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Planting Borderlands 2 becuase there were sone dlc's i missed out on. Nice to catch up with them, and a great game to just waste some time when you don't want to spend too much brain activity - a great easy game for escapism for a few hours. Also, the dlc's are nice.

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I've just spent a dozen hours in Death Road to Canada and I adore it. An anarchic sense of humor and a fun balance of Oregon Trail events and area-scavenging. The emergent narratives of what certain personalities will do also peps things up.

Here's an example of my last run.

The old mechanic on my team opened a toilet in search of gasoline (like you do) and discovered a genie. He wished for immortality and got an HP boost, but was also cursed to forever look like George Lucas. We picked up a hitchhiker, but she stole our food and ran away. Then the team mechanic was possessed by Satan after offering a mysterious stranger some pizza-flavored potato chips. Afterwards she was still a good medic, but had a pitchfork stuck in her hands that he couldn't drop no matter what. Luckily we found a bodybuilder and a an old man in love with a cardboard tube at a trading camp, and after armoring our hybrid car, narrowly made it to the Canadian border. Our Satanic Medic got caught in the mob of American zombies at the border before the Mountie Mechs arrived. She will be remembered, always.

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Persona 5, since Friday.

Yuuuuup, got my hands on a copy early. And booooy, oh, boy, is it good. I honestly wasn't quite as onboard the hype train as everyone else on the site seemed to be. I knew it was probably going to be great, but I wasn't in a rush to dive head-first into yet another months worth of playtime extravaganza. Especially with so many terrific games sitting on my shelf. I have yet to touch Horizon, and I really need to finish Torment: Numenera, a game I was truly enjoying until Nier snatched me away from everything and everyone.

So I found myself quite surprised when I watched the quick-look, and my only complaint was that it ended. I needed more, I needed it hard and fast. It was pure luck I managed to fulfill that desire, and since, I've put just about every free hour I've had into the game, at least after fulfilling my quota of social interactions.

I don't want to go into specifics on why I'm enjoying it so much, as it is quite the different ride from Persona 4. That said, all the things I loved about P4 are still in here and then some. It marries the very best concepts from across the different Shin Megami Tensei franchises into this here nigh-perfect distillation. It's a hell of a game, and man, it has style coming out of its ass. Ya'll in for something special.

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Toukiden 2 isn't a perfect game, but it has a remarkably good (anime) story for a Monster Hunter style game.

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playing monster hunter freedom unite on my iPhone 6+, plays really well with my mfi controller. this game's depth feels untouchable compared to the average ios premium release, i really enjoy all the different ways you can prepare for quests (the farm, the felyne kitchen, upgrading weapons and equipment, etc) and the size of the various maps feel about right, enough for a feeling of exploration but not too exhausting to get around.

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I'm usually just playing a quick couple rounds of raid mode in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 when I have the time. Though it's so addictive I usually waste more time than I intended.

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Demon's Souls has the most satisfying backstab of the series.

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@mamba219: I haven't played Sims since Sims 2 back in junior high. I've had the itch to play it for a while now and may get into this one after hearing your Sims man's story.

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I know I'm a bit late to the party but guys, guys, have you heard Horizon Zero Dawn is really really good. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Hey there! , Been playing a Diablo 3 season for the first time, never played them because i lost interest in diablo a few years ago and man, it's good to be back, the seasonal mode it's great, so much fun to start fresh, with objectives and special prizes in the end, has been the highlight of my week :), Amazing how something so simple as a checklist and a clean slate could renew my interest in this game so greatly, i'm really impressed.

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Persona 5 has been a trip so far. I'm about ten hours in. Don't like it more than P4 so far, but it's fun. And I wanna call out the budget, as in, it really shows that they have been working on this forever. There's so much different art and animations and the 3d models are so beautiful(They remind me of Punch Out Wii's style somewhat) that it's hard to believe. They've successfully recreated a believable city center and several streets and train stations, they made interesting crowds, every menu or shop has its own crazy menu animations... It's just outstanding. The dungeons are much more varied than before, and occasionally both look good and feel fun to explore, of all things. Even minor NPCs have a portrait. Characters are less chibi-fied than they used to be, and that allows for a greater range of body types and expressions. There's more anime scenes in the first hours of the game than in the entirety of Persona 4, and they use it well do to the scenes that are difficult to portray in-engine as effectively, even though the 3d models themselves look easily just as great as most of the anime now. I feel like every minute of work is on display, and it's just amazing, because Persona 4 was no slouch in the style department.

It's hard to take pictures of a game that blocks the Share button features, so here's the first screenshot you get from googling
It's hard to take pictures of a game that blocks the Share button features, so here's the first screenshot you get from googling "Takamaki Ann".

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NieR Automata. I'm 20 hours in, just got Ending A and continuing on. I'm so excited to see where this game goes. The visual style, the music, the characters and world building is so good. The combat is also really satisfying.
So far one of my favorite games this year.

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Currently playing RE7 and Overwatch. With OW, I love that they keep introducing new characters and themed promotions. It's sort of become a social hub for me what with me having moved away from a lot of my friends, and the frequent updates make it easy for all of us to come back. RE7 is definitely compelling me more right now though, and the first two hours especially were a trip. There were some... unexpected and rad things in there. That said, it has all the subtleties of an RE game, from the way the enemies sway when they walk to the weird door puzzles.

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Shantae: Half Genie Hero.

A charming game I regret not having seen when it was on kickstarter (to be fair, I wasn't that familiar with the series, but still). The gameplay is tight, the characters and settings are adorable, the boss fights are epic, and the music is incredible...

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I picked back up Dark Souls 3. I was about halfway through the game when I last stopped (Irythyl of the Boreal Valley). Having a good time with it. I'd like to get up to that new ringed city dlc, since I've heard buzz about it. Ds3 is the only souls game (besides demon's, which I consider finished after watching brad and vinny play it) that I've not finished. I'd like to finish it out before moving onto nioh.

I tried getting into that Bloodborne dlc, but I'm a bit underleveled for it, and I'd have to play a good chunk of the game again to work my way back up to even have a chance at getting through it. So many hunters! I laughed out loud when I found out they respawned. One of the fallbacks of fighting those fellas was knowing they'd never respawn, but it seems somewhat fitting they throw that out of the window in the dlc. Anyway, I'm savoring as much new souls style game as I can. I won't say I want a Dark souls 4, but I really hope they make a sequel to Bloodborne.

Also, each day I don't load up Persona 5 I feel like I'm dying slightly more inside. I just don't have the time! Well... I guess that last bit wasn't very positive, but I'm sure when I finally do play it it'll be all the more awesome.

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I don't know if this QUITE counts as entirely positive, but the humor in Thimbleweed Parkdoes stop being completely unbearable after about an hour or so. It turns out there's a pretty decent adventure game in there, once you get past the initial onslaught of smarmy, 4th wall breaking, masturbatory*, self-referential jokes.

*Not masturbatory in that the jokes are about masturbation, but in the sense that a lot of the jokes/references are about how LucasArts adventure games were so much better than Sierra adventure games and how cool and popular and handsome Ron Gilbert is/was.

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I finished Andromeda this morning. The game's combat kept me going until I finally started to get what they were going for. The intro is still not great but as that game went on I began to appreciate how much they emphasized exploration. Their framework for leveraging that element had so many problems but when it clicked, when you find the sanctuary caverns, the demarcated ruins, or start uncovering more of the secrets of the kett and other Heleus life it alludes to like a better Mass Effect, however fleeting those moments are.

The combat is awesome, flashing around the battlefield , chaining combos and using the variety of bitic and tech powers feels really good. It kept me engaged long enough to begin to like the new cast, though a lot of them still feel very shallow, a lot like the cast of the first. The writing became charming at a point, I couldn't help but grin at most of the scenes following loyalty missions, the night out with Drack, the cultural barrier between Jaal and Ryder, Liam's goofy compassion, it all made me invested in the story but it just took too long to get to that point.

In a lot of ways this game is the superior version of the first Mass Effect, but it utterly failed in incorporating the narrative depth of ME2. Andromeda still doesn't introduce a compelling antagonist, this series hasn't since Saren, but as a whole, the Kett are fleshed out to be a good faction with many narrative possibilities for the future, if there is any for the franchise. I hope there is one because I felt like my Ryder was an actual character at the game's conclusion, which I think is one of the good things gained from doing away with the Paragon/Renegade system. Also I didn't go with the default characters, so my Ryder looked significantly better than the ones handcrafted by Bioware, which is ridiculous. Anyway, in conclusion, I liked the game way more as I went on and I'm hoping there is a sequel in this universe.

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I'm playing the original Mirror's Edge in VR again it's actually the first game I beat in VR last year. I just love the atmosphere and music in this game I know this sounds dumb but just staring at objects in VR looks so cool even something simple as a hand railing is impressive just looking at the 3D depth gives you that sense of immersion I find this game therapeutic at times especially in the Rift.

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Took a break from Persona 5 to finish up my playthroughs of Nier: Automata. That game really goes places. I think I like the story and characters of the first game a lot more, but the gameplay/quality of life improvements are so worth it. Platinum knocked it out of the park, for real. It manages to take all these different mechanics and gameplay twists and mesh them into a cohesive whole in a way that I haven't seen very often. It really delivers on the promise of the original Nier of being a game that is constantly morphing as you play, and anything can happen. Also, more games need upgrade systems like Plug-In chips. That is a very good system, but I wish you could get more capacity somehow.

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Been playing around with Mass Effect Andromeda, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, and Dark Souls 1, but since this is a positivity thread, I'm only going to talk about Dark Souls 1 since I'm on a run that I'm pretty close to finishing and have been doing pretty well at it considering that I never beat Demon's Souls. So, finishing Dark 1 feels like a rite of passage where it's a harsh but fair challenge in difficulty that actually give you a sense of accomplishment when overcoming it's tougher challenges, not counting Bed of Chaos, where some other games are only hard due to being cheap and random. ...and also rollin' with a +15 Uchi, 40 dex and asking for Solaire's help with Ornstein and Smough for that Dragonslayer Spear doesn't hurt.

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I don't know if anyone has said this, but Persona 5 is good ya'll.

There are some really smart blends between P4, P3, and even other SMT games. I never finished Nocture, but there was something really nice about seeing some demons from SMT3 make an appearance in what I think is their first time in a Persona game here. And I'm hyped about the different elements being reintroduced (Psychic and Nuke).

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Currently playing Toukiden 2 on PC. Man I'm so glad this game is a great port unlike Kiwami. It's scratching my Monster Hunter itch I've had ever since I beat all of Monster Hunter Generations and got bored with God Eater 2. Not perfect by any means but the gameplay is smooth, yet to encounter any real frame drops, and once you figure out the Mitama/Skill system you tend to go "Meh, I don't feel like I have much impact" to "I AM GOD INCARNATE!" I also REALLY like how every weapon is fairly balanced and yet to find any one weapon that is so absurdly OP, looking at YOU AERIAL SWITCHAXE, that everyone and their mother uses it.

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Just finishing up the last few side quests in Horizon, and then I'll probably run through the ending again just 'cause. It's genuinely one of my all time favourite games at this point. The story, the world, Aloy herself--they all resonated with me in a way I really wasn't expecting. Oh, and the basic moment to moment gameplay - with your various bows, slings and traps - is really strong, too.

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I'm having a lot of fun just running around and taking down machines in Horizon Zero Dawn

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War Thunder Ground Forces.. Got hooked on tanks again dangit.. About to buy Starblood Arena once it goes live in the store. Looking forward to som 6dof VR goodness :) Really hope it's good.

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100% Jak and Daxter yesterday and had a blast doing it. The levels in that game and their distinct variety is amazing. The verticality is amazing. The world is all interconnected with no loading times which truly gave off a Dark Souls vibe, sans shortcuts opening to backtrack.

Also beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance yesterday and man is that a fun hack and slash game. Some of the things you do in that game, and I mean actually control to some extent, are astounding. One of the best opening boss fights in a game. Last boss is quite a difficulty spike on Hard mode if you don't have nanopaste but rewarding. I love how platinum handles boss fights and QTEs; always keeps you guessing whether what's going on screen is going to finish the boss off. Great game.

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Playing Zelda, having fun, as always!

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Odallus: The Dark Call is a cheesy, fun, retro platformer/Metroidvania. It's a little rough around the edges (I have to run the exe as administrator to get it to work at all) but oozes character.

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Persona 5 is still throwing stuff at me I didn't expect.

No Caption Provided

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I found a free 24h trial for wwe 2k17 on reddit. Having turned my back on that series I have been impressed with this one. I picked up 2k16 on games with gold a while back and didn't like it at all. Uninstalled it pretty quick. 2k17 is the most fun I've had virtual wrestling since the mid 2000s. It seems you can't use custom music for entrances, but I might be missing that.

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@john_wiswell: Wow, so glad this game is being discovered by other people! I felt like I was the only one who played it around here.

I'm playing Zelda and not rushing it, just taking my time to really enjoy the experience. Also I've been playing FAST RMX and have unlocked all the tracks. Its been way too long since I played a futuristic racing game and this is a really good one of those. Its a great looking racer with a solid frame-rate, really impressive for a portable device.

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I am revisiting Darksiders after the humble bundle deal. I really enjoyed that game when it first came out. I didn't think I'd spend a ton of time on it with a second play-through, but it has sucked me in. I think I just really enjoy the world and the pacing. Also I can't remember if this game got enough praise for its characters. War is your typical man of few words but minor character like Samael and Vulgrim sneakily breathe so much life into the game.

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Persona 5 is the first sequel to a major franchise to hit with me for a while. I really needed this after Mass Effect. Keep up the good work Atlus

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Playing persona 5 and it's the first persona game I've ever played. I watched the endurance run of 4, that was my only exposure to the series. It is so good ! There's something about the format of it all where I'm always like "I can do just one more day then I'll stop" that turns into two days, then three, then four. I love all the characters so far and the music is amazing. Plus man does this game have styyyyyyyyyyyle. I just beat Nier last week. This is shaping up to be my favorite year of games easily.

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Currently playing AC: Unity.

This game is an eye candy. Despite all its negative reviews before, Assassin's Creed: Unity is a good AC game. It's gorgeous and has an interesting story. Coming from AC:Black flag, I love how smooth the animation is from climbing/descending buildings.

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@playithere: They definitely added some good systems like the buttons to parkour up or down. Sadly a lot of the bugs and ridiculously overblown controversy regarding the coop character models drowned out any positive factors.

It was a solid AC game if only it didn't have that input lag and glitches.

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@humanity: Yes. That removes the immersion. Specially while traversing through rooftops then suddenly Arno just won't jump down. LOL

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Gran Turismo 6 has got the series back on track. Sort of. I've always liked the 'Car Pokemon' feel of the career where you go through, win events and cars and then only spend money when you need to. Looks like they've cut the prize list down a lot. Maybe the seasonal events supplement that?

Time of day and changeable weather stuff looks great, mind.

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I've just finished Strider on PC (the 2014 version) and it was a joy to play. You really have to use each and every button on the controller, but it's so well thought out and responsive that you will be doing incredible stuff in no time even if it's really your first game of this type (it was for me).

I'm not sure why it wasn't lauded at its time as one of the most faithful reboots of a classic game. From what I understand, the environmental variety was reduced somewhat compared to te original game. Is that all? How did people find the actuall gameplay?

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Although it's not a game Google earth VR got Oculus Rift support today and wow it's really cool seeing all the real life locations I been to but seeing them in VR is kinda of mind blowing.The only complaint is google earth has alot of deformed geometry but it makes me think of the possibly someday of having a full open world game of all of America you never know.

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Still playing Zelda - I'm savouring it like a fine wine and taking my time with it. It's interesting that those earlier remarks from Jeff about climbing and weapon durability being a pain in the ass is now much less of an issue though progression; I'm acquring better weaponry and scaling walls is less of an issue with certain items and a full bunch of stamina rings. I'm still amazed at how goddamn great Zelda is for not only its systems, but also the incredible open world and the fact the game is pretty solid when it comes to stability. It feels like a labour of love from all involved and I'm truly thankful for it.

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And Dark Souls 1 finally gets dunked on! ...roughly 48 hours ago because I had more free time last Sunday.

Next up, Diablo 3, because I'm in the mood for that for some odd reason.

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Still playing Zelda - I'm savouring it like a fine wine and taking my time with it. It's interesting that those earlier remarks from Jeff about climbing and weapon durability being a pain in the ass is now much less of an issue though progression; I'm acquring better weaponry and scaling walls is less of an issue with certain items and a full bunch of stamina rings. I'm still amazed at how goddamn great Zelda is for not only its systems, but also the incredible open world and the fact the game is pretty solid when it comes to stability. It feels like a labour of love from all involved and I'm truly thankful for it.

Yup, that's the game I've been playing recently too, and it's really fantastic. To me it brings up a sense of wonder I really haven't felt since Morrowind almost 15 years ago. It really feels like they managed to nail what Bethesda has been trying to do all these years.

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Currently playing X-COM 2 and enjoying myself. This game seems damn hard for me, though. I'll admit that I don't play strategy games very often, but this game never stops bombarding you with updates and mission timers. I am using mods to make the game overall easier (by extending the Avatar Timer). I hope to soon be enjoying Syberia 3 which should be coming out in a few hours.

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Currently only playing Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds as I just picked that up. Its really fun and has better gunplay than previous games of its sort. The only somewhat negative is the regular crashing I'm getting, but there is a patch out today that might solve some of my problems.

Outside of that I just finished Hyper Light Drifter last week and it was a great game. The right amount of challenge and length I think. It really ramped up in the last couple of hours. I'm toying with starting through the Dark Souls games, but I'm afraid I'll be too salty to enjoy them.

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Still with Dota 2 but also playing Overwatch these days and it is gaining a lot interest from my side!

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Just platinum'd Horizon: Zero Dawn. Mmm feels good. The only question is, what's next?

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I never thought a game would renergize me to interact in forums and just be a renergizing force overall like persona 5,

110 hours in and about to finish the game and I'm already thinking about jumping straight back in for new game+ (And I haven't done this for a game in years), the overall themes the game this game drives home to me are deadly on point and really encourages to user to at least THINK, while at the same time giving you a chance to breathe without being overbearing, and the characters are all written so well that I honestly see a bunch of my friends in them more than I did with the cast of 4,

and just the atmosphere the game creates overall during those in between target moments where your just going about doing the more routine things like building links or stats is just so damn chill and comforting that I bought the soundtrack off iTunes.

It's one I'm gonna be thinking about for some time,

One of the best games I've ever played easily

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@clairvoyantvibrations : I sort of get what your saying, how your describing that game to me is how I feel about persona 5, I might have to check that game out after what you wrote duder