's got the slower, more methodical combat and pacing of Prime combined with the heavily item-based exploration of Zero Mission. It's also harder as I've actually died to bosses and stage hazards. But despite the slower pace, I'm still having a great time exploring this new world and seeing the new enemies and surprises. Considering I never pick up the next game in a series right after playing one, it must be doing something right!

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I've been digging into Obduction, and I think this might be the first of Cyan's games that I actually beat without help. Currently working my way through the second dome, and just having a blast.

Also started playing Ori and the Blind Forest; I'm all into that. Just as good as I've been led to believe, that's for sure.

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Until Dawn. How have I kept this in the backlog for so long? Oh it's so good! so dumb!! but so good!!

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Currently replaying Picross 3D: Round 2, very interesting

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Doing my long overdue diligence with the Souls series by re-playing Demon's Souls after bailing on it out of frustration years ago with losing thousands upon thousands of souls and making crappy level up choices. But nowadays, I've since gotten gud at Dark Souls, and I finally got my long awaited vengeance against the tutorial Vanguard demon WITHOUT TAKING A SINGLE HIT.

...I mean, yeah. No servers anymore, so getting a zone pure white world tendency seems pretty much impossible since being online helped with that significantly, and in turn doing a completionist run is practically out of the question. But as for beating every boss like I did in Dark 1, that's totally feasible for me these days.

Also, shout out to farming Death in 4-2 and racking up about 6K souls a minute (assuming I don't get too overconfident and take hits 60K that I was good at avoiding at 20K).

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I finished Life is Strange: Before the Storm a few days ago, what a fantastic game, absolute loved it. Now i'm currently a few hours into Evil Within 2, its fun so far i'm enjoying the open worldliness and the combat has gotten much better after a few gun upgrades, but it is making me want to play RE4 again. I'm gonna pick up Mario Tennis Aces at the weekend, I am looking forward to playing it with my girlfriend.

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Yoku's Island Express has whimsy to spare.

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God of War does most things really well. It looks great, the music builds when it needs to, the dialogue is strong and I'm enjoying the Kratos and Atreus interactions. I'm liking the story so far, it doesn't give too much away but a lot of it links into the existing mythology really well. I like the combat as is it tough but manageable, my only gripe with that is the ability to see multiple enemies, but the system mostly works. I think the puzzles and collectibles are well done too.

Really enjoying it, it has exceeded my expectations.

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I just want to add some general positivity for the Switch in general. The GB crew have all been kind of lamenting the lack of stuff coming to the Switch but to me it seems there’s a plethora of great things to play. I’ve been playing my Switch a ton lately and have been extremely pleased with it. Not all of it is exclusive but the fact that I can take those games portable is huge to me. I’ve been hopping back and forth between a bunch of stuff: Lumines Remastered, Octopath Traveler (exclusive to Switch and coming soon), Battle Chef Brigade, Mario Tennis Aces, South Park: The Fractured But Whole (perfect for Switch), Sush Striker: The Way of Sushido, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Hollow Knight, Banner Saga 2, Yokus Island Express, Stardew Valley, New Splatoon 2 Content. It’s really pretty crazy how much I’m loving this system.

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I'm playing Warframe now and wow this game has changed a LOT. I recommend anyone who has never played Warframe or who hasn't played Warframe for years, to play some Warframe.

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I also should add The Division. I heard a lot of negativity pointed toward that game but I decided to try it on Xbox Game Pass and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I really loved the Rainbow Six Vegas games and this to me is basically Rainbow Six Vegas: The MMO. I can’t really speak to the problems people have with the end game but I doubt I’ll ever get that far. But for now, for what I’m getting out of it, I think it’s a fantastic game and if you have game pass you should be checking it out for sure.

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I also should add The Division. I heard a lot of negativity pointed toward that game but I decided to try it on Xbox Game Pass and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I really loved the Rainbow Six Vegas games and this to me is basically Rainbow Six Vegas: The MMO. I can’t really speak to the problems people have with the end game but I doubt I’ll ever get that far. But for now, for what I’m getting out of it, I think it’s a fantastic game and if you have game pass you should be checking it out for sure.

That is great to hear. I have always been on the fence about that game. Maybe I will actually play The Division 2.

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Really enjoying Lumines (never played it before). The rules are simple, but the size of the grid means you have to be super efficient to get anywhere. I've found if I lock into that sub-conscious zone, my combos are bigger and more consistent. You sort of have to take in the peripheral information of the grid whilst eyeballing your next piece, or it gets congested before you know it. It's intense as hell, I'll be honest, but I am improving each run, being more confident when slamming my pieces down without having to assess my moves as carefully.

I've only reached level 14, but the music in the basic mode -- in those 14 levels, anyway -- is astoundingly awful, IMO. That's my only complaint. I expect there'll be some better tracks later on, so I'll only judge the chunk I've heard, but wow, it's like the worst late '90s dance music ever.

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@brunothethird: I could never get into Lumines the first time around, maybe because I was playing on 360 instead of PSP. Now that I have it on switch I’m loving it. Although at level 15 when you get the flashy purple/gray level I do terrible because everything is too distracting to match properly.

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@haneybd87: I forgot about the 360 one; I have played it before, then, but I think the 360 controller felt wrong for the precision needed and I gave up.

For me it's specifically the music that makes it hard during level 14-15 (whichever the purple/silver one is), because the beat is so loud, repetitive and jarring; it feels intentionally off-putting. I'm thinking of making a spotify playlist for it with much better music. I can switch tracks with a single keystroke, so that wouldn't be a problem. I'd much rather be dropping pieces to Aphex Twin and RJD2, to be honest.

Fantastic game, though. I'll be playing this all year!

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Been playing some Mario Tennis Aces matches online and this is honestly where the game shines best. Sure some of the limitations are weird based on what you can select for certain match types, but just being able to play against different plays and try to out think them is tons of fun. Whether it be playing Free Play online or tournament play, I've found my time with the online play on this game to be a blast! Admittedly there has been some lag that has slowed matches down, but none of them have ended matches outright.

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I finished The Surge last night. If you like Souls-like games it's well worth your time. I'm looking forward to the sequel!