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I just wanna say I like the idea behind this thread. It's almost sad that it needs to be specifically requested before people start saying positive things about games these days (although I can be just as guilty)

I'm finishing up Nier Automata which is fairly good and I'm about to finally start Yakuza 0. I'm also REALLY looking forward to Persona 5 and the console release of Tekken 7.

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@fredchuckdave said:

@redhotchilimist: Farming vials shouldn't be a thing past the very early game, just buy a couple hundred from the vendor every now and again.

They cost 720 blood echoes, so almost a thousand per vial. A couple hundred of those would cost me 144 000 blood echoes. What sort of cash were you carrying around? I don't have the blood echo economy to support that sorta spending, especially when 20 of them can vanish easily in a single close boss run. I need those to buy levels, anyway.

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Positivity isn't very trendy with this game but I'm having a pretty great time with Andromeda so far. It's got some questionable decisions, more than a few blemishes, but the moment to moment gameplay planetside is a whole lot of fun I think.

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Just dipping my toe into Breath of the Wind. So far, it is a pretty impressive game. Not sure how far I will go, but it is the most interested I have been on a Zelda game in quite some time.

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Hollow Knight is fantastic. I almost broke my controller, but it's fantastic.

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Plaything through Nier Automata and adoring it. Prior to Nier, I was just starting to get way into Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It turns out that game is pretty good! (I just worry that once I finish with Nier, going back to Dragon's Dogma, a game that's... let's just say a game with less polish, might be difficult)

I've also been dipping into Hitman from time to time on the side, trying to finish off the last few escalations I haven't done yet.

It's almost as if there's never been a better time to play games!

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@redhotchilimist: Blades of Mercy does extra damage after dodging, based on your Arcane stat (which is also why you can't buff it with any of the papers etc). I remember not having a great time with them because I never leveled Arcane on my Skill build, but also I just don't really like them overall lol.

Chikage isn't gonna do much for you with 10 Bloodtinge, since coating it in blood adds your Bloodtinge damage to it, as opposed to a general buff. And yeah, Bloodtinge only applies to the gun part of the Rifle Spear.

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I've dug myself a hole where i'm playing about 6 or 7 games at the same time, but most notably i'm playing Vagrant Story through for the first time and really liking it, it has a lot of annoyances but we won't talk about those :P. The cutscenes are very cinematic for a PS1 game with no spoken dialogue, very cool to see.

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Horizon Zero Dawn. Man some of m favorite gaming moments in the last 10 years has been in this game. Just the exploration to the fights with the machines. Requiring to actually plan a fight to the randomness of every fight. For example: As I was fighting a Thunderjaw, there were a group of 'friendly' guards that joined the fight to provide assistance. Halfway through that fight, some more smaller machines happened to also join the fight. It was an absolute madhouse for what had to be a 15-17 min fight. None of that was tied to a mission.

After I came out victorious, I felt a real sense of accomplishment.

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@colonel_pockets said:

I'm currently playing Burnout Paradise again. I don't know if there needs to be anymore said about that game on this site, but it is fantastic still. Probably the greatest arcade driving game of all time. The open world is fun to explore and the collectibles are probably the best I've collected in a game. It is just so satisfying to drive through the yellow gates and blast a billboard.

On a side note; Xbox One backwards compatibility is so awesome.

I just installed it again I need my fix.

@jec03 said:

Replaying GTAV again on PC right now the graphics and the attention to detail is amazing everything about this game is so good from characters to music to gameplay there's some games that feel that they where made for you this is one of them.

Probably my favourite open world in a video game so far.

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Got into playing the game "Everything" last night and forgot it would be available to play, already pre-downloaded.

So I started my venture with it until about 4am. I'm liking the vibe and clips by Alan Watts. If you like to ponder the unknown and get sucked into a stylized world, and uncover things it's really fun. There's not a lot of game here though, so keep expectations in check.

For what it's worth though, it's been both mesmerizing and whimsical.

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Somehow, someway, I am still playing Titanfall 2 regularly. Desperate for content, hungry for new maps or new Titans, I still find myself going back almost every day for a couple matches of Attrition at a time. The core mechanics are just so enjoyable.

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@teddie: That sounds to me like I should pump up my arcane stat from now on. Like, it's terribly low, but it'll add good damage to my main weapon and allow me to use all those arcane items I keep picking up, for one thing.

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I might pump my arcane stat myself later tonight, now you mention it. It's been a while.

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Same as a couple other people in this thread, working through Hollow Knight. Love how it keeps expanding the story/world/implications of what you are up to. Just recently found out some of the implications of the egg you find near the beginning of the game almost 9 hours in (all I'll say is it involves the Dream Nail, anyone that far will know what I mean from there). Plus like any good metroidvania each upgrade expands the world so wonderfully, like recently getting both the dash and the ground pound changed things SO MUCH.

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I bought Mafia 3 during the 2K sale on Steam for like 6 bucks, thinking it would be something I could play when I feel bored or something, and I ended up playing it for 20 hours in two days. It's certainly unpolished in many ways, but to focus on the positives the gunplay feels very punchy and satisfying, much more so than GTAV I would say. The facial capture in cutscenes and the voice acting is also top notch for the most part. The writing is not something I'm totally invested in, it's a revenge story after all, but I appreciate them going for a more serious script than the blatant in-your-face satire of GTA.

Yes the gameplay loop is very repetitive, but as Austin Creed mentioned in his GOTY list of 2016, a lot of aspects in life and games are repetitive, but I find it fun to do so I do not mind it.

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I'm playing and enjoying Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I don't mind the repetitive dialogue or other minor flaws everyone keeps yelling about and actually like playing it with a friend.

I'm still also playing Battlefield 1. About 100 hours in and with the new content I'll likely keep playing.

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Everyday Shooter is still fun, even if it does have some odd spikes in challenge.

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Playing breath of the wild and love it's game loop. The game feels massive but it completely broken up into bite sized pieces. I never feel overwhelmed or that I'm missing something important by just wondering the overworld, solving little puzzles, stumbling upon shrines and occasionally something bigger. I haven't been able to truly enjoy a 3d zelda game since Majora's Mask and I thought it was possible that I may never enjoy another 3d zelda. I'm so glad that a friend of mine preordered 2 and sold me his extra on release day. This year has been so good for games. I haven't bought an enjoyed more games in a month than this one. Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Zelda. It's been amazong.

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@magmamud said:

I bought Mafia 3 during the 2K sale on Steam for like 6 bucks, thinking it would be something I could play when I feel bored or something, and I ended up playing it for 20 hours in two days. It's certainly unpolished in many ways, but to focus on the positives the gunplay feels very punchy and satisfying, much more so than GTAV I would say. The facial capture in cutscenes and the voice acting is also top notch for the most part. The writing is not something I'm totally invested in, it's a revenge story after all, but I appreciate them going for a more serious script than the blatant in-your-face satire of GTA.

Yes the gameplay loop is very repetitive, but as Austin Creed mentioned in his GOTY list of 2016, a lot of aspects in life and games are repetitive, but I find it fun to do so I do not mind it.

I REALLY REALLY Liked Mafia 3.

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I basically just want to gush about Yakuza 0. It's soooo good. I had played the first two games and while I liked them a lot at the time I got to the very end and didn't finish them because I got distracted by the side stuff. That very well could happen with this game as well but some of the side stuff is so good that I don't mind getting side tracked in this universe all over again. One of the things that I love the most is how snappy the load times are, even on a PS4. It always sucked in those first games how it had to load street fights every single time. Making the transitions to fights so seamless and transitions in environments fairly quick is a huge deal in my book. And good lord do I love the weirdness of the side content. Those first games were pretty freakin' weird at times but the way it presents that stuff within the context of the late 80's is nothing short of masterful. This might be my favorite game set in the 80's...hard to say considering how good Vice City is. I guess MGSV is pretty great as well.

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Senran Kagura Estival Versus on PC/Steam. Clearly this game isn't for everyone as it's Dynasty Warriors as an ecchi anime. But, with NieR: Automata having technical issues and Mass Effect Andromeda, well, I don't think I need to go into details, I think I made a good choice here. Shinovi Versus and the Vita was a fun game, and the PC port upping the frame rate to 60 is fantastic. So Estival Versus is just a really fun game, and video games are about: Fun.

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I don't care what anyone else says, but I'm playing Mass Effect Andromeda and I really like this game. Playing a bit of BF 1 and Overwatch on the side as well. I have to get back to Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza 0, and Nioh eventually though haha

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Bloodborne is still fun. There's a great grinding spot in Mergo's loft, so I've spent hours grinding levels, materials and consumables. The blood vial thing isn't an issue anymore when I earn in the vicinity of 100 000 blood echoes per run. Turns out that's where you get that sort of cash. I'm now the Bloodborne equivalent of Scrooge McDuck. It's a fairly short game, so I'm planning on doing at least one more run with the same character, though maybe not immediately.

@ohbabes said:

I might pump my arcane stat myself later tonight, now you mention it. It's been a while.

Lol. I've pumped my arcane stat all the way to 25 now, so I can actually use my tiny tonitrus.

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst I'm on my third play through I just love the atmosphere and music it relaxes me in my opinion this game is kinda of underrated.

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I'm struggling to stay positive about Mark of the Ninja. I feel like the game play peaked levels ago, yet it just keeps on going and has gotten to the point where I spend more than half my time with each level pausing and restarting the nearest checkpoint because every challenge is "don't get spotted" or "take no damage" and being seen is almost certain death. I think I'm on the last level now, but it's grown more frustrating than fun for the past 3 or 4 levels. Why make me spend hard-earned points to unlock abilities only to almost immediately throw enemies at me with abilities negating any advantage those abilities gave me?! And then later on even remove my abilities in service to the "story"?!? Gah!!

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I finally bought Infinite Warfare from a local sale and have been enjoying it. Last one I've played before this was Advanced, so I've had a bit of a break from the rollercoaster in-between to not make this feel too similiar. It looks real good and the characters have been fun, if not super memorable. I like the gameplay switching up at times too, like flying with the Jackal and floating around in space, snapping people's necks.

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Turok 2 Remaster!!!

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I'm resisting the urge to dig up my PSP so I can replay Persona 3 Portable. I've been in 100% Persona-mode ever since I started rewatching the endurance run to have something VERY LONG to listen to while sewing, and now I'm getting JRPG shakes.

Just a little longer.... Until P5..... I'm so excited....

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I'm really enjoying replaying Mass Effect 3. (I know, I know, not exactly the Mass Effect game to be playing at the moment). I never had a problem with the ending, and regardless of how one feels about that, I think there's a lot of cool moments along the way.

Planning to play Persona 5 next (as long as the PS3 version works fine and isn't too hobbled by the old hardware).

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Still going strong with Horizon. Although my progress has slowed to a crawl since I decided to find all the collectables before tackling the next big story quest.

Also, I'm attempting to give Dragon Age: Origins another go. I'm still only at the beginning, in Ostagar, and am liking it so far. Although, I'm reminded why I bounced off of it before, maybe it's just me sucking, but the combat seems kinda tough. I'll keep going and see how far I get this time around.

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Really excited to be replaying KOTOR for the sixth (?) time. Was trying to think of game that'd be good for a non-gamer friend, and the pause-play combat, dialogue choices, and recognizable Star Wars brand is actually landing super well!

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Just beat ME Andromeda earlier, game is fine. Burned out toward the end though.

Trying to squeeze in a few games before the great beast Persona 5 comes out. Decided to reevaluate Max Payne 3, haven't played it in 4 years and wanted to play through it again. Also going to finally, FINALLy, force my way through Hotline Miami 2. Biggest disappointment from 2 years ago...gonna at least see it through and see how I feel.

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Currently slowly working my way through Nioh. Combat is challenging and addictive. In a Dark Souls game I often sink 3-4 hours into a play session, but due to the level structure of Nioh I rarely put in more than an hour at a time. Normally this would not be a positive for me, but due to an unusually busy period at my household and at work this truncated daily experience has been very welcome. Good non-From game for From fans.

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Battlefield 1 continues to be a tonne of fun even though I've just jumped back into it after a decent break.

Nioh is fantastic and I'm either having fun or am extremely frustrated every time I play it, there is no boring down time in the middle.

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I can hardly believe it myself but i sunk a ton of hours into warriors orochi 3 ultimate for ps4. There is something very relaxing about pulling off combos in the thousands after a hard days work. There are some interesting systems in there too with weapon fusion where you have to think about tradeoffs and whatnot. Still wrapping my head around gauntlet mode though.

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Street Fighter v is still cool. I thought for sure I wasn't gonna play it as much as I used to play fighting games in college just because of the lack of a convenient flatmate to be my opponent. Luckily, that dude's got the game too, and playing online as not been an issue at all. Having a rival in that game makes all the difference, although the online ranked/casual modes are all right as well. He's been practicing his Laura a lot recently and pulled ahead of me.

Loading Video...

I keep saving and uploading videos on my PS4, though it's more for my OCD than anything. I'm gonna embed them here when it's relevant, might as well use them for something.

Also, I'm attempting to give Dragon Age: Origins another go. I'm still only at the beginning, in Ostagar, and am liking it so far. Although, I'm reminded why I bounced off of it before, maybe it's just me sucking, but the combat seems kinda tough. I'll keep going and see how far I get this time around.

My opinion on the game's combat system does not belong in this thread, but on a positive note I hear there are mods for the PC that removes some of the larger dungeons. I never finished DAO, but I did get quite invested in the story. If you're stuck on the boss in the tower in Ostagar, the strategy that worked for me was changing everyone else into archers and then run around the arena with the boss hot on my heels.

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I just pretty much 100% did everything in NieR: Automata. And I was itching to keep going with nothing to do. Then I found this video from a well known Devil May Cry player (Spoilers inside sadly)

Loading Video...

And now I want to go git gud with the cool kids. This game just keeps on giving. It has a high chance of being my favorite this year, absolutely adore it.

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Beat Alpha Protocol. Absolutely loved it. I played like an invisible superspy, got lucky with all the ladies, murdered every fool who betrayed me, and went off into the sunset. Great game.

I replayed Mass Effect 1-3 in the week and had an awesome time. I went full renegade.

Currently playing Furi. It's pretty stylish, and the boss designs are fantastic. It has a mix between action and bullet-hell in some fights, which made me wonder if the new Nier was inspired by it at all.

Next up: Starbreeze's Syndicate.

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It's hard for me to say good things about games I like and bad things about games I don't like. But I will try.

I played a lot of Rimworld and the binding of isaac afterbirth. Both with lots of mods. I am enjoying the experience of both. I also finished Technobabylon. I love wadjet eye games and suggest everyone check out technobabylon if they enjoy the social commentary of black mirror.

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I've put a lot of time into Warframe recently (like, a LOT of time) and the amount of love that Digital Extremes still gives this game years after release is wonderful. I've found a character I really like using and a weapon that I really like using so I think I may have found my niche, which is nice.

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I'm playing Toukiden 2 on the Vita. I could've chosen to play it on the PS4 or PC, but I deeply love my Vita and feel this may be the last big game I get for it. I'm loving the game so far. They've added a story mode to it that I feel is really engaging and there's a freedom to do the things you want to do in the game. Want to do quick missions against Oni? Go to the mission board. Want to just follow the main quest? Go ahead, there's lots to do there. Want to just roam the open world looking for things to do? Create a party of NPC's (or not) and just head out the front gate; checking your map you'll find side quests and plenty of large Oni just spawn in the open world. The action still feels mashy to me, and I don't feel this game would challenge more hard core gamers, but I do not play games for their challenge and the demon hand does add some interesting mechanics. I really can't recommend this game enough and I've chosen to play it over other games, like Horizon for example. At this point, the only thing I can see interrupting my Toukiden play time is Persona 5, so I'd better get through as much I can in the next couple of weeks.

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@redhotchilimist: a lot of Bloodborne players here! I recently bought my first PS4, a pro, and Bloodborne is a ton of fun. I've played a lot of Dark Souls, but this is still a challenging experience. Leveling skill, using the threaded cane. About to try my hand at the blood starved best.

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I just played through Horizon: Zero Dawn and Breath of The Wild recently ^_^ I really enjoyed them both! Now I'm playing Night In The Woods, it's a nice change of pace and a good palette cleanser. I really like it so far!

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MEA: The combat is really good.

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Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best games I've ever played. You can play as a pigeon-killing golem.

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I am still playing Overwatch and enjoying it immensly. If you had told me a year ago that one of my favorite games last year would be an online shooter, I would have said "probably not", but maan, if they keep the new content going, it may end up being my favorite game this year too.

Also really, really enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda. Currently on a mission to smooch all the aliens in the universe (with mixed results).

Booted up Dark Souls 3 again, eager for the new dlc, and it's just like greeting an old friend again and I am even more excited for the coming adventure.

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Primarily I've been playing a TON of Viking Conquest: Reforged Editon. I heard lots of bad things when it came out, but I think they've patched the mod so much, even after dozends of hours I'm not seeing any problems.

Its amongst the best games I've ever played (if you know about Mount and Blade - Warband, this is probably nothing new to you). This game however stands to much out atmospherically compared to Mount and Blade and it's many other mods. The enemies even move together in groups instead of dissolving into an angry mob. Theres even amazingly approachable naval battles in it, I first thought considering the scripting involved to make it work it would be clunky and unapproachable, but its playing smoothly. Props to that dev team for making this work so well.

The battles (the hightlight of the game, as in every M&B game) are on a completly different level than your normal Mount and Blade - Warband battle.

You can even hunt animals now in a minigame. And there is a story mode with actual decent writing which serves as a tutorial to showcase the features of the game.

Besides I've been playing a ton of Man O' War: Corsair also. A ton of 90's games and early 00's games besides this one, such as The Settlers 3/4 and Patrician 3. I've been modding some Freespace 2 for over several years now, but I've stopped it for a while because I've been playing the Blue Planet mod which drained me of the will to mod, its that brilliant. Thoguh I've picked up modding again. I've also been considering replaying Anno 1404, the best Anno with the Venice add-on.

Soon I've been playing some Nier: Automata and I'm also intending to buy DMC4SE soonish. Nier is gigantuan in filesize and my connection is slow so downloading will take some time.

Playing Video Games is fun, everyone should try it!

EDIT: @tobbrobb: Fantastic video. I don't care being spoiled, it was worth the risk. I want the game even more now :P.

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Playing through Red Dead Redemption thanks to Xbox One backwards compatibility right now. It still holds up. John Marston is a great protagonist. The worlds that Rockstar creates are unbelievable. I've been using the screenshot feature because there are so many great looking views in that game. I love it.

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Ratchet and Clank (2016)

Enjoying this, reminds me of a bygone era of video games where things were much simpler.