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Godzillaon PS4.

So being the Godzilla nerd that I am, when I bought my PS4 a while back, this was one of the first games I picked up. It didn't have the best reputation, but I liked Super Godzilla back when I was a kid so I figured my bias towards the IP would let me enjoy it enough to my $20 worth out it. I played it then, bounced off it, and it sat on my self collecting dust for a while.

Fast-forward to last week when I saw the new Godzilla movie, and I saw this game on my shelf, and decided to give it another go. By no means is it a great game, and truth be told it probably struggles to be a good game, but I had fun with it for a few hours. As long as you play the "easy" path in the campaign mode it is good enough for you get joy out of smashing cities and fighting other monsters. Unfortunately, the "normal" and "hard" paths add on arbitrary things (such as time limits and the appearance of max level monsters when you have no chance to be that powerful), and exposes the weakness in the combat system (AI monsters can throw out combos that stagger or stun lock you pretty much at will, and can almost always break your own combos). Not a great game, but for a game I paid $20 bucks for a few years ago, I'm glad I finally wrung some fun out it.

...It is also going to for $100+ on Ebay right now, so I might sell it and get make a profit. That's a positive, right?

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I last played King of Fighters XI

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Less of a specific game and more about what I'm playing on: the 15" 1TB version of the Surface Book 2. Granted that I wouldn't call this a "gaming laptop" in the same vein as an Acer Predator, one Razer Blade or MSi laptop or another as I mainly bought it as a mobile workstation for graphic design, digital painting/illustration, photography and some relatively light video editing, but I think it's fair to put it though it's gaming paces with it's i7 8650U and GTX 1060.

With that preamble out of the way, I'm currently testing it with Destiny 2, initially bumping down the resolution to 1920 x 1200 since I figured that there was no way in hell that it could run at 3240 x 2160. But some interesting things happened during my test runs. The frame rate would tank pretty hard when the Book 2 was hooked up to my BenQ 1080p TN monitor, even when lowering the graphics settings and of course setting the Book 2 to use best performance. But when just playing the game on the Book 2's screen, the game would play pretty nicely; basically on par with my similarly specced desktop (i5 4690K and Strix 1060), give or take some frames and the difference in response times of TN and IPS displays. The game even ran pretty well at 3240 x 2160, which is pleasantly making me question how capable a 1060 really is with certain games.

Still, I do need to figure out how to get an external monitor working correctly (like maybe trying out a USB type-C to HDMI converter directly to a monitor, as opposed to a type-C dock to an HDMI switcher then to a monitor) since my intent is to have the Book 2 be a mobile secondary workhorse, but this is the kind of troubleshooting that tech nerds like me live for. Either way, it's a hell of an upgrade from my Surface 3 and Lenovo T410.

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The Switch version of Slay the Spire is now destroying my life.

Edit: Now it's destroying my life in another way by crashing and bricking my save after beating the act 3 boss. Cannot continue or abandon. Guess I'll wait and keep my fingers crossed that this next patch fixes it.