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I never got around to playing The Witcher 3 on Xbox One X, or either of its DLCs...

I figured “hey, this is maybe the best campaign of the last decade, if not much longer, why not go for broke?”

Anyhow, I’m level 10 now. I’m taking my time and taking it all in again. It’s really just a fantastic game. The weather and lighting are gorgeous, and the whole thing is just silky smooth. This is on top of it already being one of the all time greats.

Anyhow, needless to say, revisiting this one was a no-brainer.

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Tales from the Borderlands has been very fun. I was wary since I didn't like Borderlands 2, and both tonally and comedically this is pretty similar. But the jokes come through a lot better in this kinda cinematic adventure game than they did in a first person loot shooter. You get good timing, a party of enjoyable characters, and all of these slapstick cutscenes that are very fun to see.

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Been playing Celeste again to collect some pink and yellow hearts on B Sides and C Sides respectively. That game is making an even greater case for GOTY for me now that I’m playing and beating the hardest levels.

Also been playing some Mega Man 11. Quite like it as I beat my first go around on casual, but even that has some challenge to it. The challenges are pretty tough but enjoyable to tackle. The boss rush challenge is much more difficult than you might think even though you have all the powers to beat the bosses. Tried another playthrough on normal to see how much harder it is on that difficulty.

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I just finished Yakuza Kiwami 2 and I fought two giant tigers with my bare fists.

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With all of Brad's talk of Destiny 2 recently, I picked it back up after putting it down relatively early. I finished the campaign and am just grinding through post-game stuff. I've also been playing a little bit of Enter the Gundgeon on my switch.

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Played through Vaporum recently. That game does a fairly good job of distinguishing itself from the Legend of Grimrock games, and not just in terms of aesthetic. The puzzle design relies less on weighting down platforms than LoG, and the secrets were better hidden. Not only that, but playing a single character as opposed to commanding an entire party is a pretty huge difference as well.

On the console side of things, I'm about 35 hours into Tales of Xillia for the PS3, and I'm really enjoying it. In terms of gameplay, this game is such a significant leap forward from it's predecessors, that I'm not sure I'll be able to go back and replay any of the older titles after this. The combination of character specific mechanics and more importantly the Linking System makes for an engaging and exciting action JRPG. I dearly hope that every game in the series past this has some version of the Linking System included; I know that they tend to return to the old Symphonia combat model as a foundation each game, but Xillia's additions need to be made part of that foundation: they're just that good.

On the story front, I wasn't that impressed for the first few hours. After coming off of Tales of Vesperia, which gives up partway through their story and just introduces a cataclysmic force that the team has to take down (the classic "Save/Heal the World" JRPG story), I wasn't that enthused to get into a game that immediately sets itself up as another "Save/Heal the World" story. The thing is, despite the fact that everything you're doing is ultimately in service of that tired old storyline, the game puts the focus on the human side of things. Human villains, human ambition, human suffering. While I initially believed this game's narrative to be just another one of those played out JRPG stories, it's distinguished itself as something else. In 2004, Tales of Symphonia took that tired storyline and turned it on it's head, to great effect. Xillia took that same tired storyline (which has only gotten more tired in the seven years since Symphonia), and made it genuinely interesting. I find that to be truly remarkable.

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Back at Celeste, trying to get the last few golden strawberries... still amazed at how layered and beautiful that game is, even with how simple its mechanics are. Having to beat each level without dying means you slowly gain this incredibly peaceful rhythm, dashing and bouncing with incredible ease and precision that you know you didn't even have a fraction of when you first played through this level, sometimes moving through entire screens without ever stopping, like some weird dance between you and the game's mechanics, slowly ramping up in tension as the stakes get higher and higher...

And then you mistakenly dash upwards when you should have dashed diagonally, and you're back at the very beginning. Getting those is definitely more frustrating than going through the level originally, but it also reveals another beauty to the game that you don't notice when you're just going through each screen one at a time.

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I'm positive Fire Pro's edit mode left some nasty burn in on my aging television after only a half hour's time, I'm gonna have to either give up making characters on my new one or set an egg timer to remind me to switch to the console menu every five to ten minutes.

I'm also positive that Rime is a great game, I enjoyed it so much I platted it, and may even like it more that Breath of the Wild when you look past all the cool physics based tomfoolery that can be had with Hyrule's overworld.

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Currently taking a break from Octopath Traveler and Xenoverse 2 in favor of Forza Horizon 4.

Driving cars through a country at 180mph, screaming between trees and houses, while never actually staying on the ground for more than 5 or so seconds, is still just as terrifying and fun as it was in 3. Also I managed to drive over all 531 roads. Actually got the achievement with 2 roads remaining (one was a sliver in the middle of some road, and the other was a tiny parking space off a main road next to a forest), which was weird.

Forzathon Live events are pretty fun when, especially when you get a larger group.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Overwhelmingly positive! I have not been this hooked on a CoD in a long time. After skipping the past few releases I was very hesitant to jump back in, but my brother suckered me in (and I'm glad I did). For me this iteration is hitting it's stride on all fronts (Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies), I've had lots of fun with all three the past two weeks. Multiplayer has always been solid, but Battle Royale and Zombies hooking me is surprising. The Blackout mode is a nice mix of PUBG-realism and Fortnite-craziness, makes for shorter rounds but they shooting still feels great. As for Zombies, to me it seems like they are back to the formula they had in BLOPS 1, and with a group of friends that can be super fun.

There is no story, and the character "missions" they are subbing in as story really reallly SUCK. After turning the voice-over volume all the way down they are bearable, but still extremely boring. That being said I could do without the single player campaign as that's not why I play CoD.

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I've been playing through Ass Creed Odyssey as Alexios. Spoilers below:

I just killed my father, then his adopted son charged me and I rolled out of the way and ended him in one swift spartan kick which catapulted him off the cliff. I lost his body....so hopefully there wasn't anything I needed to loot off of him. Then later, I got to the cult and met my sister for the first time, and for people playing as Kassandra....you missed out on that scene where she goes wild and beats some dude's face in. Also that whole performance was amazing. I was actually uncomfortable under her crazed gaze as she read the minds of the different cultists. I am dreading the day when/if I have to actually fight her

Anyway, his performance isn't nearly as bad as people say. He is a snarky meathead who is super confident (as he should be since he is a one man army) and I don't find his delivery to be grating. In fact, I think the awkward and often ridiculous things he says are funny, especially when he is trying to hook up with some strong Greek woman who treats him like a dumb, but attractive college dude. They usually just deflect his advances, or laugh them off like he is just a horny dog, and to the writer's credit he never gets insistent in a creepy way, it's more like he is just dangling it out there and seeing if there are any takers, and the women of ancient Greece seem to largely do the same.

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@nutter: Those foglings are amazing in HDR 4k! Great choice!

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I was ready to bounce off of Rayman Legends. I wanted to play something that wouldn't raise a lot of questions if the kids were in the room, so firing up Until Dawn was out of the question. I had some time to kill, I had Rayman Legends ready to install thanks to Playstation Plus freebies, so I installed it.

It wasn't that I was expecting it to be bad. I just didn't think that I was in the mood for a platformer. As it turned out I was very much in the mood that emanated joy at every opportunity, and I have received that in spades. I keep smiling as I play the game, laughed out loud at the Black Betty/Castle Rocks level and have just been having a grand time.

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Finished playing God of War (2018): amazing game, that ending is *loudest chef's kiss*.

Started playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (2008): At least the other games in the series are good and learned with this one.

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Mega Man 11 is super fun.

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I'm still really enjoying Overwatch! I only started playing about 3 months ago, but I do a game or two a day. It's just that perfect "pick up and play" game in the same way that TF2 was back in the day.

Granted, my hero pool is:

Mercy, Brigitte, Lucio, Reinhardt

But I've just expanded to Symettra and Zenyatta. Slowly branching out!

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The creatures in Dragon Quest 11 are extremely cute and I feel bad for hitting some of them with my sword.

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@sombre: make sure to master a damage character as well. it's good to master 1 or 2 heroes in each class

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@sombre: make sure to master a damage character as well. it's good to master 1 or 2 heroes in each class

I'm trying, but I can't shoot for SHIT nowadays. I've tried Soldier, but he's too hard to aim with. I'm kinda leaning towards Junkrat, but he feels a bit "no skill"? You just dump grenades everywhere

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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

I 100%-ed Origins. I visited every map marker, did everything I could find. The last 20% felt like I was doing it just because I came so close to doing it naturally that I may as well push through and finish it. I told myself when I started Odyssey that I'm not doing that again. Whatever I don't explore naturally is just going to be left unexplored.

And I'm having a great time.

Look at that armor!
Look at that armor!

Kassandra is a great character. Love her. I liked Ezio and Bayek too, but it's nice to finally switch it up. I'm specced primarily as a warrior with a dash of Assassin damage. Hunter seems like it's been nerfed compared to Origins? I'm having a blast wandering and sailing around this huge place smashing dudes with my hammer.

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Still working my way through DQ11 and I've been on another Falcom kick lately and haven decided to hunker down and finally finish Trails in the Sky SC. I started playing the game years ago on the PC and have decided to restart the game on the PSP, which is where I played the first game. About 10 hours in, hunting some ghosts and having a lot of fun getting back into it so far.

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Dead Cells: The combat feels great, and you really feel yourself getting better at each playthrough....

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@sombre: I recommend reaper if you're not good with aiming but still want a moderate skill character. he's all about sneaking up behind the enemy and appearing when you least expect it for a close confrontation with insane damage. he's what's called a "tank buster"

good luck

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I guess I’m a bit late to the party, since I just finished it yesterday, but Resident Evil 4 was *mostly* a positive experience. If only because I finally got to play through the whole thing without crashes and I got used to the control scheme only after a few hours.

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I've been playing that hot hot new game...Final Fantasy VI. Actually, I beat it tonight. I like those characters. The story had a lot of moments. The game was funnier than I thought it was going to be. And of course, the music.

People were right, it's a good FF.

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I think "I expect you to Die" has one of the best video game openings ever, and it's one of the most fun VR games I played so far.

Also Kingdom Come keeps amazing me. That one is going onto my top 10 list this year.

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Monster Hunter World on PC.

Don't know if it's because of performance patches since launch or my Strix 1060 benching higher than Digital Foundry's tests, but this game is running pretty well on graphical settings that I would describe as "high". Other than that, like with Pokemon Ultra Sun, I'm enjoying the various quality-of-life features that were added since older games.

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Omg, Celeste is good on every level. I've only played 2 chapters but it'll be amazing if it can keep it up. The only thing I'm ambivalent about is that it counts my death and that number is higher than any number in this game. haha

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I've been playing Brothers. I've probably put off playing this thing for 5 years or so (guessing), really liking it so far.

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Now that I've beaten AC Odyssey after almost 100 hours I'm starting to get deep into BLOPS 4, specifically Blackout.

I actually really love the weird challenges you have to do to unlock new skins. Just spent today unlocking some characters and it's been a lot of fun. So far I've unlocked Ruin, Ajax and Seraph.

Seraph was probably the hardest because first you have to shoot a specific target in firing range which is almost always a hot zone. The thing is though, you can only shoot the target with a pistol. Then once you do that a box on the table in front of you opens up and you get Seraph's ult weapon from the regular multiplayer. Then you have to get a kill with the gun which only has 6 bullets and no additional ammo. That part is pretty easy because it's a beefy gun. Finally, you have to finish the match top 5 with the gun still in your inventory which means you essentially are only able to carry one primary weapon the whole match.

I managed to unlock her in a duo match with a random. Luckily firing range was actually clear, there was only one other team there. My teammate died as soon as we left though so I pretty much played the rest of the match in the most cowardly way possible slowly creeping around the edge of the circle. I don't know how but I pretty much managed to stumble my way into a victory and unlock Seraph. This was the last kill


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I’m playing the Goat Simulator. I’m currently on GoatZ.

It’s a perfect game for the moment. I rarely have the time or the mental availability to get fully immersed in a game, this can be played in small chunks and while talking to other people in the room.

It’s really stupid, in a funny way. I had some good laughs with it.

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Quake Champions; aside from the inherent problems that come with balancing the different abilities it's been tremendous fun.

Love the fast pace, quick respawns and the general chaos that comes from everyone bouncing around the map like lunatics.

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Soldier of Fortune, recently re-released on GOG.
I've always loved this game, shooters of this era can fall into the trap of having maze like map design, and while it's not devoid of that it's levels are mostly coherent, and have a great high speed flow of constant murder.
Its graphics are just as delightful today as ever, there is the gore of course and we've had much bloodier games since, but the bloody details combined with the excellent animation just give it a great sense of polish, especially for a Quake 2 based game... It also has one of the greatest shotguns in video games.
Some work was needed to get it running with a modern quality, Activision has had the SOF PLUS mod taken down for... no reason... but i already had it and it works perfectly to give the game 1080 widescreen, it's essential, mouse acceleration needs disabling via the MarkC windows mouse fix, V-Sync needs to be forced off externally but frame rate limited to prevent issues (i use 118fps), and mouse sensitivity can be fine tuned using the m_pitch and m_yaw console commands.
I have a playthrough of a very hard JRPG planned which will be a struggle (Resonance of Fate), so i'm saving SOF's sequel as a reward for doing that, and i'm very much looking forward to it.

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So, I didn't like the idea of Mario vs. Rabbids for the longest time. I love Mario, and X-Com, so you'd think I'd be in the target audience - but I hate the rabbids and their stupid art style. I mentioned this on some forum somewhere - can't find it now - and somebody said: That's dumb. It's fine. Just play it. So I did. Turns out, they were right - it's a pretty great game! I finally beat it. The rabbids are kind of annoying, but not too terrible, and even (very rarely) charming.

I'd give it a solid 8/10. The battles are very fun and satisfying, with a strong strategic element, but rarely frustrating. Most battles I would plow through with no issues, but occasionally there were tougher ones that I would fail a few times before I came up with a better strategy. That's about the balance you want in a game like this. Also, the graphics were polished to a degree that I can only call Nintendo-esque - it's one of the prettiest games on the Switch.

There were just a few baffling design decisions, though. Certain character match-ups are not allowed - you always have to have Mario in the party, and always have to have one rabbid. Why? Also - after certain points in each world, you can't go back. Why? I want to find the missed chests. You don't fully heal after each battle - I think this is supposed to be in the spirit of X-Com, with its lasting consequences of individual battles, but it ends up being pretty pointless because it's not hard to heal up your guys or switch out characters if you really need to. But as a consequence, you cannot go back to the hub world without losing progress (since you would probably be able to heal somehow), which is very annoying. There are also lots of Metroid-style locked-off places that you can't get until you re-visit each world, but it's simply not rewarding enough to bother going back, so I missed a lot of the collectibles. I also wished you unlocked some more abilities for each character - you don't really develop anything interesting for your characters other than what you can get as soon as you get them. I wanted them to take some of their ideas a bit further, and get a bit crazier. Compared to something like X-Com or Into the Breach, MvB plays it a bit safe.

Aside from those quibbles... great game!

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@liquiddragon: I would say it's one of the best, if not the best, representation of anxiety in a medium since Hitchcock. I love the characters in that game so much it hurts.


I'm a few hours into Destiny 2, and -- as someone who borderline despised base Destiny 1 but enjoyed Taken King -- wow, this is an improved experience. I'm even kind of into the story; it actually flows and has some memorable characters. I still don't think the interface or menus are streamlined enough, but that is also improved a little. It's fun, plays really effing well, has a nice pace and flow to it, has more varied weapon drops (or so it seems), has a cool General RAAM-esque villain I would very much like to shoot, great visuals and audio. Yeah, I really like it *gasp*

  • Destiny: 5/10
  • Taken King: 7/10
  • Destiny 2: 8/10
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@brunothethird: Yeah man, I was really surprised how good that aspect of the game was. I actually liked pretty much every part of the game but the writing was on point and rang so freaking true. Madeline was so adorable too. On a side note, a detail I really liked was how she looked different in the selfies than in the text box. That's one of those weird things in games that I actually like but felt very deliberate in this game. Very inside baseball and something only gamers would pick up on.

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Hopefully all the pre-launch drama (authenticity circle jerk, delayed release, early launch for premier members, etc.) doesn't hurt the longevity of Battlefield V because I really, reallylike what I've played of it so far.

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@liquiddragon: Fully agree, especially about Madeline. I even love the tiny sad robot kitten sounds that represent her voice when she's having an anxiety attack; it melted my heart, because that's how it feels, like you're a tiny thing in a blizzard. Glad you're enjoying it so much -- I need to go back and do all the bonus levels at some point, there's a tonne.

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@brunothethird: Yeah, I also liked the various intonations in the gibberish, great touch. I got to credits couple days ago but man, it has a ton of content. I didn't touch the b-side and apparently there are c-sides. I got 100+ strawberries and clocked a little under 12 hours and it feels like you could spend double that no problem. I guess the only thing the game might be missing is a map. It felt like I was getting locked out of a lot of strawberries 'cause I took the "wrong" path. The chapters are large and there is no easy way to mop up the rooms you missed.

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Still playing Forza Horizon 4, but also started Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootin' 2 and that's pretty good. Only real quibbles are the Bounty/Wanted system and not keeping my loadout after getting off my horse, but everything else so far seems pretty fantastic. The new horse crashing physics are hilarious, the terrain deformation is really cool in snow and mud, and I'm just overall pretty into the cowboy simulation going on. Not a huge fan of the core system but it's easy enough to manage.

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I started Kingdom Come Deliverance recently. While you can tell it's a hugely ambitious game, there is quite a bit of jank being from such a small developer. But I'm still enjoying it. Looking forward to putting more time into it this weekend.

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@nutter: Oh man I just started the same journey this last week. I'm about the same level as when you made your last post. I'm taking my time and enjoying every second of it.

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I'm currently playing assassins creed odyssey, and it's absolutely amazing. I love all weapon types, skills, historical locations, audio, graphics etc. It`s first game I feel like was literally created for me. And suprisingy, this heavy emphasis on moral choices as something new to me, and was very refreshing compared to other games I played (hollow knight bloodborne god of war etc.)

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I finally picked up Spider-Man (PS4). I can only say "wow". This game looks, feels and smells like money. The production values are just through the roof. You could take out all of the combat and story, and it would still be well worth it just to swing around the city. I am living back at home for a little while, so I showed it to my mom. She has always wanted to go to NYC, so she loved watching me soar around looking at all the landmarks. The level of detail is just nuts. For example, in my short few hours so far, I've seen

- The flag of Wakanda at the United Nations

- Window washers high up on a building talking about how they wanted lunch

- Several individual statues that are exact replicas of real New York statues

- The visible offices inside of skyscraper windows

- Fire escapes that Spider-Man can actually run up using webs to launch himself between levels

Money, money, money.

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I'm on a mission to clear out some backlog stuff, so in the last couple of days I played through Transistor (which is real damn good) and I think I'm about three quarters of the way through Everybody's Gone to the Rapture which I totally slept on back when it came out and I'm really digging it so far.

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RDR2 - The general dialogue and chatter in the game - particularly around camp, but also all over, is second to none.

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Pokemon Red (3DS Virtual Console) - Going back to Gen 1 is not for the faint at heart, but it's great seeing those old sprites and hearing the old music again.

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Has anybody played OutRun 2006? I didn't know anything about the OutRun series but I'm really digging this game. Super chill music and overall vibe. Driving feels good, drifting feels good, and you go really fast. It's really simple and old school and there is a beauty in that. The premise of taking a girl as far away as you can is so pure, even romantic, it remains of a time when gaming didn't have to, want to, or need to be so much.

Just started playing an even older game in Rez and man, it's dope as fuck. Maybe I suck but I thought it was gonna be more of a breeze to get through. Really liking tho.

Lastly, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is starting to pick up? It's nice to be playing another console VC again. It fits like a glove and it too remains of the past, when I first played VC1 so many years ago. I'm still relatively early so I'll reserve my judgement. The grenadier seems OP which I won't complain too much, it's pretty cool addition as far as I can tell atm.

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Inspired by the debut of the Die Another Friday series, I just played both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark through to completion on their respective highest difficulties (00 Agent and Perfect Agent), and beat all of the cheat unlock target times in each...

...on emulator using keyboard and mouse. (I have no shame.)

They're both really good. Like, not just in the nostalgic revisit "good for their time" sense -- I think they hold up amazingly well. Maybe I just have an unusually high tolerance for dated visuals (it must suck to be a highly fidelity-sensitive player), but really I think the games' prescient mechanics, incredible and varied level designs, and sweet soundtracks really carry them.

Also, and this has potential implications for Die Another Friday: Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent is friggen hard. Like, my feeling coming out of my back-to-back playthrough (with Goldeneye first, at that) is that Goldeneye is not actually a hard game. Perfect Dark is a hard game.