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The Pokemon Trading Card Game (Virtual Console).

I would have loved this game when it came out because 1), Pokemon, 2) it was probably the only way that I was going to get Charizard, and 3) I was one of the few people who knew how to actually play the game.

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Beat RDR2 last week, started GoW and got to the wasp-man area. I'm positive it's ok so far, but I'm waiting on it to reach a level of quality that will make me better understand how it wound up ranking higher than the masterpiece that was Red Dead in GB's GotY. I like that it's more story driven than its predecessors and they've done a good job of not making Kratos the usual douche he's portrayed as, but mannn the combat isn't nearly as appealing as the older games. I get the series needed a change, but its particular brand of action was the main draw. I dunno, maybe it's just the ax isn't nearly as cool as the chains. Hopefully something similar will unlock later on. The most amusing bit so far is taking off sprinting knocking "boy" out of the way like Braun Strowman charging around ringside.

A month later...

Despite an extremely slow start, God of War wound up being pretty awesome.

I hope the next one doesn't set you back to square one with limited combat though, that shit almost had me shelving it as a fan of the previous games. Once it expands on your options, and the world opens up a bit more showcasing tomb raiding better than most tomb raiding games, it gets pretty fun. Story's pretty decent too, love that stinger when you return home, eagerly looking forward to the next in two years (?)

Gonna plat it tonight after I track down the last few ravens and treasures. After that, back to Fire Pro until Target decides to send out my reserved copy of Days Gone (not shipping until Monday, wtf.)

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I recently bought a couple old Tony Hawk games and I played a ton of Pro skater 3 so far. That game is still fantastic. The classic 2min structure is more fun than I remembered. Adds a fun challenge to try and see what you can accomplish in one run, and try to find all the little secret in each area.

The level design is also fantastic, allowing you multiple paths to combo through all across the level if you find the lines.

Plus there are wacky unlocks, the likes of which would be overpriced DLC now for sure. Good time all around.

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Skyrim Special Edition.

I bounced off of Outward, but it left me wanting to play something "better". Skyrim was the first thing to come to mind. I thought no, there's no way I'm going to play more Skyrim after all this time.

I pulled up my mod list from the last time I played, and remembered all the messing about it would take to get another modded game up and running. I didn't really want to go through all that again. Then I thought I'd give it a try on Xbox. The modding situation was surely simplified compared to PC, and I used my new TV as an excuse to see Skyrim in 4K.

I picked out some mods on Bethesda.net (there's a surprisingly good selection), loaded up Skyrim and fiddled with the load order a bit, and started a new game.

The Special Edition looks good in 4K! I don't feel the need to use any graphics mods, except an interior lighting mod. An interior lighting mod is absolutely essential. I was somewhat skeptical about mods on Xbox in general since it doesn't have the same mod utilities that the PC has, but everything appears to be working.

So I guess I'm playing Skyrim again? We'll see if I play just long enough to scratch the itch or if I go the distance.

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Just beat MK11 story mode

Fire God Liu Kang is pretty badass.

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After a bit of a hiatus I found myself going back to RDR2, beard is now longer than ever and I have once again found myself laughing at Arthur's mistakes because of me. Such as shooting a stranger asking for help because I pressed the wrong button or fallen down a cliff because I thought it was a path. But the story is going where I thought it was, even before listening to the year end podcasts. And I find myself having as good of a time as I did when I first played it. So I might actually finish it, something I was a bit unsure of if I was ever going to because starting up the game felt like picking up a really thick book I was half way through that I had not read in a while.

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Johnny Cage is a goddamned hoot!

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Finally went back and beat Ori and the Blind Forest.

Gorgeous game, wonderful soundtrack. I loved how that game is regularly parsing out a variety of movement tech as you progress: wall jumps, double jumps, propelling off of enemies/projectiles, gliding, dashing, etc. Basic movement is pretty important for me in a game, and moving around in Ori is a joy.

All of that being said, I was kind of annoyed at the story by the end of it. They keep painting the owl Kuro as the villain, but the fucking Spirit Tree you're trying to revive is the real bad guy. You're told about how Kuro just steals the tree's light and damned the forest, but as it turns out, Kuro was just defending her nest. For no fucking reason, the Tree decided to kill off her offspring, which led to her reprisal. And when the game comes to a close, and Kuro has to restore the tree's light in order to save her final child, she's repaid by being fucking disintegrated by the fucking Spirit Tree.

I really enjoyed the game of Ori and the Blind Forest, but maaaaaan; fuck the Spirit Tree.

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Even with a huge discount I straight up wasted my money on WWE2K19 last year. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game despite its bugs, but I can't pull myself away from Fire Pro World to get back into it. I took a break from my classic WWF roster to work on a GB project (which I need to get back on) before suddenly getting a creative itch to make some original characters. I'm still blown away with how versatile the layering system is. I wish someone would take the concept of this series' customization and artstyle which pretty much drives the entire game and apply it to the beat 'em up genre. Hell, if they would just improve strike hit boxes, give us some over the top defeated animations, and blank backgrounds where we could upload images for makeshift settings, Spike Chunsoft could probably just make it an added mode with little effort.

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I got Tetris Effect from my rental queue and played through the Journey mode (had to bump it down to Beginner for the final level). The music my dudes! Oh my goodness the music! The visual design is really cool as well but the way the music interacts with the playing of Tetris feels like THE thing that made the game well worth playing.

RE2make is terrific. I've beaten it with Claire first then beat it with Leon on Hardcore. I'd love to play it a few more times though it seems like I'll have to start looking into doing speedruns to make it worth going through again.

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I last played some King of Fighters XI.

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Probably gonna play Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, the Steam version. I feel as though I'm pretty invested in the franchise despite putting it in Ikkitousen's shadow, albeit in a positive way. And with Sony's censorshit being a thing, not that I plan on looking them up, but I hope that the sales numbers on Steam are considerable enough so that 7EVEN can be as close to what Kenichiro Takaki has in mind.

...That said, a Western Wolves character pack for 7EVEN would be another day one purchase. Ryomou using water guns was nice, but we need her punchin' people.

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Still waiting on Days Gone (Target has really terrible preorder shipping), so I popped in Dying Light, I had stopped a year or so back when I progressed to the second map, took a bit picking back up on its controls, but man...that game is something else and doesn't get nearly enough praise as it deserves.

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Metro Exodus is amazing. Just finished 2033 Redux and played Last Light a while ago and each title is better than the last and this is from someone who generally hates survival horror. GB coverage mentioned the movement feeling slow which is true but this is because it is a slower paced FPS. It's a short game for those that like a focused experience

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Finally got Days Gone delivered, and I know I shouldn't be complaining about critical fixes, but after this long of a wait, my DSL dependent rearend was greeted to a 19GB patch which will take like 12-14hrs to download weather permitting. Back to Fire Pro I go, I guess!

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I picked up Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk on the Switch, and hey, it's really not bad. Kind of a lighter version of Etrian Odyssey (the later, more user friendly ones). Looking forward to seeing if the customization deepens any, but it's certainly a solid dungeon crawler.

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Went and picked up MKX and am having a really good time with it. It’s not as pretty as IJ2 or MK11 but that’s alright.

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There's a sort of hidden boss in Sekiro who is very difficult to hit because parrying pushes you just out of counterattack range. This boss' moveset includes flying at you like a torpedo, jumping off your head to retreat, and teleporting to a surprise attack. Then it dawned on me that this boss is like M. Bison and it blew my mind!

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After being paralyzed by choice due to buying too many games this year, I'll go with Kingdom Hearts 1 on PS3. Sure, I could go with the PS4 version for 60 frames since I have The Story So Far collection as well, but I kinda want my trophy list to make some sort of sense since I played KH2 HD on PS3 before getting a PS4 last January.

That aside, going back to KH1 is always pleasant and quaint. Just hangin' out on the island. No Heartless. No Nobodies. No time travel. Just playing baseball with Grand Wizard Wakka.

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I just finished Wind Waker for the first time this past weekend! It definitely has my favorite world out of all the Zelda games I've played so far. It feels amazing to chart a course on the map, set sail and discover new islands and dangers along the way. Each and every new island on the map has something to discover, even if it's not immediately obvious, and it has that great form of exploration where most of the things I discovered came from my own curiosity and just playing the game as I pleased instead of objective markers and being told to do things. Most of my playtime was just discovering things on the open sea and doing various sidequests, to the point that I kept a notepad of all my discoveries and things I had left to do for the first time in a Zelda game. The main story was definitely the most interesting of the three overall, with all the lore and seeing how the world has changed since Ocarina hitting me in all the right spots. I'd also say these are my favorite dungeons of the series. I loved figuring them out, to the point where I refused to play a dungeon unless I had enough time to go through the whole thing in one go. The improved combat did wonders for engaging me in the fights and there were a couple of bosses where I actually had to rack my brain to figure out how to defeat them. And Toon Link may be my favorite incarnation so far with how much the universe just hates the poor little guy. It's aged in some ways, but I'd probably put it square in the middle of the 3 Zeldas I've beaten so far. I enjoyed it way more than Ocarina, but I probably loved Majora a little more, though I guess comparing a 3DS remake to a Gamecube original isn't entirely fair.

Other than that, I've been playing Pokémon Crystal and the best thing I can say about it is that I enjoy how straightforward it is. Three badges in, it has way less fat than other Pokémon games I've played, which gives me more time to focus on grinding and picking my favorites to take on Gyms. It's also a treat to see the original Kanto and Johto Pokémon again, and it's great for eating up those long bus rides.

I started up Sonic Generations the other day after all the buzz about the movie inspired me to finally go back and grab the Platinum for it. The game still looks great in my eyes and while the physics haven't aged as gracefully as, say, Sonic Colors, the levels themselves are still a lot of fun to run through and I'm still discovering new alternate paths almost a decade after its release. It's also the perfect nostalgia trip and celebration of the Sonic franchise as a whole. The game is stuffed with so much fanservice it's insane, and it still brings a smile to my face after all these years, so it's definitely doing something right. Can't wait to blast through more of it and get all the S-ranks again!

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Mortal Kombat 11

Still playing it, still loving it. I was in a real rut with games for a bit. Then I took a vacation and continued to not really care about the hobby.

MK11 has been a blessing (it’s fantastic!) and a curse (it’s a time-suck!).

I’ve just been playing towers, exploring the krypt, and customizing characters. It feels great.

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I've been playing a lot of Warframe lately, to the tune of 649 hours played since January. That game does so well with the moment-to-moment action during missions that the grind to unlock new frames and weapons doesn't bother me at all. "Oh, I have to go to Saturn because I need more Plastids to build my new gun? Guess I'll spend an hour or so being a space ninja with a shotgun and two axes destroying tons of baddies."

And if I ever get tired of constant explosive action, I can take a break with some spy missions that urge me to use stealth, or go mining and fishing in the new open world areas.

I really didn't expect the game to hold my attention for very long. My roommate played it several years ago when it first released, and I didn't really understand the game, and the simple act of moving around didn't look like this much fun (it wasn't). I originally downloaded on the Switch just to see how it played on console but using a controller for a third person shooter really isn't my cup of tea. Luckily, the mouse and keyboard controls on PC are *amazing*!

So I'm having a blast with Warframe!

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I popped back into Enter the Gungeon. Been a while since I've played it so I was kind of blown away by how much they kept adding to this game with the DLC. I managed to finally kill the pasts for both Bullet and Robot and had some stressful fun doing it. Even got the platinum within the base game's achievements. So much great video game minutia crammed into it, in ways that are downright litigious. Fortunately it has a styyyyyyle that lets this kind of stuff blend seamlessly into the premise. Love this game.

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#1824 Posted by ShaggE (9305 posts) -

Blood: Fresh Supply is a remaster done right. I'm VERY picky about my Blood, and this is the best version of it yet. And holy shit, even though I've been playing Blood since 1997, I'm only now getting to experience the multiplayer modes. And they're GREAT. Just co-op and deathmatch (sorry, Bloodbath), but considering how hard it's been to get either mode going for the past 22 years, I'm certainly not complaining.

Also, I love that the community in-game seems to mostly be us older fans, so it's nice and civil.

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Final Fantasy XIV.

Alright. Not bad for an MMO. (Mostly) on-the-fly class switching is highly appreciated for when I get bored with one play style or another. I might stick around for a bit.

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Final Fantasy XIV.

Alright. Not bad for an MMO. (Mostly) on-the-fly class switching is highly appreciated for when I get bored with one play style or another. I might stick around for a bit.

I actually found that bit of FF14 was my least favourite. It was cool that you could swap at anytime, sure, but the fact your job levels weren't synced across made it hard. I COMPLETELY understand why they did it, because then there'd be no point in classes if anyone could pick anything at any time.

Speaking anecdotally though, I couldn't play Ninja because it started at level 30, and the sheer GRIND it would take to get that up to where I was at (57) was too much. Samurai made it better starting at 50, but by the time I caught my SAM up to 57 from doing dungeons, I found the game had ground all fun out of me. I kinda hated the MSQ, despite being up to the part where people say it kicks off in a big way (Just after The Vault) which by the way was a fucking EXCELLENT dungeon.

I dunno if I could get back into FF14. The core gameplay was pretty unsatisfying

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@sombre: I get that you've most likely put more time into the game than I have, but I can't really appreciate your negativity; especially with Viera being in the next expansion so I can be a proper boss bitch like my homegirl Fran.

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#1828 Posted by Sombre (483 posts) -

@sombre: I get that you've most likely put more time into the game than I have, but I can't really appreciate your negativity; especially with Viera being in the next expansion so I can be a proper boss bitch like my homegirl Fran.

You HAVE to make her EXACTLY so you can live like her. Props to you if you have some weird icelandic souding accent while your mouth is full of cotton wool

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I just beat Hacknet and the DLC. This was a fantastic game. I know I'm late in coming to this game, I often am late on games. If you have not played this game yet though it is amazing. The last mission of the main games does a really good job at tying everything together.

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#1830 Posted by Shindig (4963 posts) -

What Remains of Edith Finch was a tight two hours. Whilst essentially linear, they do some interesting things with how the story's presented to you. Also, Killer7. It's the one Suda game where the style clicks for me. Dark enough, moody enough without going full wacky Japanese anime trash.

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#1831 Posted by GiantRobot24 (77 posts) -

I'm closing in on the end of Bloodborne + DLC and I'm thinking it's going to end up being my favorite souls-like. It's by no means perfect , but I completed DS1 +DLC, DS2 + DLC, dropped the DS2 remake after ~15 hours and probably made it through 3/4 of demon souls before dropping it. The DS1 DLC was an amazing suite of content, and really, all the From DLC has been pretty damn good in my book, but Bloodborne's focus on the Lovecraftian terror is really resonating with me,

I kinda wish there was more diversity in equipment stats, but it just feels real good and I actually understand the story (to a point) without having to consult a YouTube video. I'm a bit of a sucker for the eldritch terror (minus Lovecraft's blatant racism) and From pulls it off damn near flawlessly. I've always been the dodge > shield guy for these games and it just fits my play style perfectly. Unless the DLC ends up being garbage along with the final boss stuff this will be the From game I enjoyed most consistently from beginning to end by a long shot.

I also dumped over 50 hours into Nuclear Throne and that shit is doooope. Enter the Gungeon DLC is next up.

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#1832 Posted by StriderNo9 (1351 posts) -

Been playing Assassin's Creed Origins and Dragon's Dogma

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Still doing my thing in FF14, but now with a Logitech G600 because it was $35 on Newegg. As someone with large hands (in terms of glove size), the mouse feels kinda small and there is a bit of a learning curve in that I'm trying to touch type with the thumb buttons, but it's gonna be kinda fun figuring out how I can use it for shooters since I'm very used to the G300s' ambidextrous design and how I typically bind controls to its buttons.

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#1834 Posted by ShaggE (9305 posts) -

I'm still too early to make any true judgments, but Rage 2 is pretty cool. The quality of the shooty-shooty plenty makes up for the less exciting bits. Sort of the inverse of how I felt about the first game, where the less exciting bits overpowered the quality combat. The story is whatever, of course, but since this is the positivity thread, I won't harp on that. (it really doesn't matter anyway, I'm here for one reason, and that reason is pewpew)

But initial impressions overall are very good.

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#1835 Posted by theuprightman (233 posts) -

Been playing Eve again after a few months away, I am still super casual but I enjoy watching my bank account getting bigger, but I need to set myself a few new long-term goals to keep me focused.

I have also dusted off my 3Dsxl and am playing Persona Q every morning before work, its basically the grindy bits of Persona without the social stuff but the music is fantastic and the draw your own map of the dungeon mechanic is very fun. My one major complaint is the characterisation of Chie is a bit weak, her only dialogue is about eating and has already gotten annoying, that and Teddys constant hornyness does not match up with my memories of P4.

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#1836 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2973 posts) -

Decided to jump into Overwatch after three years, on PS4. It's kinda dull at times, but it is very welcoming. The art direction and character designs are what drew me in in the first place, but what kept me from actually playing the game I bought was diving into online multiplayer shooters. However, Overwatch has so many non-precision characters that it's no trouble at all picking a support class and do well with just those. It's a chill time to just hit quick play with some randoms while listening to a podcast.

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Darkwood is very atmospheric. From look and sound, it's just so on the money. Also, I've discovered most of that game is just finding the spot to go to. There's crafting, a skill tree... ish, combat and a real good sense of exploration. But any game I can run through gets bonus points when I'm pressed for time. Penalty for death isn't too bad on normal, either. You lose some of your inventory but not all of it.

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#1838 Posted by MithrilMojo (155 posts) -

Spent some time with Digimon Cyber Sleuth. I like how it's fairly disconnected from the show and is its own thing. So far I've been exploring digital worlds and a run down mall in between having Digimon battles. My only complaint is that there are only two difficulty levels. Early stages on Normal are a breeze, but the difficulty spikes a bit too much on Hard so you end up constantly wiping. Still, an interesting game.

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#1839 Posted by CaptainFlint (1 posts) -

Picked up the Batman: Arkham games on PS4 last week and decided to play Asylum, because I missed out on it back in the day.

It's real good. Gameplay is very fun and engaging, and my fears of the game being subpar proved to be baseless. The only differences between Asylum and City are polish and scope - everything else is just as enjoyable.

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#1840 Posted by Pezen (2388 posts) -

Generation Zero - As a Swede and a kid of the 80s/90s, this game is a nostalgia walking simulator with guns. But on top of that, something about the game is just relaxing. I need to team up with a few friends that are also playing it to get the most out of it I think. But even solo, I am having a real blast exploring the islands, finding loot and trying my best not to get wrecked by robots. Had some really tense moments when I was stuck in a house surrounded by a variety of enemies. Got out of there with no health packs, minimum ammo and a heart rate that wasn’t healthy. But I triumphed. Also, I can’t even stress how much I appreciate how much Swedish is actually in the game. From audio logs, store signs and notes you pick up.

That being said, boy is there some bugs. Levitating stones/items, nearly getting stuck in geometry, enemies glitching into/out of buildings. But I can overlook most of it as I am having such a good time overall.

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#1841 Posted by wollywoo (305 posts) -

Played a few hours of Slay the Spire. Found it... okay. Snappy, fast combat that's a little simplistic. It probably gets more complex later but it hasn't captured my interest yet. Wish it had multiple player characters.

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#1842 Posted by wollywoo (305 posts) -

@wollywoo said:

Played a few hours of Slay the Spire. Found it... okay. Snappy, fast combat that's a little simplistic. It probably gets more complex later but it hasn't captured my interest yet. Wish it had multiple player characters.

I take it all back. Started playing as "The Defect" and things were much more interesting. It added some sense of progression to each battle that was missing. Still not sure if this game will retain my interest much longer, but this dude is by far the most fun of the three I've played (not sure if there are more.)

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#1843 Posted by FacelessVixen (2668 posts) -

Star Wars Battlefront II 2017. Figured that I'd take the plunge since I bought it for $13 on cdkeys, and I can only play the original games for so long. I like it so far. I'm just doing single-player stuff for the time being to figure out which keyboard and mouse bindings work for me, but I do plan getting into multiplayer as another attempt to try to get over that anxiety, especially post loot box overhaul.

And again, $13. Not a bad price of entry.

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#1844 Posted by haneybd87 (403 posts) -

I started playing Vampyr since it’s on game pass and I’m kind of blown away. I was expecting a very middling game but so far I’ve found the story, combat, and progression to all be top notch. I wonder if Vinny ever continued with this past the quick look. He seemed somewhat positive on the game.

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#1845 Posted by shorap (439 posts) -

I bought an Xbox One X recently for backwards compatibility and third party games and am restarting RE 2 Remake and man, it’s so quiet. On the pro this game made the console rev up hard. Can’t wait to do the same for DMC 5.

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#1846 Posted by nutter (2300 posts) -

My kid wanted Battlefront 2 when it was on sale for $8, I think?

Started playing the campaign. I feel like half the levels are pretty okay and the other half are middling at best. Short game, and I’m in the back half, but I might be done.

I don’t get a ton of time to play games these days, and while I like to finish what I start, I doubt I’ll remember much of my time with this one even a month later.

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Destiny 2.

I'm okay with spending $130 on an MMO. Like, seriously. No sarcasm this time. It's basically my WoW at this point. I legit enjoy my time with it for when I'm in the mood for it. I lapse for a few months. And then I pop back in with some spare cash when a new expansion comes out. So Destiny 2 being straight up Steam tagged with MMO sites very well for me since it all finally makes sense to me (despise terminology like "raid" being pretty fucking obvious towards its intent and goes to show that I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed), and I honestly don't feel too bad about being an early adopter, and I'm fine with giving my money to Bungie as long as they can iron out some of the tripple Aaaaaye~ publisher-isms.

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#1848 Posted by IEEE_GB (41 posts) -

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a fun game on PC, I will probably drop it for halo when that comes out but it is a shooter/lightsaber game I can play online using a controller and not do horrible unlike most others.

Yakuza 0 has a great story and fun combat even for someone who feels cringe at Japanese otaku shit and mannerisms. The Royal version of Kingdom Come:Deliverance is really good also with a great story, graphics, and gameplay I did not expect to have this much fun as a peasant.

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#1849 Posted by ShaggE (9305 posts) -

Borderlands VR is a pretty wild experience that I'm way into. Not all of it is gold, but it's so fucking cool to play a game like that in VR. I do need to get over my insistence on playing VR games while standing, though. I have a bad back, and the games that I end up playing for an hour or more at a time like this one leave me in some serious ache. And don't even get me started on Superhot VR... I adore that game, but good god, I had a 30 minute (if even that) play of it last night for the first time in months and I'm still hurting, haha. Neo must have an adamantium spine, because that bullet-dodging shit does a number on it.

On a more comfy note, Spider-Man PS4 is EXCELLENT. Oh man, as a massive fan of the Batman Arkham games, this is a godsend. I do wish they had taken the Metroidvania aspect of Arkham as well (and its more robust stealth), but it's good that it's not just a wholesale ripoff. Also: Impact Web... most satisfying weapon, or most satisfying weapon?

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Picked up Spelunky (HD) on PC. (Yeah, I know, I'm years late, but what's the matter?)
And wow, it's really inspiring. Not the best game ever, controls are not always perfect and the randomization gets noticable.
But interesting and fun to learn and do runs in. It makes you think, which I kinda need in a game.