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SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech! First time I saw it I thought it was WAY too slow and wouldn't be fun, but after playing Slay the Spire and wanting something less run-based and more persistent: this was perfect. It helps that the difficulty curve was well thought out, the character designs for party members are excellent, and there's a lot to put on your wishlist as you progress in the game. Games stop being interesting to me fast if I stop wanting upgrades or can't find things to look forward to.

It's a fantastic romp I love it. Great little adventure clocking in at around 18 hours.

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@mr_ole_blue629: Oh wow that's hard to juggle! There's a game or two on that list that takes close to 100 hours each to complete.

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I've been play Klei's new game Griftlands and I can't say enough good things about it. It's in Alpha right now so there is a lot of balancing needed but the core experience is fantastic. Klei is such a unique and creative studio. Also, their weekly art and dev streams are super fun and informative.

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I'm playing Witcher3, I know it’s kind of crazy that I’m just now starting this game, and I think this is fantastic

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@joedangerous: With the way I play games, all of them take about 100 hours each to complete haha.

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I kinda bounced around Pillars of Eternity, Void Bastards, and Full Throttle, not really FULLY getting into any of them...

Because I needed more of that sweet, sweet Yakuza in my life. Following up last summer’s playthrough of Yakuza Zero with Yakuza Kiwami. I’m maybe 2 hours in and THRILLED that it’s more Yakuza.

I do wonder how many of these games I can play before this wears thin, though...

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@hotpot: Witcher 3 is PROBABLY my favorite game. Take your time with it, and don’t skip the DLC. It’s pretty stellar.

I’ve been doing this since before I can remember, going back to a Magnavox Odyssey and an Atari 2600. I’ve really loved a handful of games, but Witcher 3 is something VERY special.

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@nutter said:

@hotpot: Witcher 3 is PROBABLY my favorite game. Take your time with it, and don’t skip the DLC. It’s pretty stellar.

I’ve been doing this since before I can remember, going back to a Magnavox Odyssey and an Atari 2600. I’ve really loved a handful of games, but Witcher 3 is something VERY special.

Hearts of Stone in particular is probably the best DLC I've played. Ever. It's even better than Shadow Broker.

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After not really getting into Fallout: New Vegas & Fallout 4 (gave up both after the first couple of hours) I gave the series one last chance as I like the premise and am currently enjoying Fallout 3. The story build-up was much more effective in getting me interested in this world, and the wastelands look truly desolate. The graphics are a little dated now (on a 360) and the shooting is not great, but I'm feeling involved...a difficult trick to pull off in adventure-gaming.

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@therealturk: And, by extension, better than Minerva’s Den. ;)

I actually loved both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. I didn’t play them until last fall, and I fell of love with that game all over again.

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@therealturk said:


@nutter said:

@hotpot: Witcher 3 is PROBABLY my favorite game. Take your time with it, and don’t skip the DLC. It’s pretty stellar.

I’ve been doing this since before I can remember, going back to a Magnavox Odyssey and an Atari 2600. I’ve really loved a handful of games, but Witcher 3 is something VERY special.

Hearts of Stone in particular is probably the best DLC I've played. Ever. It's even better than Shadow Broker.

oh hell yeah, I also think Hearts of Stone is the best DLC EVER, tho admittedly, I'm no DLC expert.

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I've been playing Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and goddamn do I love 1st gen Pokemon. I thought I'd never play another Pokemon start to finish again but as a major Pokemon kid from that era, it's the perfect game for me. I love the attention to detail and the little twists and surprises. It's an absolute love letter.

The only issue is, I played REmake2 not too long ago and I really like that too so I'm clearly part of the problem...

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Rock and Roll Racing for the SNES is pretty neat.

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Playing FFXIV and I just got the Magitek Armor mount from FFVI, mounted up and it started playing Terra's theme from the intro. This game's alright.

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Less of a game and more of a monitor: the ASUS PG348Q. Still waiting for my 2080 Ti to ship, but if screwing around with a 1060 and 9900K is any indication, playing games that support 21:9 properly is going to be fucking awesome. Forza Horizon 3 was working surprisingly well with my new CPU and old GPU (due to it being more CPU bound, I guess), and seeing it in 21:9 around 60 frames at high settings was the hypest shit since getting back into PC gaming with a Celeron G1840 and a 750 Ti.

...It is a little too big for my desk and backlight bleed is a thing, though. Eh. I'll manage.

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Finishing out my Wii back catalog.

Muramasa: The Demon's Blade is fucking phenomenal. I played a couple hours of this game almost a decade ago on my older brother's Wii, and have been chomping at the bit to play it since I got my Wii U and started working through the shared Wii/U shared catalog of games. As usual, Vanillaware's art is incredibly good, both in motion and while still. It's also just a really well made 2D action game. I would say that my only issue with the game is that I'm just not that good at it; I struggled with a number of bosses (I fucking hated the Big Oni; probably the only boss in that game I think is outright bad), and there were certain regular enemies that gave me significant trouble throughout the whole game, regardless of how much better I was getting in general. I don't think I ever really got how to parry/deflect enemy attacks, besides projectiles, and that really hurt me in the long run. Favorite game for the Wii, bar none. Even over the two Super Mario Galaxy games.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is...very good, but also super disappointing. It's really impressive how well Retro did in replicating the fantastic level design of those old Rare SNES games, but being forced to use motion controls to perform basic functions is just killing it for me. How the hell isn't the Classic Controller compatible with this game? Having to shake the WiiMote to roll is just fucking terrible. Also, not being able to switch to Diddy is a shame. I always preferred playing as Diddy in the originals. Anyway, as much of a bummer this game has been, it has me very excited for Tropical Freeze on the Wii U. Being able to switch between characters, no motion controls...yeah that sounds like a good time.

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I just finished Prey and now I'm doing the rouge-lite MooncrashDLC and they are both rad. If you're in the market for what i'm prepared to call a superior take on BioShock, then give it a look.

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I'm very glad I stepped far outside my comfort zone and picked up SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.
It's such a chill and beautiful game, and I love the setting and characters.

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I've been...uh..."exploring" retro gaming this week and I'm positive I owe my parents a shit ton of money for the crap I made them buy me as a kid. A lot of stinkers back in the day.

And some that I looked at with rose colored glasses as being the best in every aspect...weren't. Case in point the fielding in Ken Griffey Jr., sucks. That however, led me to trying out a whole host of other baseball titles, something I wouldn't have done when I was younger. I think it was EA's MLBPA baseball that I found to have the best fielding, while Griffey has the best graphics and batting, though I prefer the behind the mound view of Super Bases Loaded 1&3. Super Baseball 2020 was a nice surprise with its cool art design and budget perks, I'd love to see that get a remake or even someone use that for inspiration of a scene in a futuristic movie of some sorts.

Oh, and the Rare developed Griffey sequel was such an eyesore. Like how did anyone at Nintendo think that was a step up?

Also discovered that Haunting (GEN) game from EA, which is pretty shallow as far as gameplay is concerned, but a really great concept that I'm not entirely sure has been duplicated by any game since as a primary focus...

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Still enjoying Fallout 3. I'm not really paying too much attention to the deeper plot or RPG-elements, just like exploring, having the odd fight and doing some good deeds here and there. Easily the best Fallout game, I reckon.

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I am currently playing Vampyr! it's janky in all the B-Game ways, and the combat is nothing to write home about, but the character moments are excellent. Dialogue is divided up like Mass Effect, but to access certain options you need hints about that person. You can find this through environmental cues, or from talking to other people in the area. It really feels like a world that's well-worn and lived-in, especially as you talk to different people that all know each other and slowly uncover, piece-by-piece, their stories. The last game I can remember being so enthralled with, socially, is Alpha Protocol. In a way, this game feels like another branch of Mass Effect 1; where Alpha Protocol took influence from Mass Effect to make dialogue that's truly impactful to the story, Vampyr eschews the time pressure aspect of it and makes simply talking to people an enjoyable activity, while limiting the consequence to general ambience and how you feel each person deserves to be treated. The voice acting is amazing (I am in love with the main character's voice actor tbh) and every new dialogue option is exciting to me.

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I don't think I'll ever finish Yakuza 0 because all I want to do is level up my hostess club.

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Little bits of Nier Automata to test out my new 2080 Ti.

Mother of god! 100 frames at 1440p! My 1080p setup with this game was passable with using FAR to lower the global illumination. But my current setup is fucking awesome! There really is something to frame rates over 60, and on an iffy port nonetheless! No 21:9 support, but fuckin' whatever about aspect ratios at this point!

Nier is definitely on my replay list!

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I’m gushing over the Ys series again after picking up VIII on switch. While it’s janky on switch and prone to nasty frame drops, I forgot just how fun that world is as well as the frantic gameplay and I’m diving headfirst into the whole series again.

Eventually, I plan on streaming them to gear up for IX, but not having a fleshed out remake of V is deterring me a bit. I don’t necessarily want to pirate it for streaming purposes and having no real translation means the actual details of the game are up for interpretation, but at the same time, I feel motivated to at least play and complete it, even if details regarding plot aren’t 100% accurate.

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The Steam version of Senran Kagura Peach Ball.

These games with these charming characters just never fail to make me smile. Just good vibes with pervy pinball.

...Also, it's fucking pinball!

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I've been playing Unavowed. It looked pretty fun in the quick look last year, and while I don't remember it coming up much later during GOTY talks, I figured it was worth giving it a shot.

Unavowed is pretty fun, as it turns out. I don't wanna overhype it, but it's a nicely done little gem. I think this whole secret magic community urban fantasy thing is basically just chuuni shit for people who never started watching anime, but I'm not above it by any means. I'm a big sucker for Eli specifically, the middle-aged wizard who's just wearing a suit and fedora.

What's kept it from getting more buzz is probably that it doesn't stand out too much. The writing is good enough to engage me, but it's not my favorite. The game looks good, but it's obviously built on the same framework as many of these titles, and they always get real awkward with animations. It doesn't stand out much from the crowd of other retro adventure games.

But that doesn't make it less fun, either. If you're up for a nice little paranormal detective agency story, I do recommend it.

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#1927 Posted by Humanity (18946 posts) -

Finally got around to Astroneer and it's a lot of fun but a little more pointless than I initially anticipated. Actually I don't really know what I anticipate from these sort of games anymore. I used to love Minecraft and a large part of that was that apart from the resource collecting and transfusion element, it was like free form Lego building. You could sculpt anything out of these blocks and then use your alchemist lab to put in the glass windows and the doors and a lava waterfall. That is the element that always seems to be missing for me in these games. No Mans Sky and Astroneer are both similar in that you can deform the environment and research new tech.. but ultimately (and this is more true for Astroneer) you are researching new tools so that you can excavate new resources, in order to research newer tech, that will allow you to excavate just another resource. It's a loop that ultimately doesn't really lead anywhere and when you step back from it is kind of just busywork.

That said the process itself is still fun. Plugging in power supplies and managing cabling is strangely enjoyable and the entire aethetic is incredibly pleasing.

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#1928 Posted by Bane (921 posts) -

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I've got a few hours under my belt now and I have to say this game is a real treat. It's the Freelancer sequel I've been wanting for the past 15-16 years. If you consider it was made by a five-person team it's even more impressive.

I'm really looking forward to putting some time into it this weekend.

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Just finished revisiting the main campaign in Sleeping Dogs, now to do the DLC. I dunno, I alway really enjoyed this game, despite its flaws.

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Risk of Rain 2- A wonderful, challenging roguelike that's a fantastic excuse to play with friends. I don't have a favourite survivor, as they're all fun- but I'm playing Mercenary as we speak, and loving it.

Final Fantasy 14- It was absolutely INCREDIBLE at the end of Heavensward/Post game, but now I made it to Stormblood and it's really boring again. We're talking fighting huge world ending dragons and weapons, then an hour later, killing crocodiles.

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Disgaea 1 Complete.

Finished Disgaea 4 recently, so figured I'd go back before continuing forward to avoid too much mechanical whiplash. I'm kinda surprised how drawn in I am by the story in this one. I feel the cast gets fleshed out more than I expected.

Otherwise it's just more Disgaea goodness, but with less mechanics to be sure. I've hardly ever been so excited to see numbers go up.