A question for ex gamespot users and present gamespot users

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#151 Posted by Nightkiller93 (175 posts) -

A because i got banned.

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#152 Posted by ParanoidFreak (1485 posts) -

A. I left 2 days after Jeff left, I was angry that he got fired.

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#153 Posted by Scorched (773 posts) -

D if this site starts to do everything gamespot did for me and it looks like it will

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#154 Posted by Arsenal86 (152 posts) -

hi everyone wow this has a lot of posts in it and i can see many people have left for good

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#155 Posted by NotaStalker (175 posts) -

if this works out. then i consider myself LEFT

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#156 Posted by Lombax (117 posts) -

A - canceled my account right after "Kane and Lynch gate" 

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#157 Posted by Aarny91 (3961 posts) -


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#158 Posted by BxGT (78 posts) -

A, i am long gone from that dump.

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#159 Posted by Kaido (262 posts) -


I hope there's no degree of rivalry in the future between Giant Bomb and GameSpot; that would be kinda stupid.

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#160 Posted by deliveryboy15 (6 posts) -

I left within two days of Gerstmann-gate and never went back.

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#161 Posted by gingerdivid (3 posts) -


I'm starting to post less and less over there, when this place gets smilies I'll migrate.

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#162 Posted by PyroMenace (62 posts) -

I felt Kasavin was the best there was in the business, once he left Gamespot the site went into a decline from there. The Gerstmann debacle was what sealed the deal. I'll still go there to check out old reviews of games but as for new material, I stay clear of Gamespot.

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#163 Posted by DeeJay (138 posts) -

I dunno about leave for good, I'll probably adopt giantbomb as my main source of gaming information, depending on how the forum turns out, but ever since the Gerstmann affair I've liked GS less and less...especially because of all the new editors. And Kevin Van 'Ord. He seems like a nice guy but something about him makes me...not like him (its not the gay thing, its more the credability of his reviews).

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#164 Posted by Hastur (13 posts) -


I will use both. I gave GS the benefit of the doubt and am still a paying subscriber.

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#165 Posted by Lemegeton (812 posts) -

other than E3 i have barely visited Gamespot since Jeff and co left. With the exception of Aaron and KVO and Thor, there just isn't any personalities/characters there any more. Any site can do videogame content but what made gamespot great was the stuff were so awesome and had a great dynamic that they were so entertaining. i mean compare the hotspot to the bombcast . both report on pretty much the same stuff but the hotspot is a snooze fest and the GBC is just fun to listen to.

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#166 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -
F) I will never leave.
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#167 Posted by Trickster (67 posts) -

E) I may leave

It will probably depend on how active the giant bomb forums will become in time, right now I pretty much only use gamespot forums to ask for help with games, and i always get an answer within 5 minutes, so its very convinient that way. Other than that the gamespot forums is a complete clusterf*ck

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#168 Edited by Xhiea (10 posts) -

I choose A

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#169 Posted by donwoogie (123 posts) -


I'm waiting for GB to be more streamlined and optimised.

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#170 Posted by GiantBomber (397 posts) -

It's hard to say. Gamespot's E3 coverage is really good but if giantbomb gets to host a live show that'd be MINT

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#171 Posted by yorro (560 posts) -


Giantbomb still misses some of Gamespot's features.

I hope this site goes better overtime. With better navigation, features, interface.