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I'm early doors, only about 10 hours in, but Divinity 2 might be the best CRPG ever.

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I've been playing through the Syphon Filter series again, it's something i've wanted to do for a long time but with the Playstation Classic on the way i'm now finally getting around to it.
Yes i own the games, yes i'm playing through emulation, there are a few issues playing through emulation but i'm having a good time for the most part, the first game is fairly infuriating and i was very grateful to have access to save states, but it's clear how much more budget and ability went into making the sequel.
It's not perfect and still has an uneven difficulty and some odd design choices, but overall i'm having a great time.

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It helps that the running just looks so f***ing good.

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Been playing a lot of Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts lately. Really fun game that holds up but man is it a challenge. It’s not impossible though. It is surprisingly easy to rack up continues which is good, and the bosses are total pushovers.

The challenge comes from how randomly and frequently the enemies spawn. It can just be so unforgiving, and it really demands your attention and reflexes at all times. I’ve gotten close to beating Stage 6, and that stage is a real fucker.

Also been replaying Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. I never did the Bitterblack Isle content so I’m hoping to get to that this time.

Lastly I just started Monster Hunter World and damn, they just throw you into this game huh. I’m not sure how I will find the time for this game and all its intricacies but it seems promising.

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I’ve been slowly picking at Halo: Combat Evolved with my son via the Master Chief Collection.

Man, Halo + Bungie was magic...

Even turning on the old graphics, there’s something so clean and nice about the art. It’s been a fantastic game. We just have to wrap-up the Maw, then I need to see if I can get him into Halo 2.

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I've just finished No More Heroes and that game is A-okay. This game proves that motion controls could be hella entertaining. Suda51's works are always teetering to the brink of bad edginess without crossing the line, which I appreciate. I thought I'd be put-off by this but between this and Shadows of the Damned, I'd say once I got past the initial in your face 'baditude', I actually liked the characters and the story for what it is.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Though I generally prefer my open world shooters to be closer to Saints Row in terms of humor and was eying Sunset Overdrive, I can appreciate a Battlefield-esque tone with game that takes itself super seriously for the sake of variety.

Also, my Corsair K70 Mk2 came in the mail, so I can't wait to break in those Silent switches (though I'm not thoroughly convinced that mechanical switches are better than membrane yet).

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Devil May Cry 3 continues to be way ahead of its time and feels incredibly well paced in both character progression and missions.

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SWG Legends. I loved Star Wars Galaxies back in the mid-00s. Played a bit of SWGEmu, but I'm not a fan of pre-NGE so it didn't completely hook me.

Found SWG Legends recently which is an emulator for the game with the enhancements. Been playing over this last weekend and I'm thoroughly enjoying the nostalgia trip. I find that about 80% of my gaming these days is playing old games that I loved a long time ago, and 20% newer games. Gaming is all about rose-tinted glasses, if you ask me.

I've also jumped back in to The Division. Played it to death on PC when it first came out, but I bought it again on Xbox as it's X enhanced. It is not a perfect game, by any stretch, but the numbers go up and it's easy on the eyes. It's a great game to play whilst listening to a podcast.

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Played a little Overwatch before bed last night. I hadn’t played in a while. There’s always a new wrinkle, an updated or new character. The game is just a joy to play and the characters are all so well-crafted.

That game is my favorite competitive shooter of all time, probably...that’d put it above Halo 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein...

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About to move on to the Android Saga in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Switch, and honestly this game feels made for Switch. Perfect for just tackling a couple of missions on the way to and from work. I'm super glad the game lets you feel awesome no matter what race you pick instead of only focusing on Saiyans (picked a human myself because original Dragon Ball is best Dragon Ball). Going around alternately beating the crap out of my favorite characters and learning their techniques for myself is just a bunch of fun, and it's absolutely stuffed with content, but not in the bad way where the game feels bloated. I'm still enjoying myself immensely despite dumping a bunch of hours into Parallel Quests/Mentors.

If anything, I'm surprised by how much better the villains' techniques are. Final Flash is powerful, but Dodoria of all people has an ultimate that totally outclasses it in usability. And Death Beam beats the crap out of the Kamehameha. Anyway, I'm looking forward to taking down Cell and showing the cast how it's done!

On the home side of things, I'm finally taking a stab at Dragon Age: Origins after letting it sit on my PS3 for nearly 6 years. It honestly feels a lot more distinct from Mass Effect than I expected. It feels more complex in lore and gear, and I feel like I'm fumbling my way through dialogue choices without morality meters (though that may fit my character's backstory more than just saying the right thing all the time so bonus!), but I'm enjoying learning as I go through. I'm having a lot of fun building up my mage, and it's awesome seeing a fresh new world and characters from Bioware after you feel like you've seen everything. Can't wait for the story to really pick up and start building up my party!

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I have to finish the previous Divinity before I dig into the second one (I got a couple hours in), my brain is dumb that way. I'll get 'round to it...

I'm finally playing Baldur's Gate for the first time, though. I won't go into great detail: I'm five hours in and it's hooked me in different ways to Planescape: Torment (my personal fave ever) in terms of story and mechanics, but it's real good. It's more of a classic D&D vibe that I never realized was my shit until like 2014, so my references are limited to, "It's like a mix between Planescape and Pillars of Eternity," 'cos they're the only ones I've finished, but it's a really great one of these. I will happily finish this and the sequel over the next couple months before giving Divinity some deserved attention. I'd love to finish other classics in the genre ASAP to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of it, because so far all of the ones I've finished and tried have evoked ridiculously strong emotions in me, but I'm slowly getting there.

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I started playing Nier: automata this week and I very like it. I am just 5 hours in, but I dig the world building and the character. I have some difficulty understanding the chips system, but I will dig deeper in that this weekend.

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Dragon Quest XI is my go to relax and listen to podcasts game at the moment. There is nothing particularly outstanding about it, the battle system and character progression are very basic but I’m having a good time with it because it’s not too demanding (and because having a toddler running around the house makes turn based games perfect because you can leave them idle at any time)

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Started Spiderman yesterday...yep. I love Insomniac.

I’m not sure if I like this of Sunset Overdrive more, but Spiderman seems more elegant and thoughtful while Sunset Overdrive just left me grinning ear-to-ear.

Anyhow, I love that these guys are out there doing their thing.

EDIT: A few days later, still digging it a lot, but I think I liked Sunset Overdrive more. I’d happily spend more time with either game, though, they’re both great.

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I'm working on the three-headed beast of:

Spider-man. It's very good (but I'm concerned it's a little short and omg wtf are these environmental missions they're baddddddd)

Rocket League. The forever game. 10 minutes of bliss.

Final Fantasy XIV. Someday I'll get past these initial missions and get to 'the good stuff' in the expansions.

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Astro Bot makes me smile a lot.

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Rented Assassin's Creed: Odyssey a month or so ago and finished the main story just last week at 67 hours and I loved that game. Yes aspects of it are as bloated and derivative as people say but I was just so enamored with the experience of playing as Kassandra, this badass chick who can kick the ass of anyone and everyone in ancient Greece and who doesn't suffer fools gladly. In an odd way it may be the best Wonder Woman game never made.

I picked up Marvel's Spider-Man on sale and even in just the opening hours I can tell that this is the most top-notch treatment of the character and the fiction in video games. As someone who's not a big Peter Parker fan the portrayal of him and his supporting cast is being done so well that I'm eager to play more.

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Artifact is really fun to play. It's the first card game I've enjoyed playing more than collecting and looking at the cards. The matches are so tight and tense, too. I recently won my first game against a human by less than one turn and am currently on a 2-game draw streak.

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@farkas: Spider-man’s environmental missions are a slog. I’ll do one or two if I have 30 minutes to myself, but they’re not fun...luckily everything aside from the objectives (just getting around) still feels great.

I’m actually not sure what all the stealth-hate is about. I learned about the...loose...hit detection on sneaking by boxes and failing once and never had another issue. I really dig the Batman-style stealth missions, too. It’s like a little puzzle.

I’m not too far into the story, but I’ve found it underwhelming so far...maybe I need to focus more on that and less on tackling challenges. I feel like there’s some good set-up, but it’s not making good on it...yet.

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Been playing a lot of Valkyria Chronicles 4 and man, the combat is still so good. Loving the new additions.

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CrossCode! I feel like it's a real sleeper hit. That game is polished, charming, and (while it's a very long game) easy to put down and pick back up again days later without any issues. In that regard it reminds me a bit of SteamWorld Dig -- the movement and the shooting and the puzzles all just feel very nice.