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Metro: Exodus is pretty darn great. The first area with it's electrical demons was a near perfect mix between the first Metro games, modern Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. I think they struck the balance between hazardous, but mostly fun shooting, exploration and inconvenient busywork well.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered is also awesome. I never had the original and remember only bits and pieces that I saw my cousin play. It's a very enjoyable experience even with very limited nostalgia for the original, but best enjoyed in shortish sessions like 7.

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Crackdown 3. I understand the criticism, but I’m having a lot of fun.

Yeah, the game seems lile a boondoggle and a huge missed opportunity, but it still checks those Crackdown boxes just enough for me to plan on collecting all those orbs and maxing out all those powers.

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Apex Legends - The game that made a genre click for me. I haven't had this much fun in a shooter for a while. 4 wins and a kill leader under my belt. The shooting feels incredible. Love this game.

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Why not:

Trials Rising beta. Played the closed (?) beta a few months (?) back on PS4. It was fun, but there was enough lag that it soured me

Grabbed the open beta on PC. Runs buttery smooth and looks gorgeous.

And I am really interested in just how much more of Fat Shady is in the game as integrating his "university" in game may be the smartest thing Red Lynx has done since adding a second bike. I have a sneaking suspicion these five lessons were the extent of it (haven't checked in with his youtube channel lately), but even if that is the case it does wonders to teach the basics. And having a step by step for an Extreme would be a dream come true

So yeah. Ended up buying on uplay shortly thereafter

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Metro: Exodus: I only had a chance to play a few hours of this, it's a very good game so far.

RE2: This is an incredible game. I beat the Leon campaign, and starting my Claire campaign soon.

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After finishing the RE 2 Remake, (which I adored) I’m returning to Okami HD on PS4. After a few hours of fixing trees, and feeding animals, I realized just how special this game is, even if it’s basically a Zelda clone. The serenity is real.

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Celeste is making my thumb hurt for the first time since Super Meat Boy.

I just ran into the Pico-8 in the hotel and played it all the way through in one sitting, and I feel like a new man having come out on the other side of it.

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I never really focus on what's popular/new in the gaming community so I've only recently started playing Mafia 3 and also Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness since I've always wanted to start that franchise. Both games are fun, Mafia 3's bugs and crashes are infuriating though.

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I've bought the Ratchet & Clank Collection, which are the HD ports of those first three games for PS3, and I'm currently making my way through them. I've beaten the original and I'm more than halfway through the second game, I believe.

Loading Video...

They're very fun games. I never had much to do with Ratchet originally since I was a Nintendo kid at the time, but they're pretty spectacular. Smooth 60fps most of the time, Ratchet 1 especially having beautiful graphics and an amazing story for the time. Ratchet & Clank have this cool buddy cop thing going on for the first game as Ratchet gets over himself and they become close friends through adversity, which is very uncommon for these kinda platformers, and games in general. Lots of funny, snappy writing in it. Ratchet 2 isn't as good in those aspects, plot's kind of a mess comparatively, but it takes the gameplay to the next level by adding strafing, more impressive weapons and more impressive enemies to match. I spent hours just in the first Arena in that second game.

Loading Video...

Look, if you find yourself like me getting tired of new releases time and time again featuring the same old trends like grizzly or overly marketable characters shooting guns, usually in a post-apocalypse, featuring constant radio chatter, usesless loot, dull crafting, shot/reverse shot dialogue trees, climbing towers to open up areas of the map in an unnecessary open world etc, etc, then these games are an amazing breath of fresh air. There's nothing really like Ratchet & Clank besides Ratchet & Clank, and they're so old at this point that they dodge most of the modern gaming landscape's more annoying tendencies, while still remaining very playable. I'm having a super good time going through them.

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I'm playing anthem and I absolutely love it. I find it hard to see what people dislike about the game. The shooting is great, the mission variety isn't bad and it's just fun. I began playing after the patch (ps4 pro) so I never had to experience the bad stuff.

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I've been on a bit of a tear recently, so I've got a bunch of stuff to go through. Here goes:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: It had been a while since I had played a traditional 2D Mario game, and it appears that they have continued to be really good. I really liked the propeller suit, although it did render some levels completely devoid of challenge. My one complaint was that I feel like the triple jump they pulled from 3D Mario games didn't pass muster; I couldn't reliably pull off that technique at any point during my time with the game, and I'm quite good at platformers. That move in particular just seemed a little unresponsive. Great game, otherwise. Beat it, got all the star coins. 5/5

Wonder Boy - The Dragon's Trap: I don't have any history with this franchise, but I found this remake to be endearing. The art and animation is quite good, and while I think the platforming is maybe just a bit slippery for my tastes, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I look forward to playing that new Monster Boy game dotEmu put out recently at some point. Beat it, got all the items/equipment/charms. 4/5

Zwei - The Arges Adventure: As I continue to work my way through the Falcom catalog, I continue to be impressed. Zwei's writing ended up being just a bit too cheeky for my tastes, but I found the game to be engaging enough, if a bit simplistic. Made my way through the critical path and saw credits. 3/5

Runner 3: I adored bitTrip Runner 2, and for the most part, I adore number 3. The game continues to look and sound fantastic, but some of the additions they've included in this third title really don't add anything to the game, and some detract from some of the game's strengths. The 2D platforming segments are completely forgettable, aside from some of the Ren and Stimpy-esque enemy designs, and the vehicle sections of some levels are...unfortunate. The occasional spot in a level where they change camera angle on you is also never appreciated. While I did beat the game, I didn't perfect it, like I did with the previous game. The final Impossibly Hard level had a section near the end that I just couldn't do to save my life, so I guess I'll never find out what that island with the radio tower on it is. Oh well. 3/5

The Mummy - Demastered: WayForward rarely disappoints, and even with this budget movie tie-in, they still manage to make something worthwhile. A very competent MV that doesn't overstay it's welcome. Great music, and as usual, some very good animation. Beat it, but never managed to find the last few of those collectibles. 3/5

Turok (Remake): This was...surprisingly alright? My only experience with Turok had been the 64 version, which was awful. It chugged something fierce, and you could barely see more than ten feet in front of your character. I had a pretty good time with this version, though. Some genuinely solid fast-paced FPS action. Weird boss fights (You fight a couple of cars at one point), but overall it seems like Turok might actually have been a decent game all along? Don't quote me on that, though; there's a lot of awful first person platforming. 3/5

Mini-Ghost: A small MV that accompanied my purchase of the main game, Ghost 1.0. I've yet to play the main title, but I really enjoyed this little prologue game. 100%'d the game in a single sitting (two hours clean), and moved on. 3/5

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Anthem, it's good actually.

It may not be the Bioware game I would have wanted in my heart of hearts but it's still a hell of a lot of fun to just tool around in on its own merits.

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Soulcalibur VI, Anima Gate of Memories and Rogue Legacy.

The games are fine. But I finally bought an Xbox One controller, and it's probably my favorite controller to date just based on the D-pad alone. But I've yet to play Devil May Cry 3 with it, so I won't call it the greatest controller of all time just yet. That's the DualShock 3 until further notice.

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Still digging Tetris Effect to no end. It doesn't matter how bad the day, it doesn't matter how stressed that I may be, this game manages to set me at ease, to breathe, and to let my worries slip away. Every day I try to get a round of Endless Marathon in, and I feel my skill growing each time.

I've loved Tetris since the late 80s, and this version of the game hooks me and makes me grin every time.

Shameless promotion: my latest high score was precisely 800,000. That felt fantastic. Here's the video if you care. I just wanted to share something that made me smile. A lot.


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I've been playing an embarrassing amount of Apex Legends lately and even won a couple games. I have to admit I've not been the biggest fan of the "sneaky bastard sim" genre that has been trending more and more in gamingXstreaming culture. Leave it to the dev that made one of my favorite online shooters ever with Titanfall 2 to make one of these games that I actually like.

I played through Dark Souls 2 again but did so in the Scholar of the First Sin version for the first time. Though I generally like the DeDarkBlourne franchise I've never played the DLC of any of them so I was pleasantly surprised by how cool some of the extra bosses and added narrative devices ended up being. I might say this is my favorite game in the series which I know is not a popular opinion.

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I started the Yakuza series recently and it's been fantastic. 0 turned out to be one of my favorite games ever, and Kiwami has been pretty great (non-stop Majima fights aside). Don't have a PS4 so this will be the last one for awhile, but I'll definitely be playing the rest in the future someday.

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It's been pretty much just APEX in the last three weeks. I'm not very good at it. I've "won" my share of games, though that usually means something between "I didn't do any damage, didn't get any kills and didn't revive anyone, but the pros let me tag along anyway" and "cool, I got a/2/3 kill(s) and revived a person, but my teammates still did triple the damage I did". If I'm the best on the team, we usually make it to somewhere between 5th-10th place at best. My best solo-bathtub-wiener run was second place, where the first enemy engagement lead to my quick death...

I don't think the Legends are particularly interesting, and the customization stuff and leveling up are kind eh, but it's just so much fun to play. Again and again and again...

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I recently played through Hellblade and really enjoyed it. For some reason I was given the impression when it was released that it was better as an experience rather than for its gameplay. To that end, the experience is amazing. I didn't always like their storytelling but I always appreciated and respected it. They went for it and overall it was a singular, powerful experience. Their representation of psychosis was really thoughtful and considered and accurate from what I've heard and worked with (I'm a mental health therapist). The gameplay, though, is better than I was led to believe. Though the interactions with the world is limited, the puzzles that take advantage of those interactions are neat and varied. The fighting was fun too. It's simplicity at the start belies the ways in which the combat scenarios require strategy and technique leading to some pretty intense moments. I was really impressed overall and appreciate that they were given the chance to make something so unique, even given the broadening of the types of games available to play.

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I've been coming back to Sunless Skies over and over again. I have some minor gripes about some UI stuff and it would be cool if my big beefy Empire "allies" didn't indiscriminately murder my poor little train with a barrage of gunfire intended for an enemy as often as they do, but those are like -- my ONLY complaints. Everything about this thing is Sunless Sea polished to a high shine, but not in a way that dulls or blunts its edges. The writing is assured and whip-smart and manages to be spooky, clever and amusing without ever falling prey to overpreciousness or weird tonal inconsistency. The world is a compelling advancement from that of Sunless Sea but still recognizable as the same world, and the combat is actually kind of exciting once you figure out how it works (structurally this game is essentially Star Control 2, and I mean that comparison in the best possible way).

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I am kind of enjoying Technomancer. Bought it about two months ago, but just recently started to play. It's kind of a nice b-RPG which i like at least as much as Witcher 3 :) Honestly, it's not less enjoyable to me.

While The Witcher 3 didn't impress me that much as i was expecting (there must be someting wrong with me), i wasn't expecting much from Technomancer but, so far it's an enjoyable little b-RPG

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I got the Phoenix Wright Trilogy for my 2DS XL for 10 bucks on sale and so far (midway through the third case) I love it. Some of the court room shenanigans are truly captivating and the translation is top notch. Also, the pixel art and animation looks dope on the upper screen. If there is one thing I dislike so far it is the limited number of objections. I guess I would have preferred it without any fail condition. All this does is make you repeat everything you already did.

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XCOM 2: So far, it's decent. I'm always a LITTLE confused, as there seems to be a lot of systems in place, and some of them feel a bit "huh, how should I know that". Like, I'm up to the bit where I'm just unlocking Magnetic Weapons, and about to hit the blacksite, with the Avatar Project about 8/12 pips full. I kinda feel like I should keep doing throw away missions so I can get a 6 man squad, but the missions are so "whatever" that it's hard to level certain members. My shotgunner has almost QUADRUPLE the kills of the nearest guy. Close Quarter Specialist is WAY strong.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey : I haven't really played an Assassins Creed game properly since...brotherhood? I skipped 3, did about 5 hours on BF before getting bored, and aobut 4 hours on Origins (Which I'm defo going back to once I finish Ody). I like Ody so far either way. The setting is cool, the stealth makes you feel so strong, and the gear upgrades are cool, even if I just wish I had a spear all the time because they feel the most fun. I'm currently about to hit the second "area", after getting the ship, but I've spent a ton of time fannying about on little islands so far. While I'm here, I guess I'll ask about this huge dungeon looking island I approached? The icon was a round green circle IIRC, and there was 3 treasures in there I think. It definetely stood out as being much more designed than the rest of the little caves etc that I've encountered. Btw, the "This is Sparta" kick is fucking so overpowered. Get a boss up a cliff, then welly him off for a 1 hit kill.

WoW: Battle For Azeroth: I have no idea why I'm playing this. It's so braindead, but seeing that gearscore go up by 1 every 3 hours just does something PRIMAL to me. I'm currently redoing all the content from my teenage years just to see it again. Shoutout to Karazhan for being raid of the year, all years

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I got the Phoenix Wright Trilogy for my 2DS XL for 10 bucks on sale and so far (midway through the third case) I love it. Some of the court room shenanigans are truly captivating and the translation is top notch. Also, the pixel art and animation looks dope on the upper screen. If there is one thing I dislike so far it is the limited number of objections. I guess I would have preferred it without any fail condition. All this does is make you repeat everything you already did.

Just wait for the final Godot case. If you don't cry, you've got issues

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@richardqx: I've been on the fence about checking out Technomancer for ::checks watch:: ever since the game came out, and I think you just convinced me to pick it up. Thanks!

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Played about 10 hours of Stellaris Console Edition on my day off. Fantastic, relaxing, and the music is killer. The controls are pretty great too and I hope they incorporate the control scheme to other 4x games on console in the future. As is, the set up is similar to Cities Skylines and Suriving Mars, so the groundwork was already there for pc to console conversions.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: It took Ubisoft 12 years to make an Assassin's Creed game that inspires a lot of excitement and engagement, granted that I like II and IV well enough.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: It took Ubisoft 12 years to make an Assassin's Creed game that inspires a lot of excitement and engagement, granted that I like II and IV well enough.

Mate I'm fucking BUZZING playing Odyssey at the moment. I practically RUN home from work to get home and play it. I can't even explain why I like it so much. I just love going from ? to ?, cleaning up absolute BORING little camps, but fuck me is it fun to play. I think part of it comes to being a power fantasy to the max though. You just WRECK EVERYONE in your path.

Getting the upgrade that lets me smash shields literally changed the game in the best possible way

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Yakuza Kiwami: Yep... still awesome

Tesla vs Lovecraft: Nice little good one of that genre. Good for mindless fun.

Katamari Damacy Reroll: lala, lalalalalalalaaa... Katamari Damacy!! I get that song stuck in my head, but I am not complaining.

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Road Redemption is janky, but captures the feel of Road Rash enough that I’m having a lot of fun with it.

The new Toejam and Earl is what you’d want. When you play it, everything works like it should, which is great.

Mortal Kombat X is still a ton of fun. I KINDA wish they’d dial back the fatality gore in favor of less disturbing brand of creativity, but I’m still planning on getting MK11 day one.

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Dead or Alive 6, graphics are great, performs very well on PC, fighting still feels great, i like grinding through the Quest mode which gives me something to do offline. It's a shame the game has a target on its back cus it's a really good game, people just can't seem to get their heads around the idea of simply not buying the totally optional season pass.

No Caption Provided

I will say the base price of the game is expensive though, won't defend that.

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Every time I think about playing FC New Dawn or Crackdown 3(I've enjoyed both) I end up playing Apex instead. I've already unlocked every achievement because it's so damn addicting. It definitely helps that I win a bunch of games.

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Finally slowed down on buying ALL the video games to make time for the ones I have. Bouncing between a couple

Currently wrapping up Claire B play through in Resident Evil 2

Breath of the Wild(yes, I barely touched it.....*hangs head in shame) and I'm LOVING it. Forgot how gorgeous it was.

I will be getting Sekiro however when it comes out, but am looking to make time for Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Battletech.

Other than that bouncing between Battlefield V, CSGO, and Apex with friends.

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@sombre: Do you have the War of the Chosen expansion as well?

In regards to BFA....I hear you. I do still love WoW, and it hurt me greatly when we lost our one site champion(Matt Rorie), but I just don't have the time for it right now to justify the sub. I really wanna see the new raid though, it sounded cool during the reveal of it.

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@sombre: Do you have the War of the Chosen expansion as well?

In regards to BFA....I hear you. I do still love WoW, and it hurt me greatly when we lost our one site champion(Matt Rorie), but I just don't have the time for it right now to justify the sub. I really wanna see the new raid though, it sounded cool during the reveal of it.

Nah I figured I'd play Vanilla, as I hear WOTC adds a lot of really tough stuff, and I'm still pretty new. I'm enjoying it, but dedicating all my free time atm to AC:O. It's fucking awesome

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@sombre: I hear ya. I did play a lot of Xcom Enemy Unknown, and had played vanilla Xcom2 before WOTC, but I wouldn't say the stuff it adds is "hard" per se. Though the "chosen" encounters can get DUUUMB, but it does fix a lot of at least my main gripes with vanilla. It also adds some fun variety.

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The moment-to-moment gameplay, the shooting, the abilities, and the flying and stomping around the world in a Colossus is a lot of fun. I like the Ranger, too. The Storm and Interceptor not so much. The Colossus is my jam, though!

I had some fun times with randoms over the weekend.

One was I entered one of the Freeplay dungeons just because I happened to be running by. The first area where there's usually a combat encounter was oddly empty of enemies. I continued on and found a lone Ranger farther in, sitting in his Bulwark Point at the end of a corridor opposite a room full of enemies. He was taking potshots at any enemy that wandered into view. Some of these combat situations can get intense, and this Ranger must've had a go but couldn't handle it alone. Well, I did what I do and charged in there! It was one of the more difficult encounters with several Dominion Valkyries and Brutes that like to stun and freeze. Once I was in there and drawing their attention the Ranger was able to enter the fray as well. Together we were able to clear the room, and after exiting into the open world we gave each other a wave and went our separate ways.

There's a maximum of four people in the open world at once so the odds of entering any particular dungeon and finding another Freelancer in there is very low. To find someone that actually needed help was pretty damn awesome.

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Ape Leg: Feels good like a Titanfall should. But the main thing that stood out to me are the fantastic turnaround times between matches. Since I'm a noob who plays with randos and started after everybody got gud (ugh, those words I just typed), my matches tend to be... short, but load times are so shockingly fast that it keeps me playing beyond when I'd normally give up. And like Titanfall 2, it runs amazingly.

Dead by Daylight: Still a ton of fun. I had an interesting match as killer last time in which two players DCed at the beginning, so I played as normal for a while to rack up bloodpoints and get a little something out of it. When it was down to me and the last survivor, I didn't want to take advantage of an unfair match in my favor (I remembered being on the other side of that situation and the killer helping us max out our BP before letting us escape), so I hunted him down, made sure he knew I wasn't going to kill him, then led him around until I found the hatch and let him jump in. Dude was super grateful in the post-game chat. Given how wildly toxic the DBD community is, I think I must have shocked him, haha. Pay it forward and all that.

Devil May Crive: It tickles the same "This is so damn stupid and I love it" bone that MGS (or more appropriately, MGR) does. Not my favorite series in the genre, but I'm enjoying it more than I was expecting.

I really need to get back to RE2, as well. And play more Half Dead 2. And Overwatch. Ughh, why are there so many video games?

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#1740 Posted by mezmero (3753 posts) -

I've played a few hours of Vampyr. Many aspects of this game could be described as extremely mediocre but I find the game structure itself to be positively fascinating. There's an odd satisfaction to sort of fattening up a potential meal through gathering information about their darkest secrets and weighing the value of their blood versus their moral ambiguity. There's a lot of potential to this vampire medical procedural concept that I'd love to see another game take a crack at to perfect the formula. It's a nice reminder that games can be flawed yet interesting enough to feel worth playing.

I put down Apex Legends for a bit to play some Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Yup, still an all time favorite multiplayer game of mine. Nothing quite like coming down from the adrenaline rush of getting on roll in a match and ending up as a top scorer. For as quickly as Apex seems to move, this game moves like buttered lightning by comparison.

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I finally got Warhammer Vermintide 2 on a Steam sale and I've really been enjoying it. The graphics are great, the loot is cool, and killing hordes of rats or chaos is so much fun for me. The leveling and skill trees really add to the feeling of progression and I'm really glad they added that.

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#1742 Posted by DarkeyeHails (583 posts) -

@casepb: Yeah, I did the free weekend and that was enough to sell it to me. Vastly improved on the first one in just about every way I can think of. I'm digging running around dual-wielding fireball launching pistols. So good.

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#1743 Posted by Ben_H (4196 posts) -

I... uh.... Hypnospace Outlaw.

That's all that needs to be said.

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#1744 Posted by Fat_Magnum (89 posts) -

DMC5 man. Glad to see my favorite franchise since age 14 alive again. SSSS

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#1745 Posted by DoubleCakes (34 posts) -

Baba Is You is fun, creative and easy to play even if playing for more than an hour tires me out regardless of how good a time I'm having

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Slowly dipping into Warframe with my friend as our co-op follow-up after plunking another ~150 hours into PUBG the last 3 months for the Vikendi battlepass. We'll see if this sticks... my friend is way more into Apex than I am, but maybe Warframe will work for both of us.

Also finally started up Why's 8 The Lack of Moose of Dianna as my main solo game after really enjoying the Secret of Mana remake last weekend. I'm struggling with the dodge/evade button being L1, though as long as I'm not playing any more games than this and Warframe I think it'll be fine. It's another Why's game. Decent action-RPG combat, great exploration, low production values.

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#1747 Posted by MightyDuck (2027 posts) -

Stellaris: Console Edition - LOVE IT! I've never been big into strategy games, since I haven't owned a PC that could play games since I was a kid. Anyway, this has been a blast. I'm half tempted to try and get Civ 5 to run on my Mac Mini now.

Ni No Kuni 2 - Just finished the game last night and really enjoyed it. I haven't completed an RPG to completion probably since Legend of Dragoon back on the PS1. The easier difficulty made it really enjoyable not having to grind throughout the game. It was lighthearted and fun, which is just what I needed.

Dark Souls: Remastered - Just got through Anor Londo this morning. Not sure how much I have left, but boy do I love me some Dark Souls. I'm cautiously optimistic about Sekiro coming up.

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I've been on a CRPG kick lately and the current game I'm working on is Tyranny, and I'm LOVING IT. The idea of being the occupying "evil" empire after the war is already over, just trying to gain full control and maintain peace is really interesting. The gameplay is CRPG gameplay, it's "one of those", but it turns out Obsidian is good at making them.

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No Caption Provided

Hitman 2, and because i fell off of it so fast, Hitman (1).
As a fan of the previous games, including Absolution (which i still think is better), i really didn't like the new approach to Hitman, it feels like lots of paths were designed and give the illusion of lots of freedom, when in reality those paths are very strict and restrict you from doing things the way you want.
I originally saw no point in replaying levels to do things differently when the end result is the same, but i've discovered all of the fun of new Hitman is the small storylines, by the 3rd playthrough of a level i've become a speedrunner so doing the mission stories becomes a lot quicker.
It's not what i loved about the previous games, but i've finally found a way to enjoy it.

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I'm actively playing "Might and Magic 7". Christ alive.

It takes me back to my childhood where I played it for months, but never finished it. To be fair, when I was playing it, the internet wasn't around, so you couldn't look anything up. And believe me, that game is one of those INSANELY HARD FPRPGS where you could miss something cause you didn't pixel hunt a hidden door right.

I'm playing it on Dark Side mode, which I'm enjoying a lot so far. I'm now at a point where my guys are fucking WRECKING BALLS.

If anyone's ever played it, I'd love to hear from you