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Recently, I've been asking myself how to create a game which allows people who cannot see an equally engrossing experience to what those who can see experience. I want to be able to tell a story that is as interesting to a person who can see and hear to a person who can only hear but not see. This is one of the questions I've recently come up with.

How do you tell a person a year has passed without stating precisely, "A year has passed" when the person is blind but can hear well?

I've been stumped by this question for a while now, and I wanted to ask everyone here if they had a valid answer. Please let me know if you do.

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4 sounds in succession, each of which indicate one of the seasons.

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You could ask blind people what sounds they associate with what season. Animal noises readily come to mind, as well as different types of wind.

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Didn't Patrick do an interview recently about games for the blind? Time to check The Dumptruck.

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you could get the rights to use this song in the soundtrack!

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We have sounds that symbolize being sent to jail.

We have sounds that symbolize falling down a long distance.

We have sounds that symbolize doors closing, cars starting, pots boiling, animals howling and guns firing.

We don't have a sound that symbolizes an entire year has passed. Besides language.

Maybe the sound of a crowd celebrating New Year's? The sound of seasons changing quickly?

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First thing that comes to mind is a musical track or ambient noise used in the right context, and something that fades or distorts in such a way to signify time passage. A sort of somber melody that trails off and ends with silence or gentle noise might work if it were thematically appropriate, and I suppose worked in at a point where the transition makes some sense otherwise. And I immediately want to associate time passage with wind, could be drawn-out and desolate or themed with the seasons in some way. Remember what it sounds like when the seasons change in Proteus? I think it does at least a pretty good job evoking the sentiment, maybe that's a good starting point?

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'Auld Lang Syne' is a song long associated with New Year's celebrations.
I would recommend using a bar of it for the sound effect.