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Geometry Wars 3 was real good to go back to. I rattled off the last 20 levels in Adventure mode (apart from the boss ... I've got to the last phase and called it quits). It puts you into positions of real danger, panic and fun. Failure's always my fault and I find myself always taking one more run.

Resident Evil is still amazing. After beating the HD Remake, I fancied getting back to the original and the classic formula really holds firm. There's an element to planning your routes, grabbing as much on the way and managing inventory which plays to the game's strengths. There is a real intensity that comes when the Hunters arrive for the mansion revisit and caverns. Yet, once you figure out how they operate, they become manageable.

Naturally, I've picked up where I've left off on Resident Evil 3. Just playing through it on easy for the sake of quickness. I did that with Remake and will be back at a proper difficulty at some point. The city throws me a bit. I'm used to RE being a corridor affair. When corridors do appear, they seem to be packed with zombies. Luckily, easy just throws ammo and guns at you. And Nemesis. I'm at the restaurant which feels like the first compulsory scrap against him.

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I am playing Fallout Shelter now. I like the idea, I am a great fan of genre and the drawing style is great. Though the atmosphere is unfriendly, residents of the shelter and even monsters look cute.

The game is not boring. Missions, children and accidents make it interesting. Hope it will stay the same even 10 days latter.

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Just finished Spider Man. The ending was amazing. I had problems with the gameplay and open world stuff but the story was fantastic and it ends really strong.

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I'm currently 60 hours into Persona 3 FES. Keeping up with the latest and greatest!

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I've been playing P.N. 03 and look, this game...has issues. But I really do find myself enjoying, for the most part, working within the limited movement and the various dodges. I see so much potential in this game and some of that shines through the rubble of Mikami's vision that is this infamous game. I'm on the last mission and enemies have stupid health and it's a long as level so Idk if I'll ever be able to beat this thing but I'll be that guy from now telling ppl P.N. 03 is pretty fun...I can't in good conscious recommend it to ppl but it's fun.

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So after 900 hours of pretty much just fuckin' around in the Boston Commonwealth, I finally went to Far Harbor and explored the morbidly beautiful bog that my PC can only run at 45 frames-per-second.

And the Salvage Beacons mod is a godsend since I always create a character than can build all of the things.

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Escape from Tarkov! I'm addicted...

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Played through Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and wow, totally into the FE series now. Story and gameplay starts real simple but both quickly get complicated and interesting. A lot of likable characters, a lot of unique missions to keep it varied through a long journey. A+

Started Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and it's pretty cool. What's impressive is how modern of a game it feels. It seems like a lot of games were influenced by it's accessibility, animation/automation, and it's use of cinematic camera angles. I see so much PoP SoT DNA, not only in current Ubisoft games, but AAA gaming in general.

Another title I've been playing is Ghost Trick. I've been playing it on and off, really liking the charming animation, artstyle, and characters/writing but last night I got to a point in the game that has me hooked. It's good at keeping a light tone even though the subject is dark and it's been a good bedtime game. Oh, and the music is sooo gooood.

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Elite: Dangerousis such a relaxing game to me. It's such a visually pleasing game, it goes well with anything I want to listen to and it's so easy to feel immersed in whatever style of play I'm feeling like at a particular time. Want to be a galactic bounty hunter? No problem. Ever wanted to feel like you're on an Enterprise-like mission of goodwill? Have at it. Dreamt of being a space trucker? Put some Yosemite Sam mudflaps on your ship and ride out into the black. Want to wander the galaxy aimlessly and leave your troubles in your FSD wake? Bet. Not to mention the in-game faction system.

Frontier have done such a great job with the updates and direction they are taking the game, and the community is solid as well. I've got it on both the Xbox One and PC, but have sunk the majority of my time in the Xbox version, but I've already got an Oculus Rift and once I pull the trigger on purchasing a HOTAS I'll be all the way in on PC.

There's never been a better time to go to space.

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I don't mean to blow anyone's mind but... Syndicate (2012) is pretty good. It definitely has the feel of a Starbreeze game (and Wolfenstein 2's gunfeel is absolutely a natural evolution of this), and the limited-but-quick hacks add a lot to the combat. Defusing a grenade, pick it up, making three guns explode on their owners and then throwing the grenade that they threw at you back at them feels amazing. It's making me want to convince a friend to buy it so we can hop in the multiplayer, because combat arenas are definitely the game's strongest aspect.

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Getting my ass handed to me in Bloodborne. This is not a complaint, 'cause I know that through my experience with the other games, mainly Dark 1, that I will eventually git gud.

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@the_nubster: I also really like the FPS Syndicate. I got it on an Origin sale for $5 and really enjoyed it. Especially on a 144hz monitor because it has an unlocked frame rate and it's very noticeably fast on that game.

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Started playing DUSK, really like it.
I just finished playing a JRPG and need some fast action to mix things up and DUSK fits the bill perfectly, still in the first "chapter" so it's still early days yet, but i'm looking forward to more.
Also, soundtrack, should have at least been mentioned in GOTY had anyone played the game, though Alex would have been the only one to represent it.

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As a fan of classic WRPG's it's always been a bit of a bug of mine that I've never completed a main line Wizardry game (though I own The Dark Spire, which is essentially a very snazzy Wizardry 1 clone) and figured that I'd do what I do for any of these series... just kinda pick one and go. Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant has a lot of good will behind it so why not do it first? The odd graphics of VI threw me way off and I couldn't start it. I can stomach abstract lines representing dungeons like the original few, but the shitty in-between of VI (everything has this terrible grey brick wall texture) rubs me the wrong way.

After 2 hours of rolling characters, thanking God that full keyboard controls exist, and getting my Grid Cartographer speed back I'm starting to see why people adore this game. All the skill systems seem overwhelming and full of noob traps that I might have to restart at LEAST once to get a hang on a good party. The minor puzzle of getting into New-City was its own reward and that alone has me excited to try and see this damn thing through!

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Long time, no positivity about games.

There was a discount for Forza Horizon 4 at a local game store so I decided to see how it is. A great time is what it is. It's fun to play something with a laid back approach to driving fast. It does have a ridiculous story with a very over the top hypey tone, but that's not what I'm there for. Just turn off the edm radio and fly through the countryside at 250km/h with glee. Luckily the stone fences in the british countryside are apparently made of cardboard or foam.

Brad convinced me that State of Decay 2 might be a game for me, so I picked that up as well. It's doing well with the balance of taking care of your camp and the characters within and exploring and destroying nests of zombies. Apparently I'm no longer sick of zombie apocalypse as a backdrop for games and enjoy this thoroughly.

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I started Pillars of Eternity last night, after owning it through twitch turbo for about a year and a half. I never "got into" the CRPG phase that was rampant as a child growing up in that age, with my friends at school playing Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate 2 etc. They looked fun, but the arcane nature of the 3E rules was too much for me. This is much more managable for a 5E player. I started with a Barbarian, and basically I'm role playing my character I play in D&D, which lead to me putting all my points in STR/CON and being visibly disgusted when the game suggests points in INT. But I know that counts for your AOE melee, so I could be convinced to put points into it I GUESS.

Anyway, good intro to a game. I recruited the wizard and the handsome smoker guy. Look forward to playing more today :D

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Had an itch to replay the original Red Faction yesterday, so I found a widescreen mod with higher resolution support, got it working perfectly with a controller, and dug in. I haven't played it since I was a kid on the PS2.

So far I think it holds up alongside the likes of Half-Life and other late '90s/early '00s story-driven FPSs. The premise of starting a revolution in a Martian mining colony is still a strong concept; that feeling of turning on your captors and messing up the works is a cool feeling, and they give you lots of opportunities to get your own back in fun ways (getting inside a drilling machine, sniping them from above while they flounder in the red dirt, pushing them into rock crushers, etc.)

Your character is the typical silent hero, but the Che Guevara figure, Eos, adds a passive morale boost during the early hours that sets the quest-for-freedom tone nicely. Without her, this would probably feel like an empty-ass game. No other significant characters yet, but I think I remember there being a villain soon. Head of Ultor or something? Can't remember. The general vibe, though, is maybe my favourite aspect: the anti-Ultor graffiti; the propaganda-esque posters; the dingy, Martian interiors; the subtle, moody synths. It all coalesces.

The basic gameplay is okay, but there are some nice mechanics, especially the destructive elements which I forgot were so developed in the first game. You can blow through walls to get around locked doors, open holes in huge pipes and get inside, access hidden cachés, sabotage tanks, remove the ground from under fools so they go splat. It's fun. Whizzing around in submersible vehicles is also fun.

Not much more to say, it's a neat game!

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I finished Detroit. I made one bad chiice towards the end and shit spiraled all kinda of out of control. I hated that at first, but that’s life. That’s some stories. So I’m now okay with my super grim ending.

I started Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I’ll hopefully put in a couple of hours a week, which is about all I can get for vidja game time these days. That opening event was pretty damned cool...

I played a bit of Onrush for the first time last week. Just a few hours with friends. That game is fucking cool once you figure out what you’re supposed to be doing.

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Mega Man 11 is fantastic, and I can't wait to see what they do next with the franchise, now that they've shown they still know how to make a great Mega Man game. It has also really made me want to break out my copy of Mega Man Zero Collection for NDS.

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I was in a gaming funk recently. I tried out plenty of games from the backlog like Arkham Origins, two Pokémon games and Resident Evil 4, but nothing was grabbing me. So I resigned myself to just trying out whatever on the bus to work.

Then I played Cave Story and got hooked.

This mix between Mega Man and Metroid is great. A variety of weapons to try, enough secrets to find to keep your brain active without being overwhelming, a bunch of different bosses (so many bosses!) and the story is actually getting pretty interesting. I think what made it stick for me is just that it's fun to play. It's just fun to blast through hoards of enemies with your guns while jumping around the environments, and your weapons being downgraded as you get hit makes encounters way more tense than most games. I've even found myself restarting from save points because I'd rather take longer to complete the section than take a hit and potentially have a hard time against whatever pops up next. It's really some great fun and I'm glad I impulse downloaded it a while back.

Also I could see myself playing Smash Ultimate throughout the rest of the year without even touching the multiplayer, which is really the highest compliment I can give a Smash game. The Spirit Board is so addictive it's insane! Just passed 400 thanks to the event this weekend, and I love how jump in, jump out the game is. I can pick up that game at any point and have fun, which is even more crucial now that my brother is constantly A. Playing Fortnite and 2K so he doesn't want to play with me or B. On punishment so he's not allowed to play with me. And thanks to how ridiculously large the roster is, I have a range of characters I'm good with instead of just one like the previous games! And the theme is so addictive! Probably my favorite in the series, just like this game!

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Horizon Zero Dawn.

I'[m kinda losing my shit with Aloy being voiced by Ashly Burch. Props to her for not being typecasted, but I'm tripping balls between the dichotomy of Aloy's relative seriousness and Ash's antics in the"Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?" videos. So yeah, this is gonna be an interesting playthrough as I look for any possible HAWP references.

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Earth Defense Force 5 has replaced Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair as my favorite game, because it's even more ridiculous and crazy. I kind of wish the Quick Look went more in-depth with it, but honestly the game is just so fun itself that I understand the want to just play and have crazy shit happen.

It has a lot of Quality of Life improvements from 4.1, such as:

  • The Ranger can sprint and gets an Equipment slot to either buff him up or call down his own vehicles.
  • The Fencer gets two equipment slots for various boosts and is insanely mobile compared to 4.1 (seriously, they can boost around the map like a tiny Gundam once you get multi-boost/jump equipment).
  • The Wing Diver gets a new Plasma Core slot to up her energy (and sometimes other buffs) as well as a jet boost/dodge (which turns her into a pixie on crack if you learn to spam it well) that can let her fly much further and faster than 4.1.
  • The Air Raider gets a third weapon slot and an isometric aiming system with airstrikes (making those far more useful than before), some strikes can auto-reload without having to kill enemies (in the background, too, so you can use other strikes while it reloads!) so you're never completely out of the fight (and you don't have to take a Limpet gun most of the time), and he is the King of the Battlefield, gloriously raining death upon Giant Insects and Innocent Buildings alike. Fear Him, For He Rides The Pale Horse And His Name Is Death.
  • The weapons and armor you get now are shared among all 4 classes at once (though at a much smaller fraction of the total compared to your current class), making it much easier to jump classes without having to grind them all out.

The weapon upgrade system feels like you're always getting something from a mission, rather than nothing if you already have the weapons. Plus, it means that a good weapon early on can absolutely see you through a large chunk of the game. For vehicles, it reduces the call-in cost which is great. Also, it's cumulative, so you only get the upgrades rather than have to pick between stats. I will say that the RNG on RNG (to get the weapon and have it be an upgrade) is a bit...much, and once I get most of the drops and am just needing that last upgrade for whatever, my opinion may change, but for now it's fine.

I will say that the radio characters aren't as good as 4.1 (There's no Scientist O'Hara saying "Progress faster than science is impossible!" and other amazingly bad lines), but they're still pretty great. I do miss my buddy Whale in his AC-130 bringing the thunder to Giant Insects, but the Crazy Lady Scientist in charge of the satellite weapons is crazier than ever for Satellite Laser Death, and I love it. She spends half the time cackling madly and the other half yelling at how awesome Satellite Laser Death is, and she may be my EDF spirit animal. The actual Squad characters (the Ranger group you spend a lot of time with, Spriggan Wing Divers, and Grim Reaper Fencers) are pretty great and do a lot more talking when you join up with them, it seems like.

Also, you're actually not in the EDF for the first handful of missions, you're just "a civilian", which is pretty interesting. Base Security Ranger, Construction Worker Fencer, Jet... Pack... Tester... Wing Diver?, and Vehicle Maintenance Air Raider. There's no actual difference to the gameplay, but when you call in stuff as a "Civilian" Air Raider, the support always seems confused at how a Civilian is calling in airstrikes and lasers, which is amusing. "How did a civilian get these codes? Eh, fuck it, fire!"

Wow that was a lot more than I intended to write out, but damn I love that game.

Edit: Oh also the finale of the game is fucking incredible and the last boss is just...so good. So good.

Also Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown came out and is pretty great, but the most important part is that Ace Combat 6: The Fires of Liberation became Backwards Compatible and that game is fantastically amazing and one of my all-time favorite games.

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Well, Kingdom Hearts III officially came out today. Here it is. Kingdom Hearts III. The retail discs are not bootlegged versions of Kingdom Hearts II burned onto DVD-R's. It's the real deal. The game that myself and others have been waiting roughly 13 years for: Kingdom Hearts III.

...I'm actually gonna finish up a late game save in KH2 HD on PS3 and then play Birth By Sleep and the other games on PS4. ...or on PS3 since I'm pretty used to playing those games at 30 frames.

So... I guess I'll be the one jackass on my PSN friends list playing a Kingdom Hearts game that isn't III despite buying it day one since I still have some catching up to do. Should still be fun since everything is in one place. ...or, two, kind of, like two thirds of it on both systems.

Screw the rules, I have money for multiple copies of Kingdom Hearts games!

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Finally got around to playing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and man I forgot that sometimes Metal Gear is alright. It gets pretty absurdly corny, though; especially in the final act. Glad I got around to closing out Solid Snakes arc, and I think this might be my favorite of the series (that I've played thus far). I really enjoyed some of the missions; Act 2 (South America) probably being my favorite. Navigating the conflict between the PMCs and the rebels, the Octopus fight, as well as chasing after Naomi was really cool.

Final Rating: Inchworm (which is fitting considering I spent most of that game crawling around).

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Finally got around to actually playing the Shadow of the Colossus remake I bought last year. It's not perfect or anything, but it's great to be back. They did a beautiful job with the new models and textures. People haven't used the kinda giant creature climbin' after this game as much as I had hoped, so there's still a unique appeal that just this game has.

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I just finished Darksiders 3 (with the big update) and I really enjoyed it. Its clearly dated in a lot of ways, but man I really enjoy the Darksiders series and I really want to play a Darksiders 4 with Stryfe. It could play just like Devil May Cry. The story in 3 is fairly straight forward, having to eliminate the 7 Deadly Sins and it was the perfect length. I honestly enjoyed D3 more than D2. If your at all a fan of the series and want a good 15-17 hours campaign, you should definitely pick it up now.

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I'm about 8 missions into an earlier Starbreeze game, Enclave. It's a nice mix of exploration and combat, with some decent level design for 2002. I've been playing it in first-person, and it's weird how much it feels like later Starbreeze games, especially the crossbow combat -- even the reticle behaves just like in Riddick and The Darkness, where it reacts to the environment. Your character also adjusts it depending how you're aiming (high, low, etc.), same as later games.

Yeaaah, it's decent. More of an interesting archaeological find than a classic, but I'll finish it.

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Deep Rock Galactic is the best co-op game I've played in a very long time, and I've been looking very hard for a few years. It's a first person shooter for up to 4 people (dwarves) that has random level generation. I have a few itches that I am dying to have scratched: red faction guerrilla destruction, fantastic lightning with a lot of shadows and atmosphere, a dark sense of humor, and a general playfulness. Even more important than all of those, the controls are pretty tight, especially the aiming. The old funfactor is very high, and I know that if I quit playing for a month, I can jump right back in and contribute to the team.

The random caves have a ton of structural variety. I've played for nearly 30 hours and only once recognized that I had been in the same room before and that it would be a dead end. The caves can be a room to room affair, a huge interlocked spiraling series of caves, just one huge cylindrical pit, a huge open cavern, or any combination thereof.

There are 8 biomes. Magma and glacial seem simple enough, but each has unique hazards such as lava vents, freezing winds, sand storms, salt stalactites, poisonous gas, radioactive crystals, electric crystals, fissures that crack open as you move, and so on. Certain enemies are also only in certain biomes, which, on top of each one having very different coloring, gives each area a specific feel.

The classes are all interesting in their own way, and compliment each other well to the point that two people running the same class is a liability. The devs are constantly patching to solve issues and add content: they doubled the number of weapons and added 4 enemy types in the last 2 months. Better than that, the aiming is tight on a controller, there aren't many connection issues, and the community has very few griefers.

The devs have a great sense of humor. The dwarves make dark, comical quips while you are mining and killing bugs. You can get drunk on the main ship, and the dwarves often make comments about how they don't like elves, but there are no elves in the game. They talk about how the dispatcher that sends them down to the planet has it nice and easy. One of my favorites, "Sometimes I wonder if all there is to life is mining, then I punch myself in the face." You can go into a mission drunk and the quips get even darker. It is an eerily close approximation to being drunk as well with double vision and occasional stumbling depending on how drunk you are. So much attention to detail.

There is a two hour demo that is not really long enough to get a feel for the classes, especially without a guide. If you are interested in playing on xbox, and don't mind a small crew of salty 30 somethings that seem to enjoy failing spectacularly as much as winning, please send me a message. The game is a little steep at the regular price of $25, but it is damn good.

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I was surprised to see Chuchel on Vinny's GOTY list so checked out the QL and was immediately sold on it. I'm just having fun clicking on stuff and seeing funny stuff happen. Was looking for something not really demanding and I'm just loving it. Need to check out the other games from the developer, I'm a fan now.

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Just finished Massive Chalice and i feel like people were quite harsh towards it. I was getting some serious Into the breach vibes as i was knocking enemies into eachother and pushing them around the battlefield to line up my AOE abilities. The game is not perfect: You can't forge relationships with your crew because the game spans hundreds of years, and that makes it hard to keep track of the equipment & skills your heroes have at a glance. It's also incredibly hard to transition away from your picked classes once you chosen your regents and they produce kids of the chosen class. If you want to make a switch, your best bet is to spend time to get some outsider heroes to your realm and hope that one of them can transition you towards a new class. But overall i had a good time with it.

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I just finished (I'm guessing the first ending, since I don't even have 200 moons yet) of Super Mario Odyssey with my daughter. I had extremely high expectations for that game since it's a mainline Mario game and seemingly every single human loved it and sang its praises. It completely shattered these lofty expectations and then some. I could use words like fantastic, amazing, awesome, mind-blowing and I don't think they'd do the game justice. I haven't smiled/laughed so much playing a game in I don't know how many years. It's freaking unbelievable what they managed to squeeze into this title. And it's not over! I know there's still a crap-ton to do and I'm very excited to find out.

I'm also playing Pyre for the first time. Again, super high expectations because I absolutely loved Bastion and really liked Transistor. Another fantastic game from Supergiant, as if they needed to convince me of their quality as a studio.

All in all I'm in a good place with what I'm playing right now!

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Apex Legends is easily the best BR game I've played. Respawn nailed it. I just hope they're able to update frequently to keep the game going.

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I've been playing Wargroove. It's pretty good! I wish it did a little bit more to innovate on the Advance Wars formula, though. Also - it is HARD. One Caesar mission in particular, where you have to defend against hordes of enemies, has been nigh-impossible for me. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Luckily, it is optional and I've been able to progress past that point. I know, I know - I can lower the difficulty. But, I am stubborn.

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Apex Legends- guys, this game is good. Really good. I hope the support for it is frequent and robust.

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Star Traders Frontiers- I never knew how complex a mobile game could be, in a good way. The neat art direction, the freedom, and the music. And then I find out it was made by two dudes?! And the kicker is it isn't even a huge file.

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That Resident Evil 2 remake has been incredibly relaxing. It has a wonderful sense of flow.

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I picked up the Ratchet & Clank HD collection on Playstation 3, and have been playing through the first one. It's been great fun. Besides playing Ratchet 3 with my brother/watching him play through it back when it came out, an experience I barely remember, I've never really played these games before. Ratchet 1 is a really good game. It looks beautiful for the ps2, it controls well if primitively once you gotta rely on auto-aim, the characters are all animated and the dialogue is snappy and funny. The levels are less collectathons and more separate paths leading you through gauntlets of enemy fights and platforming. It's definitely got its own thing going on.

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I've played through a bunch more Wargroove on normal settings, and it turns out it's... not really that difficult. Mainly, just that one mission is difficult! Although, we will see as it progresses. I do wish it had more innovation - I realized there is almost a one-to-one mapping between Advance Wars units and Wargroove units (although I haven't played AW 15 years or so, I still remember them pretty well...)

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is probably the best attempt they could've made at bringing the original game's sensibilities into 2003. Solid, enjoyable platforming coupled with some .... combat. Fuck that elevator, though. And most of the big mob fights, for that matter.

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Just started a few games over the past weeks...

Ni No Kuni 2: Holy cow, this game is so much fun. I'm about 5 hours in and really having a good time. I love that combat is somewhat simple and that the game is sort of lighthearted. I don't really have an interest in anime or Studio Ghibli, but the animation and color palette is refreshing.

Dark Souls Remastered: The original Dark Souls is a game I somehow never played. I'm enjoying this one quite a bit, but it definitely seems more difficult then the others. I think I still like DS2 and DS3 quite a bit more, but this game still scratches that itch. It really has me wondering what Sekiro will be in March.

Yakuza Kiwami: I watched the Yakuza Zero play through on Giant Bomb and loved the story. I forgot I had this game downloaded from PS+ and just gave it a go. The combat is sort of hit or miss, but I'm loving the "action soap-opera" that this game really is. I'm sort of intrigued about the sequel now.

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@mightyduck: That's really interesting to me. The trilogy's level of difficulty per game goes easiest to hardest in order of release, for me. I can beat the first DS without dying very reliably, but DS2's DLC was nuts, and DS3 was by far the most difficult for me with its enemy transmutations and often unpredictable boss patterns. It has so many more moments of frenzied attack; it's a tough bastard of a game.

DS2 is super underrated. I have to say, I find its unique qualities and colourful, almost Narnian art direction so much more interesting than the endless links and references DS3 has to the original. It almost felt like a re-imagining of it. Great game, though.

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@brunothethird: I think you're spot on with the colorful art in DS2. That was the first Dark Souls game I played (I suppose Bloodborne was first, all things considered) and probably my favorite. I loved the look of each world. It truly felt like each place had it's own specialty. I think what's been making DS tough for me is the lack of traversal between bonfires. That's the only nitpick I have with the game so far.

DS3 did have it's difficult moments as well. I'd be lying if I didn't summon either NPCs or random people to help with each boss for pretty much all of these games.

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Playing Dark Souls 1 Remastered.

*gets invaded in Sen's Fortress by the narrow bridge near Iron Tarkus*

*invader, using a Zweihander, tries to nudge me off the bridge*

*invader misses a swing and falls off the bridge*

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What game would you play friends?

I have Assassins Creed: Origins and Odyssey. I got them both cheap in a steam sale, and I wanna sink some time into one. Which one would you guys pick though? I like the idea of Bayek, but the whole idea of Greek Mythology turns me on.

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@sombre: I'd go with Odyssey, because of the boning. Also because I'm more drawn to Greek mythology, but mainly for the boning.

Yeah. I know. I'm not helping, but you asked, and I couldn't resist, so...

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Crackdown 3: While it's fairly short, it was the perfect game to play during a busy weekend of work around the house. Not too frustrating and it reminded me of the original and took me back to my teenage years a bit. Thanks to Game Pass, it also only cost me about two bucks thanks to that promotion.

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Out of excitement for Hollow Knight: Silksong, I started playing through Hollow Knight again. This time, I'm making sure to take a different route and get power-ups in a different order. That's one of the things I loved about Super Metroid, the ability to sequence break.

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Just finished New Dawn, and I'll say this for it and FC5 - Joseph Seed, by himself, is the best antagonist of that series. The characters around him (as with most the NPCs in the two games) could have really used some fleshing out, but the spiritual mysticism of Joseph himself was absolutely fascinating.

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I haven't played in a while but I last played Mortal Kombat Trilogy

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@sombre said:

What game would you play friends?

I have Assassins Creed: Origins and Odyssey. I got them both cheap in a steam sale, and I wanna sink some time into one. Which one would you guys pick though? I like the idea of Bayek, but the whole idea of Greek Mythology turns me on.

Origins. It's a better game with better characters and a better world that doesn't overstay its welcome. Odyssey needed to be about 1/3 as long as it was.