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Beat Bayonetta 2 and ppl were right, that thing is pretty great. I didn't think I'd ever get to play it for so long that when I started playing it, it didn't really stnk in for a few hours. lol I thought I would like it but I actually liked it even more than I thought I would. I'm really hyped for Bayonetta 3 now.

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Nefarious is beaten. That game has a gimmick which is played very well. The writing is great and it's a shame the platforming and combat can't match it. At least it's short which means it doesn't wear thin until maybe the very end.

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Been playing Immortal Redneck. I have been surprised by how great the combat feels. If you were turned off by the pea shooter feeling from the launch version I would highly recommend giving this one a second chance. There are a growing number of roguelite fps games but this one has been the best I have played just because the movement and shooting feels great.

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Got my first platinum trophy today, in Insomniac's Spider-Man game. I don't usually bother with grinding side objectives and stuff, but when the story ended I was so hungry for more I did it all anyway. Just a lovely experience, if you're a Spidey fan you owe it to yourself to play it.

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Also just recently platinum'd Spider-Man, myself. Small indie game not many people have heard of. I get the complaints people may have that the side content is a bit repetitive, but it's just so much fun to play that game that I didn't want to stop. I love the joyous feeling of momentum you get swinging through the city and I actually prefer the combat in it to the Arkham games. It just flows so so well.

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Been playing The Messenger on my Switch at work. It's extremely tight and moving around feels like a joy ride, especially after you start getting upgrades. The bosses are also pretty fun (sans one so far) with easily memorized patterns that allow you to find holes outside of the intended ones. All this and I just got past what I believe to be the first part of the game. This is without talking about the big changeup that happens after The Timekeeper, which probably would have had a greater effect had I not seen it already :v

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Started playing Devil May Cry 2...don't ask me why ('cause I just beat Bayonetta 2 and it only made sense to play DMC 2 right after.) Umm...Dante's hair very nice, very feathery. He has a nice coat, nice vest. I like the animation of the dodge maneuver. The bad guy looks like Heihachi. I'm actually not completely hating it. So far, at least it's serving it's purpose as an interesting historical curiosity.

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Just finished up with Spider-man, and have lent it to a co-worker, i'm actually already missing it. I'm not far off the platinum and will finish that stuff up when I get it back.

Also been playing through the master chief collection through game pass. I didn't have much hope going in, but I've been really impressed (with single player anyway - i'm not particularly interested in the multiplayer). They've done a bloody good job remastering those games.

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I decided to buy and dive into Octopath Traveler after playing the demo for 30 minutes, and it's fantastic. The first and most obvious note is that the game just looks beautiful, and has made me take quite a few screenshots. The music is pleasant to listen to. The stories seem fine enough so far, and I like the fact that Tressa the Merchant's goal seems to be "find treasure and become a great merchant", which is fantastic. Cyrus the Scholar seems to need to find your standard Ancient Tome Of Ancient Secrets And Ancient Stuff (tm), but the setup for that was pretty well done.

Currently at some snowy town with a church that I can't remember the name of right now, so I think I'm about to get a cleric. This area also, unsurprisingly, looks beautiful. The combat is pretty fun, especially with the whole BP system to charge moves as well as the guard break mechanic. When you get a guard-broken and max-charged spell off, it feels great.

Tressa seemed to be hilariously overpowered at the start, since the first skill I bought was Rest which doesn't cost anything to use and heals HP and SP, although it may move you to the end of the action queue? Never really mattered at the start, though. Even without charging it I could out-heal any enemy I encountered, including the boss. Combo that with her Collect skill to take cash from monsters and Tressa makes some good bank. It does only work on herself though, so it's not game-breaking. Meanwhile Cyrus is just a walking magical explosion factory which I always enjoy, though I did use a bunch of healing items on him during his boss because I was greedy and wanted to collect with Tressa, so I kept holding back to charge it for each enemy and he took quite a few hits. Only about 5-6 hours in but my opinion of the game so far is very positive.

Other than that, I got a bunch of DLC for Cities: Skylines and immediately proceeded to build a small town, fuck up the sewer management system allowing sewage to flood the financial zone, and then erase my mistake in 16 meteor strikes (it was just a quick hour of play to see some of the new stuff, so I don't feel that bad about it). Going to try and make an actual effort hopefully sometime this week. I also grabbed Frozen Synapse 1 and 2 after Waypoint's stream of a pre-release build of 2 a while back. Those games seem rad, I just need to find some extra time to play everything.

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Playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and enjoying the game as a whole. The quiet parts when you're exploring or solving puzzles and the fast pace parts when your running for your life or hunting Trinity soldiers not unlike the Predator.

I feel silly saying this but it makes me wish I traveled more, like globetrotting Drew Scanlon.

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Yakuza 0 is just as goofy as the other Yakuza games I've played (3 and 4, I think?), and I still really like the basics of the combat systems. Doesn't hurt that I picked it up for something like $16, which is a whole lot of good game for that price.

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Just platinumed Spider-Man, and, yeah, it's just a fantastic, compelling, high-velocity, beautiful-looking thing that adds interesting variations to the backbone of spidey lore. A prime example of what video-games can offer us in terms of escapism and the marriage of mediums. Easy 10/10 from me.

Just wanted to say I totally called Miles getting spidey powers within five seconds of his introduction to the game. Did anyone else here?

And a little detail I thought was great: after May dies, if you visit Ben's grave, hers is next to him with fresh soil. It's a lovely touch that shows just how much Insomniac cared about their creation. Bravo.

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I've been really having a great time with Destiny 2. I had never played a Destiny game before I got this from PS Plus this month and used to think they were a giant waste of time, FPS grindfests that had been skinnerboxed to death. Turns out I was right but it also turns out that they are really fun and relaxing! Putting on a podcast, shooting some... stuff and enjoying that obsessively tuned, impeccable gunfeel is a good time!

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I have been playing Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, about 22 hours in. Also, I have been jonesing for some beat 'em up action so on the communities' suggestion I got Yakuza 0 which is great. I have seen the crew play through it thanks to Beast in the East: Yakuza 0 - Part 01 but it has been long enough that I am noticing things I missed when they played. Also, despite Dan's I haven't had a hard time with the combat at all. I beat Kuze on the first try without any healing items, though he is pretty easy even on normal difficulty. On a whim, I saw Fight'N Rage was on sale for 50% off on Steam and picked it up. Super awesome game! There is some gross treatment of women in that game; super bouncy boobs, damsels in distress, bad guys killing women for no reason other than I guess to make the player character mad/sad. Unfortunately not more than what was common for these types of games, but for a 2017 game it is pretty jarring and in my opinion is totally unnecessary, but if you can look past that, it is a fun throwback to the Streets of Rage era beat 'em ups with some surprising depth in the moves.

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Preparing to leave New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey and I'm having an awesome time with it!

Honestly, when I tried this game out for the first time, I was disappointed. As a hardcore Mario fan (100%ed all of the 3D games except Sunshine), I initially felt that they had sacrificed the platforming challenges and puzzles in favor of size and randomness. But when I came back and stopped comparing it to Galaxy, I found myself having a ball and now it's all I've been playing.

Simply put, Super Mario Odyssey is the One Piece of Mario games.

I touch down and immediately run around looking for moons! Here's one in the shop! Here's one for getting to that rooftop! Here's one for dragging a lion taxi back to his bretheren! Here's one for hooking up two Goombas! I love running around and getting my hands on every moon I can in this game. Each world is so unique and has different quirks to see, enemies to possess, secret levels to find and oh, so much charm. There are plenty of moments that put a nice big smile on my face, and Mario is adorable in this and I love all the references to his roots!

This game even got me to do something I never do in games: buy clothes! Ususally, I'll find an outfit I like and stick with it for the whole game, but I've bought and worn so many clothes in this one because it's just fun to dress for the occasion and run around finding things. I've even started taking snapshots of different things, including every Captain Toad appearance and Mario grooving to music. And the times when the game goes off script are great! Won't spoil, but one boss fight against a particular character was the most nervous I can remember being in a Mario game in AGES.

And the funny thing is that the game doesn't even blow me away like Galaxy. I'm not feeling euphoria every time I play it or something. It's just a really fun game to play and chill out with, and that's why I've been taking it on my commute every day and playing non-stop. It's just one of those games that makes you content and happy while you're playing it, and it's exactly what I needed with the way life's been going lately.

Oh, and to those who are wondering, yes, the song is in the game itself. You're gonna love it ^_^

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Pokemon Emerald, picking up where I left off from a three year old save baller file where I was just before Victory Road.

Is it just me in that I'm all the way back in Gen 3, or is the Hoenn Elite Four and Champ really that easy with a good team of four? Not the I'm complaining of course.

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@lokihellfire2008: Oh and I forgot to mention I just now started (I know I am WAY late on this) playing Rocket League. Holy crapolli is that game awesome! My hand was hurting from gripping the controller so hard and I was so excited showing my wife my replays. Felt like a kid again!

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Stalker - Call of Chernobyl.

If your a fan of the stalker games and haven't checked out this mod then do it! All 3 game locations in one map.

Cheeki breeki.

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Welp, I played something like ten hours of Injustice 2 today, which is thefirst time I've played that much of any game in a day in a long, long time. I don't necessarily think the fighting is quite my favorite - I'm more of a Tekken or old school Street Fighter guy - but damn, everything else is addictive as hell and there is a TON of stuff to do if you don't like online multiplayer, which I really love.

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Been playing quite a lot of the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle. Whether or not now days these games are considered "good", I am having one heck of a nostalgic time with them. I loved playing these games on the Super Nintendo and Arcades when I was a kid and I have been having a blast going through them again.

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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. It’s fantastic. The music, look and feel of it is just great. It’s a short experience but it has a good amount of replayability with the different modes.

Currently doing a no recruit run on Ultimate.

It has gotten me excited for Ritual of the Night in a way I was not previously.

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Dragon Quest 11 is comfort food and fantastic!

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FMV of real people who can't read a line with feeling is great. Nascar Heat 3 has plenty of it. Also, I like how they use the fake twitter to instigate shit talk with other drivers. And then the guys you're friends with back you up. Great.

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Playing through Divinity: Original Sin 2. The dialogue is great and the combat take a lot of thought, which is good. I am not as wrapped up in it as I would like to be, I've hit a bit of a slump going into Act 2, but overall it's a very good game.

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Small update: Octopath Traveler is now my life. I only stop playing it once the Switch's battery gets to about 10%, and then I force myself to take a break to go do the things that are required for living. I could just play while docked, but I'd probably starve. Once I just played Cities: Skylines instead until the Switch was fully charged. Turns out, playing a legit game of that is still fantastic.

Edit: Also I bought the soundtrack for Octopath Traveler off of Amazon, because it is some fantastic music. The moment I got H'aanit and was in the cutscene of her leaving her town and Determination started playing was when I decided to just go get it.

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Started playing Mario Odyssey and I’m really liking it. I had doubts about this game but I’m finding a lot of it super bizarre in a good way. It seems like a Mario game made by ppl that love the series but got sick of making them. It’s like a Mario game if you had 100 of the most die hard fans make a Mario game.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definite Edition on PS4

I played several hours of this on pc, but decided to shelve it to play with my brother when the PS4 edition came out. I'm constantly amazed by the breadth of options/solutions to different scenarios. Like a pen/paper RPG game you really can do whatever you want with in the confines of the game's mechanics. We made it out of the prison, but I at this point I think we need to go back and gear/skill up. While the game is super flexible to how you want to play, the combat is also brutally difficult. We have had to bump down to the easiest setting now. Think we will try "Classic" mode again once we have a feel for our characters.

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Still playing No Man's Sky. I like to dip into it for 90 mins each night. I try to accomplish one mission, either a formal mission or just something I want to build or compete.

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Been getting through Dragon Quest XI and suddenly realized I've played it for almost 70 hours. Unlike some other JRPGs I could mention (*cough* Persona 5 *cough*), Dragon Quest has styyyyyle AND charm.

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Just started "Dead by Daylight" on PS4, and it is a LOT of fun. Still a surprisingly robust online community, so far very little shitty behavior, and perk seem additive rather than game-breaking. I feel like it may not have the legs to truly hook me long-term, but it's something I'll go back to a LOT.

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Bought myself a 2DS XL, and now I'm playing Mario Kart 7, which thank god Nintendo's online account system isn't so broken that I didn't lose the free game when changing SD cards.

Also, I don't care about Trump's dick. I still like using Toad.

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I went back to Train Sim World. Still chill, guys. Even when I'm overshooting a station because I thought I could jam two types of brakes a mile out and make it.

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Been playing through Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD, seeing as I never got all the way through it back in the day. Still looks good, still plays well; I've been really impressed with how well it holds up. I've managed to capture every boss alive so far and have been having a hell of a good time with it.

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Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 is real good!

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Started playing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and holy shit Dan was right, the music is terrific! Never played much DKC so it's taking me quite a bit to get use to the moves and movement but I'm enjoying learning the nuance of it. Never played much Rayman either and it's reminding me of my experience with Rayman Origins which I also had a good time with.

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Was traveling for work last week. Came back on Wednesday to the welcoming embrace of Forza Horizon 4. I thought 3 was actually a bit of a down-year for the series, and I think 4 feels like everything 3 wanted to be, and then some. Really enjoying the seasons, I think the tutorial structure is great, the soundtrack is close to the best the Horizon games have had since the original, and the Performance Mode for the Xbox One X breaths a crisp new energy into the game.

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Shadowrun Returns- very fun campaign with multiple ways to build your character. It was given out free by Humble Bundle a few months ago.

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After a bad month I treated myself to a Switch...which I have been using to play more Stardew Valley.

What I'm trying to say is that Stardew Valley is really good, you guys.

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I bought Grow Home because the praise Brad heaped on it made it sound like a game I needed to own. I finally got around to playing it, and I cannot echo Brad's sentiments enough. Grow home is challenging and engaging without combat (violence is possible, but it's not combat per se). The exploration-focused gameplay and emphasis on climbing reminded me of one of my favorite aspects of Breath of the Wild. In Grow Home, however, there's no stamina meter, for those who found BotW's stamina system too onerous.

Grow Home has a sense of humor that makes it feel like a missing entry in the Chibi-Robo series. Alternating between support and deprecation for B.U.D., the player character, the dialogue from M.O.M., the AI of B.U.D.'s mothership, keeps an appropriate tone throughout the game. Grow Home is also content to let the world tell the story without comment, allowing the player to make discoveries without the game making sure they "get it".

I wish there were more games like Grow Home.

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I'm currently re-playing through Golden Sun: The Lost Age and I will never not love that pair of games. In hindsight there's plenty that could be improved but fuck it, exploring with combat powers, djinn, the whole world...it's great.

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With what little free time I've had recently to play games, I've been spending with Timespinner. As someone who got SotN as a birthday gift the year it was released, I'm really enjoying it. They wear their inspiration on their sleeve while putting their own spin on the setting and mechanics. I also picked up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and am really enjoying that as well, but kinda put that on hold after picking up Timespinner. I wish i didn't have to work so much. Would love to dig deep into both those games.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun here and there. Black and White scared me off. This game got me back in.

But, I'm getting a little bored with it simply because I want something different. So, I kinda feel like being an asshole to myself and buy either Monster Hunter World which is a little too much for my PC to run at the settings I want, or the Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC and throw more money into the Activision-Bungie money pit.

Edit 10/20/18:
Ended up buying Monster Hunter World. As much as I don't prefer 30 frames, I can't really go back to Freedom Unite. Looking forward to the various quality-of-life improvements. And shout out to CDKeys for selling a version of the game with the Origin Armor Set. Makes me feel special.

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So Castlevania: Rondo of Blood is a pretty great upgrade to Castlevania. It moves smoother, graphics are better, controls are great and less stiff, more story (though I can't understand Japanese) and Maria is the best playable character in Castlevania bar none (she even gets her own ending!). It's also by far the easiest. Even Dracula's final form is pretty much a joke compared to previous installments. Still, I had a great time with it and I'm looking forward to my future 100% run with Richter (beat the game with Maria).

Now on to Kingdom Hearts!