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I just picked up Dead Cells for $9 on GMG and hoooly crap this is a good game. The idea of rogue likes never appealed to me but the fact that stuff can carry over between your runs combined with Metroidvania makes for one hell of a cool game. Great art style too.

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i jumped into the Disgaea 5 hole after seeing the speedrun on SGDQ. Didn't have mutch time yet to play it but what i played of it i enjoyed, and the silly anime story is a extra.

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I've been playing some The Crew 2 on PS4. I disliked the handling in TC1 (I only played a trial) and it's way better in the sequel. So after playing the open beta, I've decided to get it. The map is enormous, there's a decent amount of events and vehicles and it's just fun to even roam around. Seamlessly switching from a car to a boat or a plane is such a novel feature. Whole map of the USA is very cool, and I'm glad this game has a photomode, one of my favorite thing in modern games. I've just been pretty much driving around and taking pics left and right. I really like the "google earth" style map, too.

The Crew 2 might not be as good as Forza Horizon but it's pretty fun so far. Ubisoft has been good with supporting their games through free and paid updates so I'm sure this game will get fleshed out even more with time. Shame there's so few alternatives to Forza Horizon series or other arcadey, open world racers on PS4, but so far I've been loving my time with The Crew 2.

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I've been playing an absurd amount of Into the Breach recently. Obviously the game was getting a lot of praise earlier in the year and I've seen a few minutes of gameplay before hand. However it's not until I put a good amount of time into it myself before I realized just how much this game is my jam. I appreciate the rogue-esque-ish-lite-like elements of this almost puzzle game disguised as a cool mecha v kaijuu tactics sim. I only have two more teams of mechs to unlock and so far I'm digging the interplay of class abilities in the teams I have tried. Something tells me I'll be playing an unhealthy amount of this in the foreseeable future.

On a whim me and a buddy booted up Left 4 Dead to play a random campaign online and had a blast playing through Death Toll with a random group of nimrods. There were some nutso mods that cranked up the spawning rate of special infected to insane levels and we were laughing our asses off while reminiscing the days of playing this game obsessively. This game is without a doubt an all time fave of mine when it comes to multiplayer shooters.

Finished the main story of God of War (2018) and really enjoyed my time with it. It's by no means a flawless narrative but it's easily a favorite of mine from stuff released this year. I honestly didn't have huge expectations for this game, so that it far exceeded them is worthy of praise.

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Picked up Killer Instinct (the modern one), since it's only 10 bucks right now. REALLY good deal for the price, it turns out. I'm the kind of fighting game fan who doesn't actually like playing against other people (the anxiety of it all is too much for me), so I gravitate toward games with robust SP content. I hadn't been keeping up with KI news or anything, so I was pleasantly surprised to see an insane amount of SP content and progression in this.

I love how different it feels, too. Even moreso than the classic KI games, it's all about combos above anything else, and as someone who... is not good, it does an amazing job of making you feel like a pro without taking things easy on you. Still gorgeous as well. Just an awesome game all around, and very unlike most other fighting games.


Also playing Puyo Puyo Tetris, which... dude, come on, we all know it's fantastic, especially if you love both games. Wonder if we'll ever get a 2yo 2yo 2tris. Or Puyo Puyo Wetrix. Or Baku Baku Tetris.

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age of empires.

This game is 20 years old, but there are online platforms where you can play it in multiplayer. At any given moment, there are still around 1500 - 2000 players online to choose from.

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Just finished God of War 2. Did something a little different this time for the difficulty. I started out on Hard Mode because I thought I was good enough at the first God of War, but turns out this game fires on all cylinders from the get-go and it's been a while since I played the first. Between increased damage taken and boss mechanics I couldn't possibly anticipate (instant kill QTEs), I got destroyed. But when I reset and knocked it down to Normal after getting wrecked a few times, I found that Normal had now become too easy, to the point where i could just sleepwalk through it.

So I thought "Why not both?"

So I went thorough this game doing two concurrent playthroughs. I'd go through the section with Normal first to understand boss patterns, QTEs and generally what the game was going to throw at me. Then I'd go through on Hard to really challenge myself and play the game that way I wanted to, now prepared for anything coming out of left field. I played through the whole game this way, switching difficulties whenever I hit a save point.

Despite some cheap nonsense (instant kill QTE's, Medusas getting an upgrade halfway through to freeze you instantly), I'd say the game as a whole was a big upgrade over the first. Just about everything is better! Level design is better and looks gorgeous, upgrades and experience chests are better hidden, puzzles require more thought as does combat, and the scale is dramatically increased. The whole game just feels better made and more epic.

Also, I love a game that demands that I get better as a player on higher difficulties, rather than just taking away all my resources and placing the enemy at an unfair advantage.

Overall, had a blast playing through it and can't wait to get to 3!

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X-com 2. Only a few hours in, but I loved the ability to just add up the character pool (and pick what classes they could turn out to be) in advance. Otherwise I'm really digging it thus far. Load times aren't great on PS4, but that is really only fault I can find. Seems like a pretty well executed on sequel.

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Yep, it's BioShock in space! I'm about 2/3rds of the way through I'm guessing and having a blast. It's a lot harder than I was expecting, though.

First, the combat is tough. You can't really go toe-to-toe against the Typhon unless you've got the supplies to brute force your way to victory. If you don't have a stockpile of medkits and ammo you're going to have to be smart with your abilities and the environment.

Second, I've been forgoing the Typhon abilities because injecting alien knowledge into your brain seems like a bad idea. Designing the game so that the player even considers not using the best abilities adds an interesting level of meta-difficulty I wasn't expecting. It'll be interesting to see if that decision makes a difference in how the story plays out. I hope it does, otherwise I've hamstrung myself for no reason.

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Wreckfest. It's been a while since I had "damn, hit restart" kind of game in my life. In a good way.

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I used to really like MMOs, I had mainly been playing FFXIV for the last few years, but over the last year I have found it difficult to care about the loot treadmill, couple that with working full time and working on my masters part time and it was difficult to even log in. On a whim I ended up playing Guild Wars 2 again 3 weeks ago. I had been trying to get into it since its release with little luck usually stoping in a days or even hours, I have no idea why but it has finally clicked for me. I am loving every second of it and it is really refreshing to have an MMO that I can play for hours on end or a few minutes and still feel like I have accomplished something and had fun. I haven't gotten to endgame yet or anything. The game is also freaking beautiful and runs great at 4k on my 295x2.

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Oxenfree probably has the most natural feeling dialogue I've ever experienced in a game: from the way the player experiences and engages in conversation to the delivery of the lines by the voice actors. Its not hyper-intelligent, Sorkin style dialogue. But it feels like real people talking.

The music and sound effects are top notch too, and the story is fun. It kinda reminds me of Until Dawn.

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First chapter of Gears of War 4. Played through the others (including Judgment), and always enjoyed them, even if I didn't think any of the games were all-timers.

Been so long since I played Gears (2013? 14?) I wasn't sure if I'd like it anymore, but I still like hiding behind blocks, the visceral feel of the shooting, and even the active reloading. And all three I found fairly consistent across all the games, which isn't always true of a series.

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I'm trying to finish Super Mario 1, 2 and 3 with no warps on my 3DS. Super Mario 2 is as weird as I remember it from many years ago.

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Since Nier Automata got ported to the Xbox One, I've finally got round to it, after successfully mostly avoiding spoilers for a year. Sure I knew it got weird, but it's still surprising me with how good it is at keeping that vibe.

This is the best Neon Genesis Evangelion game ever produced.

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After looking for a good racing game with my brother, we settled on Forza Horizon 3 (on PC.) After some really obnoxious technical issues (constant crashing, mostly,) got sorted out, we've been having a blast. The Windows store lets you family share games AND play with your family members at the same time! A wonderful feature in an otherwise... featureless void. We got a solid 6 hours in yesterday, and it's honestly the most fun I've had playing a racing game since Burnout Paradise, which is my favorite racing game of all time. Totally awesome.

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I'm playing through Fallout 3 again. I forgot how detailed this game is. I know a lot of folks like the mechanics of Fallout: New Vegas a lot, but I feel like 3 is so much more interesting and has way more to offer in terms of choice. It's also got some great voice acting (among the few dud lines thrown in there). All around, a stellar offering in the Fallout universe.

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I jumped back into Guild Wars 2 a bit this last weekend and it's still a great game.

But mostly I spent the majority of the weekend deep into BattleTech. It's like a Mech XCOM. A MeXCOM. I knocked down a Mech and then stomped it to death with 3 other Mechs. Another time I precision struck at the core of a light Mech and almost every single shot hit it (a few missiles hit other bits) and instantly cored it. That felt awesome. Another time I spent multiple rounds having everyone attack a single Mech and it just won't die but everything on it has exploded off or is almost gone. The story is alright from the one story mission I've done, but the gameplay and management parts are extremely good.

Also you can Death From Above things. Jump jet into the air and come down as 20+ tons of hate on something. Sure you'll almost blow out your legs, but if you manage to hit the enemy, they go down hard, letting you just lay into them with everyone else. Also the Mechs and people's outfits have some pretty dope looks to them.

I kind of wish they had general hard points instead of specific ones, because I would absolutely stack an absurd amount of missiles on things, because that seems both hilarious and amazing.

And lastly my pilot's backstory is being betrayed and losing everything including family, and then finding a new family in the form of a mercenary crew, losing said new family in a real bad mission, and then finding a third family who are also mercenaries and trying very hard to not have them all die too.

In short, BattleTech is fantastic.

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Playing Hollow Knight. On Switch, obvs. Game is bloody great. The best Metroidvania since Symphony of the Night. The world is huge, and keeps on expanding. I'd guess I'm at least 20 hours in, but it looks like I still have huge chunks of the map to uncover. The combat is very tight and satisfying. You can always 'feel' it viscerally when your blade connects, or when you're hit yourself. Very challenging, but not insurmountably so. My only complaints are some basic quality-of-life issues - it would be nice to have more fast travel points, and it would be ideal if the map was more detailed or you could add written notes. As it is, the map is so enormous I quickly where things are, or the reasons I was not able to progress. So I spend a bit too much time wandering around forgetting where I should go. Typical Metroidvania design issues. Other than that, game is amazing.

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@wollywoo said:

Playing Hollow Knight. On Switch, obvs. Game is bloody great. The best Metroidvania since Symphony of the Night. The world is huge, and keeps on expanding. I'd guess I'm at least 20 hours in, but it looks like I still have huge chunks of the map to uncover. The combat is very tight and satisfying. You can always 'feel' it viscerally when your blade connects, or when you're hit yourself. Very challenging, but not insurmountably so. My only complaints are some basic quality-of-life issues - it would be nice to have more fast travel points, and it would be ideal if the map was more detailed or you could add written notes. As it is, the map is so enormous I quickly where things are, or the reasons I was not able to progress. So I spend a bit too much time wandering around forgetting where I should go. Typical Metroidvania design issues. Other than that, game is amazing.

Hollow Knight is one of those rare games that I look forward to replaying. Some I just look at after a year or so and think "Yeah, I could go for another round of that." This one I WANT to play again. It's been a year or so since I finished it, and I still randomly think about it without any provocation or inspiration. Just waiting on the next DLC before I do so. The combat felt right and the platforming never seemed strenuous: in both cases, for me, it always just felt like a series of situations in which I needed to exhibit patience: watch, learn, then move.

I want to see more of that world, its characters, and I really want to see more of Cornifer and Iselda in particular (those two seem the most ripe to have an interesting story); and I look forward to more adventuring.

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@capum15: I also started playing Guild Wars 2 again and I'm enjoying it far more than I ever had before. I bought the two expansions which I never owned, got the glider and the first 3 mounts. Some friends joined me and we are having fun playing together.

I bought quite a few games on Steam with the summer sale, my most surprisingly fun games have been XCOM Enemy Unknown and Freedom Force vs The Third Reich. I don't really care for tactical turn based games so that's why I never had XCOM before, and man I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Freedom Force is an older game that still has lots of charm and holds up nicely.

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@casepb: I hadn't really played it in a year or so even though I grabbed Path of Fire when it released, and I never got super far into Heart of Thorns, but last weekend a friend wanted to get into an MMO again so we decided to pick GW2 and go through the story including the expansions (not sure if we'll try for the Living Story seasons yet, though), since he never did, and I only did parts of the story here and there with another friend.

Turns out it's still an excellent game. I've also decided to keep on trying to craft The Legend for The Bifrost and it's still the most intimidating thing. That said, our schedules only line up during the weekends, so the weekdays are still utterly devoted to BattleTech.

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Playing Lumines Remastered on Switch right now. Having a lot of fun with it. Always trying to figure out where to put the squares to get some squares cleared while also knowing where to put the same color arrow squares to erase the majority of the blocks feels really satisfying! A great time waster when I got nothing else to do!

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@echoforge: I find that I’m always down for a Gears campaign. I even enjoyed Judgement quite a bit. I really dug those forks in the road where you could opt to make encounters tougher or more interesting, and the fact that they had mild story-telling hooks.

The series is bombastic, over-the-top, silly, sometimes melodramatic fun. I do miss the slight horror elements of the original game (jump scares, kryll gameplay, etc.).

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I've finished Deus Ex. There's some decent level design in that game, even if the Matrix storyline's very dated by now.

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During the E3 sales, I wanted to switch things up. I see how much fun people have with online shooters, but after dabbling with Modern Wafare and The Conduit years ago, I determined they weren't for me. Running around and getting murdered repeatedly in a giant game of hide and seek just doesn't do it for me.

But this year, I wanted to branch out instead of playing the same genres all the time. And after hearing rave reviews from the internet and my girlfriend, I decided to take a chance on Splatoon 2.

After trying it out the other day, I'm pleased to report that I'm actually enjoying it!

I love the strategy involved. It's not just running around until I see someone or someone sees me and we shoot each other. There's actually a fair bit of strategy involved and multiple ways to help your team out. Even though I don't get many kills, I'm consistently getting #1 on team rankings because I'm great at coverage and getting behind enemy lines. While you're out there taking people out, I'm the one making sure we walk away with the win. It's probably the most unique way to play a team shooter I've seen and I love it!

I was playing with my girlfriend (sometimes on the same side, sometimes not) as well as random matches and I actually got lost in that "Just one more" mentality in an online game! That never happens! And let me just say, after hearing the things my brother and his friends say and do on Fortnite, the lack of voice chat is a godsend.

Needless to say, I had a great time and if this momentum keeps up, this game may have bought Nintendo's online service for me by itself.

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I am playing Red Dead Redemption for the first time in anticipation of the sequel. I think they nailed the Western vibe. The lasso is currently my favorite weapon. I want to lasso all the bad guys.

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For The King is fantastic co-op game. Very odd and somewhat overwhelming, but fun to experience with another player.

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Aven Colony on the PS4. It's a colony-strategy-management-type game. They released a new map to the game a couple of days ago, Cerulean Vale, which I'm eager to try out this weekend. The game plays really well with a controller; the developers did a fantastic job of customizing the menues to it.

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Because of Sony's summer sale, I've been on a VR kick. (seriously, it was all I could do not to blow a bunch of money on that sale. Some long-awaited discounts, but I was a good boy and only spent about $25, given that I had already hit the Steam sales earlier)

And unlike that time I bought Ace Banana *shudder*, all three games I grabbed are good!

PSVR Worlds: I was expecting this to be disappointing since it's a big tech demo made to show off to VR newbies and I've had VR long enough now that I'm well past the tech demo phase, but there's a surprising amount of content and fun to be had here. For five bucks, I'm very pleased.

Another fiver went to Driveclub VR. I know it's not the best racer in VR, but it's still a really cool, fun experience. There are only a handful of racing games that have ever gotten their hooks in me, but I'm all about racing in VR. Makes me want to buy a wheel...

And finally, Doom VFR. Fucking. YES. Look, I know this is the positivity thread, but I do have to mention a negative first: The Move controls are WEIRD, and a severe gameplay handicap compared to the other options. But! It's so much fun that I'll take the difficulty spike if it means manually moving m'guns. (I don't have an Aim controller) Worst case scenario, I can swap to DS4 during particularly rough fights and back again. But man... when I went into the Classic Maps unlockables and got to see E1M1 in VR... money well spent right there. It's such a wild feeling to see these levels and textures you've known for almost 25 years from a whole new perspective. It makes me desperately want VR versions of every 90s shooter. Turns out that the 2.5D pixelated look actually looks awesome in VR, and is weirdly immersive in its own way.

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Titan Quest Anniversary + Ragnarok expansion on PC. Played the original when it first came out in 2006, but I don't remember a thing so it's nice to get back to it. Plus, I got another reason after I got a free key for Ragnarok thanks to the wonderful GB poster @anden4300 . Thanks again! They did a great job with this version, the high resolution and UI changes + a lot of fixes and other stuff really made it possible to play this on a modern PC with ease. Gameplay still holds up! Can't wait until I get to the Ragnarok expansion, seeing how it's totally new content created after the Anniversary Edition came out. Hopefully it's as awesome as the base game! It's really weird but very cool to see new stuff and expansion being made for remasters or re-releases of old games. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition got an expansion too, for example!

Other than that, I'm still continuing my Fallout 4 GOTY playthrough on PS4. I beat and played through it around 7-8 times on PC, but I only finished the DLCs once so It'll be interesting to get to them more or less fresh, since I remember very little! I just had an itch to play some Fallout and the GOTY version was on sale for like 20EUR so I picked it up! It's still a blast. Maybe I'll do another playthrough of New Vegas or 3 after F4. These games are just such a joy!

Oh, and I started and finished SteamWorld Dig on PC in 1 day. Took me around 5 hours. I was looking for some awesome short game and I have a huge library of unplayed games on steam (who doesn't these days haha) so I installed some games, played each for 30 minutes or so and chose the one which I liked the most = SteamWorld Dig. I'm not a fan of metroidvanias because I'm just bad at them or often they are quite difficult, but this one was very fun and fairly easy. Definitely gonna pick up the sequel at some point since a lot of people say it's a huge improvement and it's even better than SWD1.

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Just started playing AC Origins. If there's one positive thing I can say about it it's that they really nailed the look of the world. Going to Alexandria for the first time is pretty awesome, not to mention visiting the now infamous library. I'm still kinda in the growing pains phase of an AC game where you have to get over the ridiculous amount of options and just enjoy the game, but travelling around Egypt is definitely the most enjoyable thing right now.

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Kingdom Hearts Collection, starting with 1. The game is pissing me off with its mini-games and zoomed in camera. But it's ultimately still as charming as when I was young.

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Platted Watch Dogs 2, incredibly boring game outside of screwing around with the npc's and its online modes which were a great deal of fun.

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I just recently restarted the Witcher 3 on Death March and I'm having a blast. I enjoyed the combat more than most I feel, and you have to (or at least should) make the most of the crafting and bomb/oil/potion preparation systems to do well in combat. Also, with 20% less xp, you need to explore a lot more of the environment, which I didn't do *too* much of my first time around. Its pretty cool how many powerful diagrams and places of power are just...laying out there. As a bonus I didn't realize there was a sale going on for the DLC on ps4 when I started playing but there totally is so I cant wait to spend another 100 hours on this behemoth of a game.

I've also been fooling around a bit with Banished on PC. Picked it up on a steam sale a year or two ago super cheap and didn't bother getting around to it until a few days ago when a friend of mine was heaping praise on it. The idea of a city builder where you're not just concerned with planning but active resource management, and where all the citizens are simulated and need to be micromanaged to a degree is really cool.

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I've been trying to finish Planescape: Torment before Octopath Traveler comes out and takes up my RPG time. It's fantastic (to quote Jeff B), I can't believe its taken me this long to play. Some of the best writing I've ever seen in a game, and as my first CRPG the combat is easy enough and I've had a great time exploring a totally new genre to me. This is going to be my gateway drug into stuff like the old Fallout games, Pillars of Eternity and stuff. I'm probably close to the end of PS:T and looking forward to seeing how it wraps up, and after that I'll probably dive into Pillars at some point.

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@catoasapun: I've been playing this off and on since in release in what I consider "bite-sized binges." I'll get to an area, climb every tower, try to expose most of the question marks, and pick up every side quest. Do a ton of the side quests and the optional content, usually while listening to a podcast, then focus in on the main story. By then, I'm usually burnt the fuck out on the game, so I'll just walk away for a week. Or two. Or three months. Then I find it pretty easy to pick up when I need something different to play and I end up enjoying the hell out of it until I burn myself out again.

This is right up there with 2 and Brotherhood for me, and whose are some of my favorite experiences.

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Having a ball with Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together . It came up on the Axe of the Blood God podcast in their current Best Of list, reminding me that I had scooped it up on one of the many PSN sales and made me feel vindicated for keeping my Vita out and charged despite not having touched it in ages. The fights feel just perilous enough to feel like they could go either way, with my own sense of (or lack thereof) strategy often giving me a sliver of an edge. The story is a stack of unwieldy names thrown into a big ol' murder/grudge stew and still worthwhile.

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Persona 5 is a tough game even on easy difficulty. I'm on the third palace and only just started to realize SP economy is really important.

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I tried NBA Playgrounds.

Maddening shooting/dunking meter aside, that game is alright. I hope they just give us traditional release-at-peak shooting in the sequel. Without that one major SNAFU, Playgrounds 1 could have been really good.